World of Warships – From The Jaws of Defeat

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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  1. Honestly feel bad for that Roon. They needed a kill when he rounded the island so he shouldn’t have just hid. Was doing the right thing. Bad luck.

  2. Wow… what a close game

  3. william Paddock

    Have you Ever Start to watch a World of War Ships Clip and try to click on one of the clickable controls like you are playing a game or is it just me?

  4. “Both ships have lost two teams.” Can we get this as added dialogue for Captain Jingles?

  5. Thanks Jingles. One of the best replays I’ve seen

  6. william Paddock

    Wow Great Battle

  7. Christopher Fisher

    Amazing game.

  8. I’ve got Eisenhorn to keep me company, and Gaunt… and Dan Mills ( rl sniper sgt, top bloke)

  9. Christopher Sims

    Great Match!

  10. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    “Both ships have lost two teams”
    -The Mighty Jingles

  11. Just started The Expanse last week….AMAZING!

  12. EPIC!!!!!!!

  13. berkcan güngör

    goliath is a man of culture.

  14. Lmao wtf this has to be 1 in a million

  15. Bill from Wisconsin

    Just finished that book jingles it’s freaking awesome. Good for long car drives.

  16. Johann Borchers & Friends

    Paul you are sinking fast. Better find some new games.

  17. great! battle

  18. “He did get hydroed, again, more or less exactly that same moment” … he was hydroed 7:22, spotted the enemy BB 8:18, so not exactly…

  19. Richardt Faring-joensen

    This match was, unbelievably amazing lol

  20. it is in fact not a good one, but when i see a new upload by you, jingles, it immediately makes me feel better. thank you.

  21. 1 of You is in The Agincourt and the other is in War Spite or Duke Of York, that’s right Got 2 Capt. Jingles!

  22. i once won a gun fight in a shima vs gearing so gunning in an IJN DD is not the worst thing to do, you just need the right circumstances to pull it off

  23. at around 12mins, i think he didnt use his damage control incase of fire, the poms secondaries could have gotten a lucky fire due to short damage control duration, in which case the bloom in concealment range with an unfortunate fire would be certain death.

    • 100% ! He had to be sweating those during those seconds watching his health dwindling and still maintaining his resolve to hold off on using the damage control.

  24. Your commentary pulled a Jingles landing there for a second lol.

  25. Michael D. Young

    jingles – tell us what it’s like to be on a frigate or destroyer going balls out engines at 110% full military power with a bone in her teeth and a rake in her stance – while the whole boat vibrates and hums its own tune….
    inquiring minds…

  26. that was kinda epic

  27. Ok that was just an awesome match!!!

  28. Riveting battle!

  29. I started reading the expanse series a couple months ago. Great books, well worth it

  30. I hate it when another DD cockblocks me!

  31. Don’t forget the Ty and that Guy podcast talking about the series episodes and film production in general.

    The background and reasoning for the series is excellent!

  32. Great battle, well played both teams but someone has to lose.

  33. “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” So. True.

  34. 10:00
    If I remember correctly, visibility only takes 20 seconds to reset if someone still has line of sight to you. Once you break line of sight that is reduced to 3 seconds. So, after 3 seconds of popping smoke and blocking line of sight he was clear.

  35. Would the situation at the start of the battle count as a Lemming Train for the enemy team given they stop dead in tracks despite outnumbering the other team?

  36. Great move to flip between two players! Rally added value.

  37. Jingles ….Where is Akizuki ?? Her insightful interjections are very much missed.


    I already have audible but you just turned me onto The Expanse.

  39. The way the first half of this match was going this was not going to be one of my favs, but that clutch situation at the end really does it.

  40. excellent as always

  41. Eh, with the Expanse you may not want to get too invested in the books, they go to utter dog feces when they do the time jump.

  42. Can you still get captain jingles?

  43. These WOW videos are getting worse and worse. This had to be one of the most BORING matches ever on this channel. FFS old man, just make a video of paint drying. same effect.

  44. was it just my psychosis kicking in, or did I hear The Vapours Turning Japanese in the background

  45. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje

    Hi, Nayan Ranjan Mukerje here, have shared a replay with you of a Ranked battle in Lightning. Make a video on it will be bit more entertaining. This one as usual was nice.

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