World of Warships – You’re Doing It Wrong

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Tankbullet_Iron is one of those guys who every now then just thinks himself: “Experts! What do they know? I’m going to do it MY way!”

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  1. Kid needs to go buy a lotto ticket.

  2. So sad, tier 7 still using mouse wheel to zoom, please do not make video of these retarded mouse wheeler!

  3. Jingles this full tier 8 match, there is no tier 7 in this match.

  4. Oh that was good. You made me cackle laugh at 14:50 .

  5. Shikashima is laughing at you with viable secondaries

  6. This time, I’m a bit late. But jingles…. What happened to the old man jingles channel.

  7. Quite the amazing game!!!!

  8. Kii vs Bismarck secondary gun duel – so he brought a katana to a knife fight

  9. Hilariously fun to watch

  10. Very Interesting.
    (Username World Of Warships)

  11. As a frequent cruiser and BB player, this replay makes me very happy.

  12. well tbf, that Bismarck lost more to the fact that he was broadside on and allowing the Kii to take 10K chuncks of health away

  13. North Carolinian Mapping

    Ahh, a player that loads into the game slowly…can relate.

  14. Jingles: you wouldn’t put a secondary build on any japanese BB apart from the mikasa unless you are an idiot even before the commander rework
    Shikishima: you underestimate my power!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Worst Kii salesman ever award goes to … Jingles !!! lol

  16. “Come On, man!”

  17. Thing is, Kii literally had the best secondaries at T8…from a raw stats POV.

    100K more HE secondary DPM (per side) than a Torpitz, 70K more than a Massa. 140mm has Massa dispersion, 100mm has 30mm of pen, she’ll set more fires than both, her actual damage dealt has potential to be much higher than any other T8 secondary BB. The problem is the armour (and previously range). She’s too squishy to brawl with where if she had amagi’s armour, she would be the best T8 secondary BB.

  18. When watching this video I realized that even though I might have had breaks between watching your videos at time that you’ve been part of my life or at least your videos since early what we call “low school” don’t know English equivalent. I’ve watched you grow from under 100 thousand subscribers to where you are now. Been introduced to some of my favourite games, Warthunder – World of tanks and many others. You’ve been a truly good influence on my life and I hope you will be in the future aswell. Keep up the amazing content!.

  19. “You’re not supposed to go secondary on a Japanese Battleship..” me looking nervously at my yammy and kii (and possibly, maybe, perhaps a yoshino too…)

    • I haven’t played in about a year but same, secondary yammy(plus speed turrets) and missouri were a lot of fun. Sec Mo worked really well for me since full range sec was just under 1km of her radar so chances are if I caught something my secondaries could work it over.

  20. Mark Russel Agnote

    Since wg reworked cvs, they pretty much messed up the rules they imposed in this game, so why care now?

  21. The quote for the video is ‘is that even legal?’

  22. Buhahahah epic fight 😂

  23. Now there’s something you don’t see every day.👍

  24. Christopher Schäfer

    Your new intro is the Shit, you know that right?

  25. I’m so proud of you, Jingles… not once did you excoriate him for not shooting at the 2-3 spotted DDs he could have been shooting.

  26. LOL after playing this gmae for a yea I uninstalled this game Its trash, their damage system is so bad, you do no damage but everyone else dose 10k + damage to you. I attacked a cruiser in a battle ship and legit did 0 damage with 4 shell hits… at close range do not support war-gaming. Its almost impossible to hit anything and you have to be a freek to play it.

  27. There is one Japanese battleship that can have an effective secondary build. It’s the izumo. This ship possesses 24 127 mm secondary guns. With a 155 mogami triple barrel on the rear as well. This ship can literally annihilate a destroyer and 10 seconds due to the size of the secondaries. Art many stories about how bad this tier 9 Japanese Tech Tree ship was. Naturally I played it found out that it was trash did some research into the ship and found out that if you build it to brawl it’s highly effective

  28. Scott Drone-Silvers

    Thank you for sharing, Jingles. I needed this today.

  29. Brokages_over_Hokages

    The disrespect he did on that Bismarck.

  30. isn’t the T7 Mainz pronounced München?

  31. tis a riot of laughter. wow.

  32. genius playing games

    When Mr. Torpedo leaves torpedo tube its no ones friend.

  33. Thanks for this replay Jingles. It made my weekend. 🙂

  34. A german cruiser messing up a torpedo attack? Send him back to the saltmainz 😉

  35. I always loved this ship, despite its bad armour. I’d lie close to islands and slowly creep up into close range, and let then secondaries and torpedoes go ham.
    Basically, you have an Akizuki belted on to each broadside.

    I mained a secondary-built Kii for a while.

    And like this battle, I have more kills with secondaries and torpedoes than I do with main battery fire.

  36. F for the bismarck

  37. those DDs just got humiliated

  38. those two DD’s did not expect the Spanish Inquisition

  39. Jingles, you utter plank, Japanese 100mm guns do have quarter pen!

  40. Any OG jingles fan here will See this title

    It’s a callback to a very old Video

    With People ramming in WOT

  41. Jingles: IJN BBs arent supposed to be secondary skilled…
    Yamato secondary build: am I a joke to you?
    Also note: in the beginning when the Kii was released, the 2ndary range was about 7.5km base and was adjusted to 6.6km base now. Thats still more suitable for a secondary build than most other BBs…

  42. I feel like I’ve been spamming a post similar to this one everywhere lately, but bear with me. I feel like taking Secondary Aiming doesn’t really make much of an impact, so I’ve been skipping it and only taking max range upgrades for my secondaries in order to expand the range in which CQC will be active. You have to be a little more patient this patch than normal, but with a friend to help you or a flank that is clear of enemy DDs, you can push up in the midgame and take away the Dead Eye of enemy BBs while simultaneously activating your own reload speed. One of the biggest perks of this setup is that it frees up an extra four point skill so that you can run both Fire Prevention and Repair Expert at the same time, which can really go a long way towards helping you survive into the aforementioned lategame situations.

    If any of you end up testing this out, I would love to hear back from you.

  43. He used up all his luck for the next 90 days in this one match! 🙂 Great game.

  44. Tankbullet_Iron had a vial of _Felix_ _Felicis_ and wasn’t afraid to use it.

  45. Actually Jingles…it’s the Alaska and Kronstadt… ;p

    Stalingrad is T10, Kronstadt is T9.

  46. This is the most Japanese thing I’ve seen in a long time. Get a fast, lightly armored, overarmed ship equipped with torpedoes; take it into a brawl against superior forces, and _absolutely rek face._

  47. If its stupid but it works…

  48. What did I just watch? lol

  49. Hi Jingles,

    you got the Kii right on the first try. For Mainz the second one was better but the z should be sharper.
    The reason the Bismarck lost, might be that he has a low skill captain. Giving broadside the whole time probably helped as well.
    Fun replay and thank you.

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