World of Warships – Foxbat

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

If you’re name Foxbat, there’s a slim chance you might be getting pretty excited about todays’ . Hopefully that makes up for your parents naming you after an insane supervillain from an obscure Role Playing Game.

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  1. republique has the same fire chance as conqueror
    yamato has better he alpha

  2. LOL he “Jingled”

  3. jingles your total crap at editing..i know this was a video of foxbat but where did the results screen for blackviper come from….you can tell its a jingles video….get threw 99% of it just to fuck it up at the very end….dont ever change

  4. Wait, so Jingles has several Jingles moments early on, but somehow manages to spot his Jingles moment at 8:35 and comment on it? I love this man, someone get him a medal.

  5. Jingles, where is our juicy Elite dangerous video of you getting interdicted atleast 50 times before you get the admiral clipper?! I’m thirsty okay?

  6. Jingles Drunk.. XDXD

  7. He messed up the screenshots at the end. Only jingles

  8. I have the Mighty Jingles as the default voice in WoWs, and it actually confuses me when he describes ships accurately. Never change.

  9. 11:42 the real HE citadel.

  10. Having played Lion and Conqueror for a while now, its easy to see why you fire almost nothing but HE.
    I was playing HMS Lion as top tier and I got broad side shots at the enemy Sinop (tier 7 Soviet paperbattleship) and even though he has a citadel well above the water line, loaded AP and several salvos from about 12km and not a single shell found its way to the citadel… not 1… so really whats the point?

  11. OldSchool Gaming

    Classic Jingles…….

  12. Been on the grog Jingles???

  13. That’s a jolly good battle report there mate, I didn’t know the King George’s nickname was “Jean Bart”. Sounds suspiciously French though… 🤔

  14. “Actually Jingles: The London does have a smoke screen….”

  15. @16:31 That facecam LMAO! Spot fucking on hahaha

  16. 12:10 I’m pretty sure that range immaterial when it comes to HE penetration, Jingles.

  17. those were AP rounds @ 4:32 Jingles. Not HE. Silly GNOME.

  18. Ascending Remake

    jingles…        are you still there?ive heard it all now,    like  the Jean Bart being british…    the tier 8 King George V      next it will be myoko being tier 6

  19. So is the Jean-Bart replay for tomorrow?

    I know, I know. Back to the salt mines…..

  20. LOL, i was the 1,000th like.

  21. Jingels that where the stats of a Jean Bart of Blackviper hoo Jingels don’t ever change ; )

  22. La galissonnière torped Gneisenau because it was coming towards La galissonnière and one torp actually hit Gneisenau 15:03

  23. When I read Foxbat I thought it was reference to MIG-25 Interceptor.

  24. Think Jingles was REALLY drunk doing this one.
    -Calls a T7 ship T8
    -Can’t tell the difference between AP and HE.
    -Posts end battle results of a different battle.

  25. Jingles I like that you showed yourself at the end saying ‘ Yeah ‘, the comment is quite expressive but so much better with the facial expression.

  26. I played WoT and WoW when I lived in civilization. Now that I live in a wooded wilderness (as far as net access is concerned) I only have satellite net access. You can’t play first person shooter games on that and WoT and WoW are basically that. Enjoy if you can play.

  27. Jingles, have not played WOW in 8 months, but I still watch your videos

  28. Roman Numerals: Hard. Arabic Numerals: Deemed Acceptable for the curriculum by 50% of Americans.

  29. Vedanth Subramanian

    Wrong post battle results screen Jingles… Then again why I am surprised, this is typical lol

  30. Well done Jingles. Many special gifts for us today including the completely irrelevant victory screens.

  31. the enemy Gneisenau at the end would have won instantly if he killed the la galissonnière, while waiting behind an island isn’t nearly as guaranteed

  32. you licking to much salt old man, tier 7

  33. You think Conqueror has strong HE? Wait till you play Thunderer

  34. Is it me or are the battle results screens for the wrong battle? Go out, Jingles, you are drunk (and have clearly been quarantined too long.)

  35. You think the next Jingles World of Warships video is a 7-kill, Tier IX, Jean Bart replay, earning the guy who sent it in over 1M credits, Kraken, Confederate and high caliber with over 267K damage done?
    Don’t ever change, old man.

  36. Jingles… Just… This whole video is one big mess, I love it

  37. Looks like jingles has been getting into the quarantine booze, before making a vid today…ROFL

  38. Holy shit I’ve ascended to Jingle’s channel! I have the score timer mod so at 13:00 the enemy would have won in just over a min and they simply had to hide, so I figured we were pretty much done at that point.

    Also Wargaming, if you screen my account and wonder why I don’t own a Jean Bart, it’s because I DON’T. This isn’t my doing

  39. FatheredbydabigG

    Actually Jingles, I don’t think King George V is spelled “Jean Bart.” Mixing up the Brits and the Frogs? Tut tut…

  40. Onan TheBarbarian

    RE: Bad initial DD cap circle choice – I’ve noticed if there are only 1 or 2 DDs on each team they tend to spawn across from each other…
    /Back to the salt mine…

  41. Ah yes. Fox bat in the king jean bart v

  42. Wrong post battle results screen!

  43. I hate it when people in British battleships only use HE
    AP will do wwaaaaaayyy more damage!
    I never use HE in my British battleships for this very reason

  44. Jingles! When he got those citadels he had AP loaded, also the king george V is t7

  45. 8:44 – Well, it usually takes us commoners an almost infinite amount of failed attempts to produce that once-in-a-lifetime YT video. 😉

  46. Wrong score screen

  47. Jingles has had one too many before commentating on this one

  48. Looks like Jingles had to much alcohol free beer… 🙂

  49. “And I know that some of you don’t play the games that I cover, but enjoy watching the replays I cover.”

    It’s a bit like my dad: he likes watching football, but isn’t exactly going to get up off the couch and go play it himself…

  50. That French cruiser was reversing at the end???

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