World of Warships – Win Hard 2 – Win Harder

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Source: The Jingles

You know I thought this battle seemed familiar so I went back and checked. I should probably have checked harder. Yeah, sudden rush of shit to the brain, this one’s been done before.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. The Mighty Jingles

    You know, at the time I was editing this I thought this battle seemed familiar so I went back and checked. I should probably have checked harder. Yeah, sudden rush of shit to the brain, this one’s been done before. Oops.

  2. spends the first 20 seconds being afk. What a retard.

  3. Wel….. Time for a well deserved vacation to as minas de sal do Portugal. Off you go!

  4. I wonder is jingles will ever do war thunder again

  5. “Win harder” ???????????

  6. INCOMING!!! . . . Text message at 4:45

  7. Deja Vu? God I hate French food.

  8. Actually he started off not playing well and in fact was playing like players I hate to see on my team. His team was winning despite him. Now he did make up for it in the end. I hate seeing cruisers like spicy being a waste behind an island, when they could be supporting a BB or DD for the win. If Spicy had not been island camping the team would likely have won without the dramatic finish being needed. That said, I have to give him credit where credit is due and say he did save the battle in the end and good job on his part.

  9. I see you were feeling extraordinarily innovative with your titles today. And your battles for that matter 🙂

  10. Richard Wroblewski

    4:42 … jingles check your phone.. you got a notification

  11. Jingles, you should try to have a few emergency videos on hand for times like this. When you’ve realized that you’ve posted a video that you’ve already done, that way you’ll have a replacement video handy.
    I mean, we don’t come out of the mines at night, haul the salt back into the mine, and try to pass it off the next day as newly mined salt.

  12. you really don’t make any credits capping and after the last few patches have really made it worse . so if your trying to buy something or do anythtng you have to kill ships if don’t want to break out a Credit card for credits.

  13. I only figured it out right towards the end of the battle. Its really your commentary that makes the battle.


    Anyone else hear jingles phone go off at 4:48?

  15. The Des Moine is one of my favorite ships. Spicy Toast played careful and smart, which is doubly smart. Especially when we’ve seen the replay twice.

  16. Simply winning is not enough. I play mostly tanks and some warships (carriers are like arta but worse). I sold my account once for that XVM camo. With wargaming winning is not enough. You see, time is an important function. Winning a slow victory in a full-game-lengt may yield less XP than 1 win and 1 loss with big numbers. When grinding the wargaming grinds every second matters. Since damage is the greatest parameter in XP-gain, every second not farming dmg is time wasted.

  17. wow this whole vid is one giant jingles moment

  18. I’ve been in repeated similar games today all losing. our team gets all three caps we are ahead on points and ships … and then when the enemy can’t be spotted they rush forward and die. I can practically hear them screaming like beserker barbarians as they rush forward and they act so surprised when we lose. So sh#t for brains .. the normal WOW player.

  19. Solo Warrior award is the main prize

  20. Step 1: Open a second tab.
    Step 2: Go to
    Step 3: Sync the replays perfectly.
    Step 4: Enjoy.

  21. Faidon Karamesinis

    Jingles u MUPPET,what r u gonna fuck up next?????

  22. would be nice to see some content not by some other players…. you seem to be exclusively mooching off other peoples videos these days… pretty sad.

  23. Didn’t they say the monarch was >8k

  24. Do you really expect gamers to think tactically like that, thinking of letting the enemy come to them?

  25. Discretion is the better part of valor!

  26. Yey! More WoWarships with Jingles 😀

  27. So… I have to push harder, faster and aim better right?

  28. That Zao’s torpedo salt tho.

  29. Anyone else who heard the message signal at 4:40?? XD

  30. My goodness, how quick do your “fans” eagerly turn on you for any slight mistake or miscalutaation . Should we burn him at the stake for his constant efforts .? !!!!

  31. Does this boy not know how free look works?

  32. not sudden rush to the …… it’s probably the Pussy… it’s explains everything;)

  33. How can I sell my ship.My software is Macintosh, please help

  34. Genesis Champion

    “His reload is down to about three and a half seconds”

    Jingles, I can see it saying 4.1 every time he fires.

    Also… 20:08, how many kills?


  36. 4:41 classic Jingles approved editing ^w^

  37. Every team I was in last weekend: oh look we have a huge lead there is no way we can lose. Let’s all fruitlessly throw our ships away trying to win harder.

  38. nice work – but why does CA allways mean they must use the worthless torps and throw their ship away – this hindenburg – if he not broadside – he never will die vs this 10k DesMo

  39. Well, I didn’t remember this one anymore so it’s all good :’D

  40. Well hey, it’s always possible that the same guy played on the same map with the same team against the same enemies, and everyone did *exactly the same thing* they did before. 😛

  41. This match was played so well it deserves to be shown twice. Or thrice.

  42. A perfect example of why you don’t throw your ship away in the first 5 minute or first 10 minutes or first 15 minutes or first 20 minutes. 😉

  43. *facepalm* Dammit, Jingles. Get salt miners to check your work, lol

  44. the sound at 4:46 Nice MEME

  45. I have seen reload speeds as low as 2.0 seconds.

  46. At least it doesn’t have kittens in it thank God.

  47. Gotta love how the zao blamed the rng from the torps on spicy winning… torps are literally the only weapon in game that rng has zero effect on. They behave the exact same way every time you use them.

  48. “What could possibly go wrong?” LOL!!!!!

  49. yeah, I really feel like people forget that this game isn’t TDM

  50. great.. Im really not interested in tiers above 7.. but your videos I can watch in all the tiers… good job 🙂

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