World of Warships – USS Ohio World Damage Record

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Source: The Jingles

The clickbait is real with this one! But when you've got numbers as impressive as this it's okay to brag a little.

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  1. Cheers Jingles, sounding a bit croaky there!

  2. Youtube should give you money to shoot on the breast!

  3. Holy good god that was a rush!

  4. 8:05 You’re not far off Jingles… Assuming the time is in minutes: 27889568 / 60 = 464826 hours / 24 = 19368 days / 365.25 (correction for leap years) = ~53 years

  5. Damage records on arms race maps shouldn’t count tbh

  6. Jesus! Now thats a Paddlin!

  7. I believe taking the power ups, in this game mode, gives points towards winning.

  8. Wolf of the Aurora

    Here’s a thought:
    Since the replay bug says the key area will appear in 52 years, maybe that’s the expiration date of Wargaming’s servers.

  9. Cheers brother

  10. Impressive, but if he had better aim it could have been higher

  11. The player’s name is a throwback to the War Thunder vids with the Bombers and the tier 1 biplanes. LOVED that series.

  12. Haven’t played this game or WoT but these videos are slowly convincing me to. Some questions, anyone? 1)What is “citadel”-ing? 2) Are either of these really pay to win or can you enjoy the game if you aren’t spending a ton of money on them?

    • Citadeling a ship means that your round penetrated the thick internal armor that protects vital areas such as engine rooms, magazines, places like that. In game it is represented by adding a serious amount of chunk damage over and above your normal damage per round. A well placed volley that scores multiple citadels can instantly delete a full health ship. As to the free to play question, you can enjoy the game without spending a dime on it. Premium ships can be obtained through dockyard and super container rewards. You may not be able to get a specific ship you want without spending money though.

    • @James Fogel TY for the info (I was thinking it meant taking out the command deck/bridge/control areas for some reason)

  13. this video is adhd and i love it

  14. wee actually Jingles many world damage records occur outside of arms race, like all the low tier that aren’t included in arms race.

  15. You explained that it was a tier 8 arms race game five times. Youre getting senile old friend.

  16. Only in ohio

  17. first time i see my ship in a video – ( i am the wooster that get palled in 3 shoots ) 9:00

  18. I think the world record for Gearing is still uncontested, as it was achieved back when stealthfire was a thing- the guy in question burned down a Yamato from full health without ever being spotted once- it was really filthy

  19. Mmmmm groping that breast. Yes I went there. You got a problem, that’s your problem, your not apart of the community of cultured men.

  20. A Sentient Toaster

    It’s even worse than 52 years Jingles. 278,899,568 minutes translates to over 530 years!

  21. Pretty amazing

  22. What a cracker!

  23. Holt crap what a game!

  24. You get points by picking up buffs. That is how they were ahead on points even though they were behind on kills.

  25. The SealShark productions

    Of course is USS

    O H I O

  26. I like you accidentally calling it a 14.oof seconds reload speed 🙂

  27. Everybody’s dead Dave….

  28. This was a very boring damage record for half of the video. He fires and misses most salvos in the first half of this battle then things finally get more exciting when his path up the flank is finally clear.

  29. imagine if you played the down in ohio music.

  30. Dare I say, that was a paddlin

  31. Damage record isn’t intended for buffs. Barry Bonds, anyone? Boo.

  32. That is, as they say, a LOT of damage.

  33. >Starts meme

  34. 52 years later: I learned the world damage record of the Ohio. Huh? There’s a new one? …..uuuugggghhhh. At least listening to Jingles is nice.

  35. Great episode Jingles….. A classic.

    And remember that you are always wecome for a return visit to Ohio!

  36. What’s this guy smoking saying the Ohio is accurate lol has he played it? Honestly it’s only good 1 out of 10 games Monty soon much better

  37. Sooo… Ive done it to others, but ive never seen it happen to someone so nicely at 08:05 … I think the shell went through the turret deck/Barbette and into the citadel or some thing ? He was perfectly angled, still got citadelled 😀 .

  38. BoatyMcBoatFace…didn’t Jingles do a video with them before? They were in this fight, the died right around 8:40

  39. At 10:20 points come from picking up buffs.

  40. 10:15 They are winning on points since they have 8 to 2 bonus circles captured. This bonuses are big factor in this damage record 🙂

  41. Mandatory Brest jokes? Hmmm… you meant that the Brests are so soft and squishy, that the big guns just can’t help themselves and want to shoot everything they got at them? Something like that?

  42. 0:22 hey, this is just why we love you! : )

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