World of Tanks – Zut Alors!

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In the end I gave up and just slapped any old title on it. I know, I know… I’m failing at my patriotic duty as an Englishman to annoy the at every opportunity, I’ll do better in future, I promise.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Why do you have the enemy team colours as purple instead of red?

  2. ‘Annoying the French is what the English are for!’
    Truth in Advertising, as always, Jingles! I love eet!


  4. No new Intro?

  5. I need to hear some french laugh tracks with that music. Like when he shoots someone we all hear “Hõ Hõ Hõ” lol. I think that’s how you would spell the stereotypical french laugh?

  6. Francesco Ferrigno

    ? damn right jingles, gotta annoy the frogs somehow

  7. Finally a wot vid wooo

  8. You finally remembered us WoT players.

  9. the mysterious night

    Don’t the french have that radio law that says a certain amount of classic music must be played each day by stations?

  10. Where u been jingles?

  11. Boffo – a good one

  12. Learning french with scott
    Yes in french is wee wee…
    ….Wait hold on no way hahaha hold on i got to go for a wicked yes

  13. Very true jingles that’s what we’re for!!!!!!

  14. I’m surprised there isn’t a single white flag joke in this video

  15. I stopped playing WOT about six months before the new physics, hand braking etc – looks very cool and great job by Cormack, but watching events unfold into confoundingly bad play (like the boneheaded tossing away of a sure win here, and all the other imaginative plays people often make to smell up pvp) on a video is way more enjoyable.

  16. Another fun Jingles video. Oh, and I like listening to musette.

  17. Aux armes, citoyens!

  18. I remember a couple of times I have 5 kills in the bag and capping, with the last tank left. I just continue capping and let the others do the work while I fetch the Invader medal, or at least a win.

  19. in quebec stop signs say arrete…. all the way around the sign….. because coming to a stop means slam on the brakes and yell woah woah woah tabernac

  20. Ooh la la, vive la Frence et bon happy’tits.

  21. What exactly is the name of the French song at the beginning?

  22. Glad your back Jingles. I was getting so bored.

  23. People like that Jaegeroo is what made me quit WoT. Too many absolute cack handed donkeys playing the game.

  24. French citizen:
    Jingles, you know we don’t listen to that old French music anymore!

    *Adnan begins to play from the local mosque*

    Yes Jingles, let’s not play that Haram music.

  25. Jingles have you heard about the girls und panzer video game coming out on PS4 it has a full campaign and multiplayer. 😀

  26. Anyone going to acknowledge that this guy is a part of Circonflexes’ clan for a reason?

  27. This whole annoying the french thing is contagious, stumbled upon french tourists at a museum today, of course, it was time to start whistling Heart of Oak

  28. Like Smokey and the Bandit, with tanks.

  29. Jingles could comment my boring Matilda replays and it would still be great entertainment.

  30. Maybe you should put Initial D music for all the hand break drifting he’s done!

  31. holy shit 0_0 18000 WN8

  32. Is it just me or am I the only one that noticed Corrmac is either a Circon fan or he is a friend of Circon

  33. I’m failing at my patriotic duty as an Englishman to annoy the French at every opportunity … ROFL.. for that alone you deserve a like on this video.. This player is from the circonflexes clan

  34. Mencius Madhyanagara

    Enemy’s t54 should push together with the jaegeroo

  35. THAT was an incredible performance!

  36. lolololol baguettes!!!!

  37. That was pretty awesome

  38. Now that was some really skillful gameplay, good way to start off 2018.

  39. Damn, we missed you Jingles!

  40. Haven’t played in years but I still watch Jingles out of habit

  41. Gee yet another UNICUM player replay on jingles channel….SMH

  42. All the youtubers I have subscribed to have many different things going on on their channel and I very oftenly have the mentality, that I watch some of it and some not. However, Jingles always achieves to make me watch his videos! I just love this man!

  43. Greed cost the enemy team the game.

  44. Baguette launcher ! ???

  45. Thanks for the upload, but can you please do more world of tank videos?


  47. Yet another case study why “HURR DURR MUH WN8 KILL ALL” is not always the right choice…

  48. French and Vietnamese, what a treat. 😀

  49. Oh Jingles, didn’t you realize you English can’t annoy us French anymore since you voted for Brexit ? We’re still laughing our asses off with the bill …

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