World of Warships – Best Tier 6 Cruiser In The Game

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What’s the tier 8 cruiser in World of Warships? I’m sure opinions are divided but my pick would be a tier 6 cruiser with a health buff.

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  1. Other cleveland in chat “you could have killed the BB with more hp easily!” but ignores the cruiser and carrier.

  2. “Nosetron’s team are technically up one kill” 11:18
    looks at the score, sees that Nosetron’s team are in fact down by one kill.

  3. ‘Clevebro_Supremacy’ – sailing a Cleveland…

  4. So someone bought their way into Congress? Seems to be performing as designed.

  5. The other Cleveland’s name is “Clevebro_Supremacy.” Real man of culture.

  6. Tier 6 ship that I think is rather great, American Cruiser Pensacola… although reload is a tad long.

  7. Ahhh….the great Pepsi can

  8. Teir 6 Cleveland with range mod back when you could stealth fire was so good/cancerous

  9. Just for the laughs. This submarine complication is informative, amusing and some funny as fuck shit. It totally exposes why introducing a new class of vessels without considering a counter strategy is a bad idea. As a community we will have to start hunting parties and bring more sonar builds to bear.

  10. jingles what about the aoba for best tier 6 cruiser

  11. Wargaming: WHAT there is a good ship in the Tech-tree for FREE?????? That needs to be nerfed ASAP!!!

  12. Is it being called a tier 6 because it’s weak or because jingles got his 6 and 8 mixed up

  13. What is the best T6 cruiser in the game and why is it Dallas?

  14. I love how you have been posting videos of ships that you can earn rather than buy. Good on you, mate.

  15. Nurnberg is great for kiting away hitting shipps at range with HE

  16. Im sorry but i got Tallin for free when it waa introduced and it poo’s on everythig at t8

  17. LOL! Tricked! I was hoping to get some thoughts on a good T6 grinder! Good video. 🙂

  18. I remember having a fully AA built Cleveland in beta and early days. Had better AA than most tier 10s. There was a giant bubble of nope that enemy CVs has to work around. I miss those days.

  19. If you miss the t6 Cleveland experience, may I recommend the degrasse. Trade radar for torps and maneuverability, but I’ve had games that remind me a ton of what it used to be like!😊

  20. seeing skycancer that doesn´t know how to launch aircraft,that made my day:D
    Now if we had facecam footage of the carrier trying….why does that suddenly seems like the time patrick didn´t know how to open a jar…

  21. The answer for the best Tier 6 cruiser is off course : Perth . Ok it’s a premium, but if you play it right it is maybe the best cruiser in the game .

  22. I think the kransky krim better known as the Krispy Cream is the best

  23. Kutuzov best t8
    cruiser in the game.

  24. Trento if played well is a nightmare

  25. Great t6 cruisers? Devonshire

  26. Would love to see this battle from the Mogami’s perspective. (reminds me of Montemoyer’s “Midway from the Japanese Perspective” videos, which the real Mogami survived but got badly messed up in.)

  27. Jingles, is it just me or your voice added a bit of background noise when you recorded…? and when you were not speaking, we could here the noise drop at the same time, listen towards the end, like the pause at 21:40

  28. The Cleveland way back when it was tier 6 was AMAZING

  29. Dutch Van Der Linde

    It’s a floating citadel

  30. The Cleveland actually got nerfed for a while and was a quite mediocre Ship for that time.
    Then they basically unnerfed it and gave it Radar and more health, and look and behold its doing fine^^

    The Nürnberg only has it´s Rate of Fire as a pluspoint, literally nothing else.
    The Leander tho, that ship is Stellar.

    On T8 i quite like the Baltimore, tho the Tallinn might be strongest. (Might´ve gotten the names mixed up here)

  31. I thought Cleveland loss HP to move totier 8, but got quad bofors and a fast reload?

  32. Show the replay from the Mogami’s side now ha ha

  33. I argue for Aoba and the 48mm deck armor it carries as best tier 6 cruiser. That deck armor makes magic.

  34. Played it when it was at Tier-6, the best ship i’ve ever played

  35. I remember the Cleveland with the BFT and AFT skills increasing the gun range to rather absurd distances giving the shells almost vertical drop at maximum range you could bombard anything behind amost any island as you effectively had 6in mortars at that point.

  36. Makes me want to go play my Cleveland

  37. Is there any graphs to show what ship can take on another ship etc?

  38. 20:03 The Mogami would have lost anyways. He had 410 HP left…

  39. T8 Mogami with 152mm guns!

  40. Cleveland is exactly where I stopped in US CL tree… It is awesome enough and I do not have the guts to play the Seattle.

  41. I’d pick Budyonny over Molotov. It’s pretty solid all-round as far as t6 cruisers go. It also happens to have alright belt armor for the tier.

  42. “Nostron’s team is up one kill”

    *Nostron’s team is actually behind by a kill*

  43. Cleveland is definitely my favorite ship that I have.

  44. sir_crazy_swedish Asklund

    Ahem sir lord salt lord T6 german nurnberg is op as long as yiu have more brainsells than avr players

  45. 11:17 – Jingles… i dont think his team are up by a kill :/

  46. Michael Søndergaard

    Nurnberg german t6. my ship of love

  47. In defense of that Ranger, the CV Autopilot is absolute fucking trash. It probably would of beached him on the island behind him.

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