World of Warships – Shocking

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In todays video we have a compilation of events too disgusting, too revolting, too downright shocking to be seen by the viewing public. Until now!

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  1. That’s frickin hilarious XD

  2. That was an evil laugh lol !

  3. I don’t know about a triple Lyon division and how fun it can be, but I so enjoy taking out my Lyon when things are not looking up and I just need to have fun. I feel the Lyon is the WoWs version of the KV-2.

  4. thats a lot of shit

  5. Teaming up and volley-firing is not disgusting, that’s what battle-lines are for. The scary thing is that it took this long for people to figure it out.

    I hope it catches on, but it requires a large amount of coordination, so it’ll probably never be common.

  6. Someone try triple ashitakas next

  7. no camo on a dd (kagero),and standard consumables ok i understand the 2nd,but not the first…hes one of those weekends player as well

  8. The Lyon part was one of the most absurd yet hilariously funny thing ive seen in some time 🙂

  9. Maintain discipline Admiral! Dont want it to be Seaman Jingles again, do you?

  10. Christopher Vanoster

    Jingles I’ve subbed for over two years. I would sub twice. But sadly I can’t. I hope you get 2 mil. Also this 3 ship battleship broadside is NOTHING. on Xbox wot, you can have 5 people in a platoon. And when everyone is in a kv2 platoon, and fire on the same target at the same time, not even tier 8 heavies can survive

  11. My god Jingles what have you started.

  12. lyon op has 48 guns pls nerf

  13. Triple montana. Three of the heaviest broadsides in the game. That would be a sight to see.

  14. It’s that damn ship game again isn’t it?

  15. All too funny! Your reaction Jingles makes it all the better.

  16. Two Belfasts and an Atlanta?

  17. Now there will be lion and saint louis spam for the next month

  18. Jingles… sounds like you need to move to a place with better Internet. I hear Austin Texas is pretty good. 😉

  19. 3 Yamato’s?

  20. I hate it when players do not look when going for position

  21. How do I join a clan. I love to play with regular players

  22. That Lyon division….it reminds me of a line from 300. “We’ll darken the skies with our arrows…Well, then we’ll fight in the shade!”

  23. HOLY SHIT 3 LYONS?! let me see…

    16 guns
    16 guns
    16….. *MOTHER OF GOD!*

  24. So, Lyon Squadron = Tog Platoon?

  25. How about a triple Atlanta “Firehose of Death” division?

  26. Jingles what are your thoughts/feelings about WoWS: legends, the console port coming out next year?

  27. Didn’t even mention that those deep water torpedoes were aimed at the enemy destroyer

  28. get 3 Yamato and do same thing that will Fun. Trippe Division Rule Should be that

  29. TOGs of the sea

  30. Yup.. ZR clan lets make the game more irritating to play..

  31. More glorious and disgusting at the same time jingles surely you haven’t forgotten the glories of TOG platoons?

  32. 10:41 is horrifying.

  33. MajesticDemonLord

    Me and my Clan mates once did a triple monty division – that was rather hilarious – 36 freedom packages every 30 seconds…

  34. Oh, sure, shame the Lyon squadron, but still shamelessly enjoy the KV-2 platoon.
    Come on, Jingles, you liked it as much as we all did.

  35. I love it when jingles says he’s sorry but then says, “actually no I’m not.” Hahahaha. That made my day.

  36. 10:35 that was such a paddling we broke the paddle. ” I’m sorry… no I’m not”, ahahaha jingles you made me laugh harder than watching that paddling.

  37. Thank you.

  38. TO be fair to those destroyers They probably weren’t expecting him to suddenly pull a 180 and probably fired them around when he was turning.

  39. Time to farm for the Lyon now !

  40. Well that Lyon division is what should happen in a fleet engagement, concentration of fire.

    I actually have seen something like this in a WoWs replay by Ichase

    He and a bunch of others were on a chat link, all driving Warspite’s and used concentration of fire on called targets.
    They completely overwhelmed and destroyed the fleet on German BB’s in minutes, easily winning on points.

    I’m very sad they put the Lyon in the game actually. It was only ever a paper design and if they ever do put HMS Agincourt in it can’t take the honor it did have in reality, that of having the largest number of heavy guns on a modern BB.
    But imagine it as a tier 3 premium with 14 12inch guns.

  41. A triple Lyon div showed up in my game on the opposing team once. My team did not stand a course of course.

  42. 🤣🤣🤣
    Those poor seals

  43. Jingles youre laugh at 10:50.. well, little bit weird 🙂 hahaha

  44. HAHAHAHA! I wish my friends were so disciplined

  45. You told us it was going to be disgusting, that’s a bit of an understatement Mighty Gnomish Overlord!

  46. That was just toooooo funny

  47. Jamal Al-Sulaiman

    Funny you mention disgusting triple ship divisions. My clan and I went for a triple secondary spec Großer Kurfürst division the other day. THAT. Was frankly disgusting. We each came out of that game with anywhere between 110-165k damage and several hundred secondary hits, and I’m fairly sure that if not for the frankly hilarious banter going on between us and the teams [both friendly and enemy] throughout the game, we’d all have been reported into the ground. It was a ridiculous amount of fun and I’m hoping to do it again some time soon if I can convince my clanmates to go through with it.

  48. Now THAT is a paddling 😉

  49. Ships of the line – Triple St Louis division 😀

  50. I hate the voice-over. You sound like Ricky Gervais, who has to be one of the worst people — no qualifier required.

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