World of Warships – Mistakes Were Made

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

While it’s traditional around here to point at laugh when people make errors that lead to their immediate demise, today we’re going to be a little more analytical about it. We’re still pointing and laughing as well, of course. If it’s funny once it’s funny every time.

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  1. So you may wanna haave a lil chat with Quickybaby sir. It seems he has stolen todays video name from you! Salt miners unite we have to act.

  2. Southern Pacific Lines

    Waifu POI!

  3. Face it Jingles the main reason you used this replay was so you could say cock as many times as possible. I am however quite surprised not once did you use the phrase, “cockeyed ship”.

  4. Southern Pacific Lines

    I should have sent you this reply Jingles. Did over 140k damage in the tier 4 pan asian DD with a Kracken, high caliber, confederate, and 6 kills.

  5. Hey, Jingles. Do you upload your videos to BitChute as well? If not, would you please consider it; I prefer not to use YouTube if I can avoid it.

  6. “because he’s a cunt!”

  7. Before i even watched this video somet hillarious point to make scrolling through sub feed where i see yours and quickybaby and realised you have both used the same title on the same day just not the same game 2/3 good try keep up the good work

  8. He had a really good team. At the beginning he had 2 dds on both flanks. Basically making a screen for him so nobody will approach him. Then the stupidity of the mid part of the match of multiple oponents. And at the latter part he was already overtaken by 2/3 BBs who were there on his flanks making the final push.
    That luck is not always around. Plenty times your DDs go yolo on the side of the map or at the first sign of trouble they double back leaving you defenseless. Or like on the other team in this instance everyone hides in the corner of the map.

  9. yep well played

  10. Re-Class Battleship

    Must have been a monday game. Monday is bloody awful these days.

  11. When I see the Kraken, I can still only hear him growl: “MY TITLE!!!! AAAARGHH!!!”

  12. Mark & Yazzi Green

    Why is this the same title as quickybabys video today???

  13. My friend asked me about this game and wanted to see how it’s like. I thought to myself… JINGLES!!
    Even though I still hadn’t watched this video, I sent it to him and he watched it before I did. Not disappointed, he liked it.

    Jingles, never stop or I’ll kick your English arse.

  14. As a Warships Noob, I would like you to do a “How not to suck” or even an rundown on the different types of ships and their jobs, Like what is a cruiser’s job? What should you be doing in a destroyer?

  15. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    *Sigh* going to take the time to finally update WoWS, maybe I can last a week before I get tired of playing it this time. Wonder what the updates “fix”?

  16. “Mistakes were made” sounds like a captainshack video 😂😂😂

  17. JINGLES ALL THE WAY!!! ^_^

  18. What are the odds you and QB both upload a video titled ‘Mistakes Were Made’ on the same day…. You two didn’t plan this did you?

  19. Players like that monty make me sick… uninstall from life please

  20. Lazy bastard, only eight kills, and I see a full TWELVE on the enemy team list! He’s just going to have to step up his game next time and try harder! ^_^

  21. Jingles and Quickybaby put up identically titled videos on the same day… I’m not saying it was aliens but…

  22. “Mistakes were made” …
    Sounds like damn near every game i play in wow’s xD

  23. Jingles my man, I think you and quickybaby collaborated this video title because quicky did “Mistakes were made World of tanks” today as well. Lol I love it.

  24. You and quickybaby had the same title for your videos is there something going on here hmmm

  25. Question: Do the projectiles in this game follow an actual ballistic arc or do they dip down at the very end of their arc? It always looks weird to me.



    I wont return from the salt mines until we get another farcry video : D


  28. 10 more subs till 600k…

  29. That Gearing looked a lot like a Shim haha

  30. I enjoy these videos, but there’s something much more special about watching the man himself.

  31. Yah I like the old intro better

  32. you and quickey baby have the same video title today… guess two great minds think alike right Jingles? 😉

  33. I used to just “watch” your WOWS videos, but now I really WATCH them, if you know what I mean. What I’m saying is you’re getting better with each video, keep it up!!

  34. 12:47 that’s a paddling, yes he had someone simponsize him with a paddle, nice!

  35. Srsly i know you can 1100 EX for some kills and charging the CAP, so for a tier eight battleship to get 380 is pretty lame and he rightfully some credits.

  36. do lost on mars more frequently

  37. Congratulations on 600,000 Jingles! Still pumping out quality salt from the mines.

  38. “Mistakes were made” More like half the enemy team just fed themselves to Allcock there… lol

  39. Jingles may I leave the salt mines for a bre@k?

  40. everytime I see a BB at the back of the map, I facepalm so hard. I prefer getting up close and personal in my BBs.

  41. say it like habaravsk please, not cabarovsk

  42. One of the worst things to see in a Bismarck is a Zao, worse a Zao division.

  43. wow that montana is a massive prolapsed ass hat. please die in fire.

  44. yay, i’m the six-hundred-thousandth subscriber xD

  45. jingles the neptune was shooting the khab not the fredrick

  46. Maybe they should minimize the range from bb

  47. Quicky baby has the same title… are you guys upto something? ??

  48. Jingles!! QB has the same video name as yours! Coincidence?

  49. what making the island his waifu…

  50. Is this some kind of coordinated thing or simply a coincidence that both QB and you bring out a vid w/ the same title?? (^^)

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