World of Warships – Know Your Enemy

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Carriers. Dirty, filthy sneaks, all them! Might be a good idea to an understanding their tricks!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Yay jingles

  2. Lol “The Fiji has obviously ducked back behind cover” as the torp planes fly over the hulking wreckage of the burning Fiji hahah!

  3. I really hate that mechanic. Rather than losing the aircraft that he has through poor decision making put into harm, he just pushes a button and gets out of jail free.

  4. Jingles why did you choose this particular game to show us? It’s basically just a top tier cv stealing kills, in a game where the enemy cv thought he saw a big tub of glue in the middle of the map and suicided. I mean sure he had a decent game, but other than a bunch of stolen kills it wasn’t anything particularly impressive.

  5. I think AA is now random from within smoke so you cannot be located. Main battery and secondaries will still give you away.

  6. The Ranger couldn’t spot the DD with enough room to attack it, so it dropped a fighter to spot the DD in order to keep it spotted long enough to fly out, turn around, and make a successful rocket run.

  7. Crikey I thought the new CV gameplay was boring enough but it turns out watching a replay of it makes root canal carried out via the anus a more enticing option.

  8. oh jingles, that fiji is dead as fuck

  9. Personally id put Capt. Jingles in an american battleship just to hear him bitch.

  10. The very fact that CVs have to dump half their strikes at the start of the match just to be slightly more effective for longer, is asinine and stupid in the extreme.

    GG Wargaming on your “Re-work” because it’s not even 2 months old and the CV population has dropped back down to almost pre-rework levels.

  11. I thought you’d plug femenelly for carrier tips

  12. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Bert… You are a great… umm… Magnate for the west to gravitate around? Magnetize to? Legitimize WG… ? Eh… You dont have to do anything bud, it’ll all be carried for you based on your charisma! You can do it friend, you got it! Ty for the narrative, ya know ?

  13. Stop, Stop, Stop….I’ve seen Flambass play a CV, do I need to see more? Maybe I do…….I’ll watch and learn….

  14. I’m just here for the “actually Jingles…” comments

  15. 11:58 fiji is a submarine now

  16. IndisputableFacts

    I don’t think I’ve seen a Carrier get more than 2 kills in the last couple months of playing… Well, I’ve seen one get 5 indirect kills, by being spotted and causing 5 ships to lemming towards him.

  17. Love how carriers have become the arty of WoW

  18. Just returned from Russia. Had much good vodka….

  19. Jingles you made a mistake in your commentary. When AA guns are active in smoke they no longer reveal your position. They used to do that. Now if you have AA toggled on within a smoke screen the AA appears to come from several different points within the smoke making it safe to have AA enabled in smoke. I personally dislike this change but it is what it is.

  20. look he returned unkilled by bad Russian heathens…

  21. I wanna see this battle from the Furious’ point of view.

  22. “Know your enemy”… A topic that Jingles is clearly the most qualified to discuss when he misses the Fiji getting killed, and misses that it’s Jester’s fire that kills the Akatsuki, not the Mahan…

    You’re crap Jingles… Never change!

  23. sometimes i wonder if he does these commentaries after watching the replay, trying to do it from his memory

  24. Hi jingles could you do tank and Ship reviews again please

  25. Great video Jingles, affirms my decision to leave wows over the carrier update. Wowplanes merged into wows, and destroyed the wows experience for me (and quite a few others). Ah well, off to another game.

  26. You started off so well but then: “The Fiji must hav fled the scene.” While in fact the Fiji got killed by friendly Fiji and King George V.
    “It’s in fact the Mahan who got the kill.” (On Akatsuki) But it was Jester who got the kill with fires on that DD.

  27. 13:23 Jinglessss? _jinglesthonking_

  28. Sublim3Transc3nd3nc3

    it’s like, I’ve watched all these people do extremely well, or had my ass handed to me by enemy carriers. But I can’t seem to replicate the results with my Shokaku enough that I don’t get stuck with 1k xp games using all the flags.

    Carriers feel super useless, and that’s *with* me saving as many planes as I can.

  29. Have a look at this replay I guarantee action suspense and fun.

  30. I’m soooooo waiting for “That’s a paddling” when doing a devastating strike :p !

  31. Why is he dumping his weapons? Many possible reasons, really.
    The Navy loves dumping perfectly good equipment into the sea.
    We’re at war with the fish.
    The pilots thought they saw a sea monster.
    They were actually dropping floaty arms for the Marines playing in the water.
    One can only guess…

  32. Another workaround that changes the balance of the game and needs to be fixed. I’m sorry but the CV rework has changed the nature or the game in a way that makes playing it a pain in the butt . I regret the investment I’ve made in the game and find it difficult to get up any enthusiasm for it. I’ll play until my premium time runs out and then abandon it altogether. Pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

  33. jingles, no more kraken clips sinds article 13?

  34. Yeah, I’d say that Fiji definitely slunk back into cover. Though… cover in the port, not behind the island. Jingles is best gnome overlord

  35. When your Lexington suffers from a sudden rush of shit to the brain

  36. Glorifying CVs now….
    …how deep have you fallen (sigh)

  37. what happened to the lexington was teh auto-navigation turning the wrong way, and just going with it. its like in original C&C when your units would find a wall and go the long way around to get to the destination for no reason at all.

  38. Battleship Haruna

    I just really hope there is a “That’s a paddlin” line for the Captain Jingles

  39. Oh Jingles….don’t ever change lol

  40. Hmmm… so this is the wonderful world of killing the game without taking risk. I myself prefer to fight, rather than murder, but there is always this cowardly type who wants the reward only. gg

  41. No Jingles when you commit to an attack the planes that aren’t attacking can’t be killed

  42. 7:46 jingles that’s an AA kill icon from the enemy cv flying his rocket planes.
    there are no more tail gunners.

  43. This is one of those videos where my heart and commendations go to the enemy player. GG Furious!! You fought like a true Spartan. When your allies have all died, when your sword and shield broke. You started to punch and bite with your dying breath.

  44. I want my Jingles Captain…. Give me… Give me…. LOL

  45. I played WoWS a bit, wanted to play carriers, but the grind was annoying so I walked away. After seeing this, I really want back in, but if this boi is at Tier 8, the grind might be too real for me.

  46. Challenger2 Black night

    The aircraft behave more like flies lol

  47. More aircraft carrier replays plz

  48. Unfortunately quite a few of the tactics displayed really aren’t good tactics at all:

    1. Sending 2 planes away at the start *lessens the overall squadron HP* and since most AA damage is divided evenly among all of the planes, this will cause *more* planes to die. The only viable method to do this is with long range attacks, since most long range AA is flak burst damage that mostly damages single planes; with divebombers and rocket planes, this is literally just suicide.

    2. Dropping fighters to intercept enemy planes is next to useless, an experienced cv captain will only deploy fighters to keep targets (mostly destroyers) spotted. A carrier can’t defend his team or fight the enemy carrier, so the best he can do is provide intel and do the maximum amount of damage.

  49. WTF did I just watch. “Enemy fiji went unspotted”, yeah he got killed 1 minute ago. And: “But its the Maham, thnx to the help of the 2 CV….” No, jester killed the DD.. 🙂

  50. Actually, AA in smoke doesn’t pinpoint your location only if you fire your main guns. I believe. Well, this is according to Notser.

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