World of Warships – Plot Twist!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

So many plot twists in Hallkers’ battle today, starting with my not taking the easy way out and just calling him “Dave”.

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  1. Perhaps WG can use that post battle screen format for next years april fools event.


  3. Jingles please just call Skåne something else, like Dave? It hurts to hear you try pronouncing it ;(

  4. my dear salt lord Jingles, flamuu is flagged because he is a condesending piece of s**t not because of his gameplay aspect. You might be on the casual end of the gamer spectrum but you are NOT butt kissing to WG every turn you have, and are nothing if not honest about some things. Especialy the wrong ones. On that note i would like to hear your opinion on the upcomming Kitakami return
    That post battle result scween looked better than the ingame ones, i wish someone would make modded one with that design

  5. Always good for a laugh. Thanks for the content.

  6. Oh Gods Jingles, never change. Say, is that Rita holding a geetar behind you? KA-Booonnnggg… Yep, I guess it was.

  7. I’m announcing a kickstarter , I’d like to raise funds to persuade jingles to NOT make a sex-tape.

  8. I gotta say, I was kinda expecting at least a typo with that diy post-battle result screen. Just to keep things true to Jingles

  9. This 19:58 is how I know that it is time to put the bottle of Jack away, stop playing World of Warships, and go to bed.. LOL

  10. Rita in the background made me lose my shit. It was already funny…that was the icing on the cake

  11. Really epic!

  12. The first 90 seconds of this is worth watching the entire video.

  13. Confused Raccoon


  14. I keep hearing HALCA :V

  15. Rita is young enough for me. Crowdfunding challenge… anyone? Also, Akizuki the commenter…

  16. That was a better love story than twilight

  17. Throwing my vote in as well. I want those kind of battle result screens at the end 😆

  18. Well the sex tape may work!!! As Rita did say she felt like she was on a audition sex film 🤣🤣🤣

  19. The Mighty Jingles making people say “nonononono pictures, get out of my head!” since 2011

  20. OOH! a dd reckless with torpedoes… go figure?

  21. 1:15 laughing out loud. Jingles man, And Rita darling, i love you both ^^
    May your house stand long and in peace, your servitude to the true Mistress of the house, the cat, be well and true and may your health prevail.
    From Sweden with Love
    – Kami
    4:40, Oh jingles, did you just try out a swedish accent beyond just the normal language? If so, it wasnt a half bad attempt (Skånska is rather odd compared to Rikssvenska). Otherwise you need more work on your å, the sound itself is allright but you say it in a somewhat unnatural way. Not that thats not entirely understandable, swedish is a hell of a language to just tip your toe in.
    But overall, good work. You get 3 swedish flags out of 5, but also a Skånska Landskapsvapnet for effort. I suggest you check it out, its a very insulted bird.

  22. Jingles: “I could make a sex tape.”

    In-game voice line: “Let’s give them a hard time!”


  23. I’m a simple man – I see Schors replay, I press like.

  24. Man those post battle results squeens

  25. 56 seconds in and i am laughing my ass off. Thanks old man xD

  26. You could go to St. Petersburg to visit WarGaming and trash your hotel room. I mean, it used to work for rock stars.

  27. The post battle results had me crying 😂😂😂

  28. Casper van Eersel

    Hahahaha that post-battle result screen, just epic!

  29. Can someone give me a rundown of what jingles was on about in the beginning?

  30. That post battle result was effing EPIC 😀

  31. I really like post game screen!

  32. The Texas is probably my favorite ship in the game. My win rate in it is 62%. Playing it definitely improved my all around gameplay too. I think because of the speed I have to be very strategic about positioning because I’m not going to get there quickly and if I manage to overextend I’m definitely not getting out of a bad situation quickly.

  33. Jingles making a sex tape???????


  35. Petition to have the Jingles post battle results screen if you have the Jingles captain

  36. That is the best battle result screen I’ve ever seen in my fucking life! 😀

  37. kitten interruptions are the best kind of interruptions

  38. Trail and Street Bikes

    I was gonna say something snide….I think the comments section took care of that. Lol.

  39. Wow, great shots by both Colorados in the waning minutes. What a great replay. Thanks Jingles. Now go pet the cat.

  40. If Jingles is gonna go down this route, he should co-produce a gay-porno with Flammbass and Monkey:
    Title: “Going Down the Middle with Two Brothers”

  41. Jingles always cracks me up

  42. Best post-battle results screen EVAR!!111

  43. Yeah, this deserves an oof! for sure.

  44. Dear Admiral Jingles, In the name of humanity and not blinding my mind’s eye – please DO NOT make a sex tape!

  45. Yo we need more of these Jingl-ified results screens :DD

  46. Loved the post battle results. The art is almost as good as the game’s.

  47. Sex tape…..ah no……we’ve seen you! You’d have to change your name to Seaman 3rd. class!

  48. Jingles already made me laugh out loud within a minute

  49. Obscurous Decorous

    “Post Result Squeen”, I think we have a name for Jingle new art project.

  50. “Halker did NOT send a post battle results scWeen”

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