World of Warships – Sweating Bullets

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Source: Mighty Jingles

There’s an expression we use in British military to describe someone under a lot of pressure – we say they’re “Sweating bullets”. There’s also the one about their sphincter muscle doing the old 50 pence/5 pence trick, but that’s another matter.

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  1. Best WoWS replay I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks, Jingles!

  2. Double citadel? That’s a paddlin’!

  3. Destroyers are just like autoloaders in WoT, very extremely dangerous towards the end of the game when ships are damaged, the map is less cluttered with enemy ships and people have run out of consumables.

  4. What no choo choo!?!?!

  5. I think Jezza was actually attacking the Salem for a more pragmatic reason. It was the sole radar cruiser on the enemy team.

  6. The DD didn’t even keep his star


  8. “Both of them”

  9. Not calling him “Dave”?

  10. Very enoyable watch 🙂

  11. I thought Jezza would have been using hammers and going full speed the whole game

  12. *Butt clenching intensifies*

  13. I think we need to take a bit of tomw to appreciate the sheer that a halland, a ship powered by a hyperdrive and commanded by speedy gonzalez, flash and road runner, was RAMMED by a heavy cruiser.

  14. Great tension!

  15. Calling him Jezza eh?

    I’m getting some Bottom Gear vibes rn

  16. I have mixed feeling about the thunderer i hate it because all people do is spam the OP HE it has i have been hit by one shell and it has set 3 fires before people who use it are not as bad as CV players but they are up there and WG knew it was a dumb ship since you cant even get it anymore.

  17. 8:01 He probably expexted him angle to get hit by less torpedoes.

  18. Fires just do so much damage..

  19. Just a reminder that half of the players on your team are going to be below the average intelligence level.

  20. And due to the arcane science that is WG xp reward system the Shima gets over 1k base xp 🙂

  21. That is the first time I have heard the 50p, 5p metaphor in a long long time.

  22. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    Dies war ein gutes Beispiel für Muppets, die es probierten, wie immer lustig zu sehen.

  23. meta = team with less star savers wins

  24. 2 hp? Floating wreckage has more hp than that

  25. holy shit

  26. Jesute13 needs to learn how to look around without moving his turrets back n forth

  27. hitpoints, that is lucky.

    “50 pence, 5 pence, 50 pence, 5 pence” LOL

  28. Anyone else get really happy seeing a british bb player (especially a thunderer) who knows how and when to use their 2 key? Just me?

  29. I wish my GK was potentially armed with 18 inch guns. God, GK would be insane fun.

  30. The Amazing Goldfish

    But wait a second Sir Jingles,….Jezza you said won!?!
    What ever happened to Dave???? LOl 🏹🤠👍

  31. I bet he got reported for a win like that WOWS community are pretty bitter

  32. You could also argue that he has 100% more HP than he needs ^^

  33. It´s over, when it´s over. That is the message of these days.

  34. Frans van Terwisga

    I dont understand the hindy though, couldve fired another salvo in his torp turn for sure right, always try to make your torp rush max dmg possible!

  35. Does anyone else see a black screen for the entire second half of the video?

  36. And the idiot on the shima win a star…..FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  37. Jingles, send me your email address and i’ll send you a sound file with the correct pronounciation of all the swedish ships, so you can stop embarrassing yourself 😉

  38. he said not great,not terrible,Dyatlov would be proud

  39. Jezza = Jeremy Clarkson

  40. Murillo Mota Alves

    If marceau no miss frist salvo….

  41. Marceau could’ve killed him in the cap and easily won
    That shima though wins the golden potato

  42. Good gods…. Impressive performance.

  43. Dylan van der Velden

    hahahahahahaha. 2hp

  44. i am 20:00 minutes into the video – the tension is real 😀 i am sweating bullets right now! thanks for sharing, not matter it will end in a minute 😀

  45. *Thunderer DIES*
    Jezza: Oh no!
    Also Jezza: Anyway..

  46. Your Hawking v. Tyson analogy was BRILLIANT!

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