World of Warships – Stealin’ KIlls

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

A slow burner of a battle today, in which Stealin in the USS North Carolina takes a while to build up steam but once he gets going he doesn’t stop. Gives us plenty of time to chat about the history of the ship.

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  1. I agree I need to visit the North Carolina BB, but that’s like a 15 hour drive, or a 4 hour flight…. Not happening anytime soon 🙁

  2. Nice to end with that photo Jinggles.

  3. Dmitri Soprovich

    Generally Korea isn’t considered in the calculation of when ww2 started because it is so much out of step timing wise with ww2. Additionally it is judged to not have much with the war, much like the Italian invasion of Ethiopia is not considered part of ww2 by the vast majority of historians.

  4. I think those torps at the end there were a panic drop, recognizing that they’d never get them off at the NC

  5. I actually find North Carolina somewhat boring…mostly because she is just ‘good’ at everything.

  6. Great video!

    Jingles, in regards to seeing our collection of preserved ships, my Boy Scout troop had an overnight stay on the U.S.S. Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. We had free run of the place for 2 days.
    Being all of like 16 at the time, that place was a massive maze. Every wall had pictures and preserved artifacts from the wars and active duties.

    I think the best part was the fact you can’t carry any weapons aboard. This included knives. Have you ever seen a guy with an OKAYish sized bag ask an entire scout troop for their knives?
    Think of the best pikachu face you can. That bag weighed like 20 pounds (That’s just over 9 kilograms for you non-imperial imperialistic English :D).
    And once we got on board I checked my bag, and went over to the guy going “Sorry, I forgot I had this”, and gave him my wood hatchet. He couldn’t believe it, and neither could the scout leaders.

  7. World War 2 started when the Treaty of Versailles was signed.

  8. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    The US doesn’t say the start of the war was in 1941. They say it was the start of our involvement. That’s what they taught in school atleast for the last 20 years.

  9. Considering Germany’s motivations for starting WW2 and the fact that the Japanese can almost certainly be considered belligerents in WW2, I dont think it would be entirely unfair to say that WW2 could be considered simply “The Great War Part 2, Electric Boogaloo,”and the start date would be in 1914.

  10. Well Jingles because you seemed determined to take a swipe at the USA, I just have one word for you: Sitzkreig.
    Someone with your knowledge of military history Wonder stand what I mean.

  11. Well shit ” when did WW2 start” ….. that’s very complex.

  12. Actually Jangles, people in the USA do not say the war started in 1941. We all know it started in 1939. It started for us officially in 41, but it actually started much sooner. I know you know who the American volunteer group was, and there are other such so-called volunteers. Not to mention that we were shipping supplies long before that.

  13. Jingles, all half-intelligent Americans (at least in Minnesota) will say WWII started in 1939, and in school it is taught as such. It is taught that the U.S. entered WWII after Pearl Harbor.

  14. I personally mark the beginning of WW2 with Japan attacking from Manchuko in 1937.

  15. I went to visit the North Carolina in October ’19, can confirm it was a great experience. I highly recommend it.

  16. Stealin’ was robbed of his eigth kill, I tell you.

  17. Christopher V. (Woodpig)

    I’ve been to her. Great museum. Well worth the time.

  18. BulletMagnet1337

    1:50 – How the hell could he shoot at that Icarus undetected?

  19. Jimminey FingCricket

    Shaft vibration the class was plagued with shaft vibration that cut there speed in the rule world.

  20. Jingles you forgot to mention, that USS North Carolina was hit by torpedo fired by Takakazu Kinashi´s I-19. This torpedo salvo is considered one of the luckiest in history. It not just hit North Carolina, but sank carrier USS Wasp and destroyer USS O´Brien

  21. The North Carolina actually put up so much anti aircraft fire the Enterprise thought she caught on fire. Also my wedding ring is made of the teak deck plateing

  22. My uncle was a Z-turret LT in the gunnery crew of the NC during the Philippine Sea battle. I got a photo of him with the other officers of that turret. I’m not sure when the photo was taken.

  23. *Nervously looks at team roster* . I’m not the only one that does this right?

  24. Jingles, thank you for the interesting historical background on the North Carolina!

  25. According to the merriam webster definition of a world war (a war engaged in by all or most of the principal nations of the world) you can easily reject the idea that the war between japan and china was the start of WW2. Now since only the US wasn’t an principal nation engaged in it (counting UK, USA, UDSSR, France, Germany and Japan). Now yes japan and the UDSSR wasn’t engaged in it directly (with their “sidequest” in the finnish-war & the chinese-war), but we still have half the principal nations at war with each other and the 2/3 of the rest engaged in wars of their own and soon enough they will be engaged. So yeah it started in september 1939.

  26. Grew up in NC. One of my favorite school trips.

  27. is this guy drunk! i’m getting sick by watching this

  28. WW2 started differently for different countries. I would argue that the seed’s (the start of WW2) were planted right after WW1 with the very harsh treatment and sanction put on Germany.

  29. JIngles, should you have pointed out the excellent manners in chat after the kutuzov death? Must be the EU or Asia Server!

    Those lads in the chat were chaps!

  30. Japan’s occupation of Korea and invasion of China is a colonial occupation and not generally considered a start date of WW2, China was considered a ‘lesser’ nation at the time. War was between peer’s which Japan was acknowledged as being when they beat the Russian’s.

  31. At aroudn 10min in I thought “nice .. you have 2 DDs to their 1″… Just watch how useless they are. LOL…. as they put around behind the BBs and NOT helping cap B. NOT helping find enemy DD. Just having a happy time doing nothing. LOL. Love WoWs randoms. That Guepard was amazing. 🙂

  32. I would love to visit her tbh, there’s not enough preserved warships in the UK. I’ve been to a fair few of them already

  33. One could say WW2 started on June 28 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles

  34. Damnit Jingles. I lived in Wilmington for the last 3 years and the NC was my favorite place to go. Just had to move away from there due to some rather unfortunate incidents happening with family, I left about a week ago. That ending hit me right in the feels damn you.

  35. So, 7 kills, 208k damage, and a notable list to port.

  36. Treaties were meant to be broken back then I suppose, I mean what’s the point of these Naval Treaties if Nations aren’t going to abide by those rules? Also I kinda do believe Japan did start WW2 not by fighting China, but by their invasion of Manchuria.

  37. She is beautiful at night too

  38. Christopher Buzzell

    I have visited the NC in Wilmington and I agree 100% that it is well worth planning an entire day to visit. One of the things I remember was that the fire control system was used in the Iowa class BBs. When they were recommissioned in the 80s tests were done to see if modern computers and technology would be enough of an improvement to upgrade the systems, it was not. The 50 year old analog fire control for the main batteries outperformed the modern 80s digital systems.

  39. world war to me means the world is at war. I which case the world has been at war in various places for the last several thousand years. just think about that for a minute

  40. America: we’re gonna make some ship rules around here!
    Japan: Ship rules what’s that? We totally aren’t ignoring those!
    And then Japan proceeded to flip off America to which America flipped Japan off twice with the USS Johnson

  41. And this boys and girls, is why people play battleships. Citadel hits go brrrrrrrt!

  42. Claus Heegaard Poulsen

    Jingles…. you forgot Denmark in your list of countries. Perhaps us danish vikings should visit your lonely islands and reintroduce Danelaw once more.

  43. In China afaik it is considered to be 1937 as that was when Japan entered China proper, not Machuria which at the time was controlled by warlord and had a different ethnic population distinct from the Han chinese along with the minority in it. Manchuria wasnt considered a part of China until…I actually dont know, after the war?

  44. Ooooohhhh, comment wars about WWII xD

    Now I’m German myself, so I might be a little biased, but a “World War”, as the name implies, should somehow affect most of the world. And here’s where the numerous other conflicts of the 1930s fail to make the grade, if you will. The Italian invasion of Ethiopia? Horrific war, yes, but not of much concern to anyone outside Ethiopia and Italy. The Spanish Civil War? Did have foreign involvement, most notably from Germany and Italy, but apart from that was a mostly domestic Spanish affair. The Sino-Japanese War? Probably the biggest conflict in terms of casualties and army size involved before WWII started, but again: this was a war that affected Japan and parts (mostly along the coast) of China, with no direct involvement by other powers.

    And here’s where France and Great Britain come in, at this point the only two major remaining colonial powers. Once their ultimatum to Germany had run out on September 3rd and war was declared, the war turned global. Not because Indians or Senegalese or Kenyans suddenly took a great interest in European wars, but because their colonial overlords had the power to mobilize their citizens and economy for their purposes. Colonial troops were soon deployed to France (much to the delight of Nazi propaganda), where they fought, and became POWs, and died in 1940. Britain widened the war even further by “convincing” (in the case of South Africa at least, it was more of a coercion) the Commonwealth countries to join in.

    Soon after September 1st, 1939, every continent save Antarticta was involved in the war effort. Not every country, of course – even in Europe, there were neutrals – but the war had truly become global. The wars preceding WWII should by no means be ignored, but I have yet to encounter an argument why the Sino-Japanese War or the Spanish Civil War should constitute a “World War” in the true meaning of the phrase.

  45. I was lucky enough to visit the old girl when I was NC. Very happy I did

  46. American here, WW2 is taught as starting in September 1939, with the US entry coming in December 1941

  47. Since it is called WORLD War Two the starting point should be regarded at the point when the majority of nations became involved. Therefore I stick with the September 1939 date.

  48. I live and born in Taiwan. In Taiwan school teach is the start of WW2 is Marco Polo Bridge Incident,7/7,1937.

  49. Yup and the best part I lived right next to the uss north Carolina and the have been refurbishing her and fixing her to her former glory jingles hope you can visit her she is a sight to take in

  50. I’m from the U.S. and I consider the start of WWIl to be when Germany invaded Poland. However, I get arguments for it being sooner.

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