World of Warships – Toxic Potato

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Famous within the World of Warships community for his even temper, forgiving nature and love of weeb music, Flamu takes the Sovetsky Soyuz out for a cruise…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. That description is practically a declaration of war old man!

  2. If you ever think there will ever even remotely be, “…enough about kittens”, you have been poorly & sadly misinformed.

  3. hey I thought this was a kitten channel lol. I guess the bloody boat game again

  4. Is the World of Warships videos that Jingles does the one on WG or steams launcher?

  5. The counter to carriers is to smile wide, open the VLS doors, and let them have a chat with Uncle SAM and start swatting them out of the skies!
    And it isn’t Alsace in any of those pronunciations, it is the “All Sauce”… Spicy for any occasion!

  6. Silentwolf Sherman

    Had i been in my Musashi, I would have gone for the ram or a very close boarding party.

  7. I dub thine Man Cave the KITTEN CAVERN!

  8. ????????

  9. only here for the kitten, lol

  10. 16:30 reminded me of cod 5 when the fighters come in to save your Black Cat.

  11. Bravo Company General Nelson

    No jingles I’ve learned not to expect anyone on the opposing side of the person who send u videos to be smart these days

  12. Wait WHAT, your new kitten looks almost the same as mine, that was a schoker! also nice vid as always.

  13. 13:34 is what you came for

  14. funnily enough jingles, i think the console bb players (at least the ones ive run into and lit on fire repeatedly) have taken the “Don’t waste your DC on one fire” to heart, they must watch your vid…. that being said Ive even see a few rapidly change direction to avoid torpedoes.. its almost amazing, but still they are BB drivers and ive seen a few suffer from the “straight line syndrome”.

  15. *T7 vs a T9, and because WG broke how “overmatching” works in WoWS about the time the commander Yamamotototo was added it’s 100% nowdays Tier Determined when at least it comes to BBs……* cuz that’s fun, right?
    (guess letting things be player determined with just too democratic of the game.) XD

  16. @The Mighty Jingles Hello. I know that you haven’t been able to use your “Kraken Unleashed” clip for a while due to copyright concerns, and you want to include more Akizuki footage on your channel. May I suggest that you make a “Kitten Unleashed” clip, with suitable meow in place of the roar to replace it?

  17. You can adopt another little cat who need a home and they will play together and u can do games and video . Is nice to have 2 cats.

  18. C is bravo in RN language, confirmed 😛

  19. As a well educated thief of content I would like to Say I am TRULY SORRY Master Gnome King Jingles. Please dont send me to the dark abyss of the saltmines:( I just had to its like a disease. I saw your video and dark thoughts entered my mind. So sorry for stealing your monopoly of cats and ships. ( Backing away kneeling)

  20. Oh god, when you listen to video to catch pooring kitten more than watching the gameplay on screen 😀

  21. I’m can’t stand cats.. fucking things. Kill em all. Get a dog.

  22. Did we need to raise Rainbow Flagg ? Potato skin on jungle leg with multi color back ground and rising sun.

  23. when I saw the title I thought ill see my name there…im a very toxic player apparently since I get chat ban every 2 days

  24. you twat XD

  25. The alsace had his hand forced, too short on points and not enough time to use his cap adv. Basically forced to yolo

  26. Here I sit, thinking it’s Versace not Alsace, saying it wrong my entire life.

    Thank you Jingles, for clearing that up for me!

  27. The PirateMongoose

    “There’s no counterplay”
    This is exactly the problem with CVs. You come under attack, you just have to hope the dude behind the controls sucks because there’s fuck-all you can do.

  28. What a cute kitten.
    I‘d adopt here immediately 😉

  29. Martín Alejandro Dixon

    OMG You love Cats!!!! Mee too!!! Your the best Jingles!!! I have 2 adopted Cats 😀

  30. Martín Alejandro Dixon

    Now I don’t know what is best if Jingles “HAHAHAHAHAHA” evil laugh or the kitten “meow” lol

  31. That’s the great thing about playing Battleships, you just put the thrush forward, check on your kitten, make a cup of coffee, make love to your girlfriend and come back to see that barely anything has happened.

  32. i knew it flamu loves weeb music jingles confirmed it!

  33. Yuro, or Eurobeat actually says it’s better to do a 180 and GTFO of the situation with the Musashi

  34. Kitty!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  35. The Blue BlobFish

    Jingles’s laugh will never get old

  36. Trigger Me Timbers

    Even 15 inch guns can citadel the Mushi in the cheeks. And I’m fairly certain at least the Hindenburg can as well.

  37. Your are enjoying this way too much 🙂

  38. No, that wasn’t glorious Jingles! That was just disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! 6 shots ans 5 CPs? Enough to uninstall that fucking game”

  39. was a great tactical game. Now a shit new cv game is introduced. No tactical game anymore with dd and cruiser game.Always detected before the attack. This game sucks. Only cv’s and bb’s can have a good time.

  40. Your shameless exploitation of adorable furry kittens is despicable.
    But I must admit it’s working.

  41. fuck off the old game was great. now the cv’s hav e all the power. goddam useless dd’s and cruisers. This game sucks

  42. Is the mighty jingles going to be at the upcoming tiger day in bovington?

  43. I saw that Muashi and started yelling “Dear gods man, cover your cheeks, you’re going to die!” I was not disappointed.
    Also, any day a Nelson sinks a Bismarck or Tirpitz is a good one in my book :p

  44. jingles, thanks for laughing at the CV’s abilities to troll the real ship players. I and many others have uninstalled due to their existence. Watching this video assures me I did the right thing to uninstall. You get a dislike and an unsub because your mockery towards the victims of the CV

  45. oh…lovely kitten…..:)

  46. I am a frenchman and I resent your mispronounciation of the Alsace. Anglais typique.

  47. Please do an Akizuki replay!

  48. Another video from the elitist wannabe obnoxious sellout…what a revolting hypocrite you are.

  49. Jingles. Pretty please stop putting videos that other popular YouTubers or twitch streamers can/have already uploaded when the replay is their average game. Please. It’s getting old. I miss dave and the unpronpunceable submissions and the random average Joe who had an amazing game. Other than that keep up the good work, and I love the other videos

  50. Do they used submarines in the World of Warships?

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