World of We’re Just Making These Tanks Up

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Chinese tank destroyers are here, and like Unicorns, they’re magic and about as real as Santa Claus.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    There is this option called Blacklist for people like the Church 1

  2. Santa said fu.

  3. Well, WZ-131GFT = Wiz or Wiz131


  5. also if this game ever about realistic half of the german techtree will be gone

  6. FV and Conqueror share the same gun but …..

  7. 131G FT = BIG FT —> Big Foot

  8. well being they never existed how about the ..NO-HO..?

  9. Name sugestion: Miracle tank. Or Miracle TD… or just The Miracle

  10. wait wait santa claus isnt real ??

  11. I vote for “Noodle Box T X” (Tier 1-10).

  12. That thing looks like a jadgpanther

  13. If it’s the WZ-131-GFT, how about the “Gift” tank destroyer? Or maybe, if the army designation is the factory code numbers, I’d call it the Type 131, or the 131TD.
    How DO Chinese army designation codes work?
    At least WoT does not, TO MY KNOWLEDGE, have the so-called “Type 63 (AA)” vehicle with the twin 37-mike manual cannons.
    Does it? Please tell me it ain’t so, Abbot!

  14. It’s a TD with no armor and no turret. Of course it’s not a brawler, it’s a sniper and anyone who thinks it’s a brawling tank is a total moron. All the TD’s that lack turrets and armor are sniping platforms. It’s another tank meant for sniping and ambushing put into the game with corridor maps that look like well landscaped golf courses. No foliage cover. What a joke. WG is made up of a bunch of dumbasses.

  15. how can these shitty devs balance imaginary tanks..

  16. The Phantom Menace at least had some story. The next two episodes were about nothing.

  17. People who don’t want “fake tanks” should just stop playing instead of trying to ruin the inclusion of new content.

  18. WZ131 Great F’ing Target.

  19. lots of new tanks  are boring as fuck when this game only has 5 maps you are forced to play on over and over and over….

  20. So if we are just adding in tanks that never existed outside of a napkin sketch…

    Baneblade? Leeman Russ? Land Raider? When?

  21. Instead of w 131gf..

    The ‘Roo 13’

  22. Wargaming. Retards.

  23. Instead of paper tanks, how bout adding AA tanks? Autocannons are so much fun.

  24. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    There are so many good armored cars that could be added instead of all these fantasy tanks.

  25. Hover tanks with tesla cannons? Shut up and take my money.

  26. I’d call it the Chinese hetzer, no armor but amazing gun and very sneaky lol

  27. Rice Tractor.

  28. Wait….the isu had it’s BL-10 gun removed! You see I haven’t played for 2 years now since switching to WT. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I did. Why would someone remove the trolliest tank in the game that’s not even OP. That thing was filled my afternoons after a difficult school day with happiness and rage, however still remained a huge love for it. Shame. funny I assume the death star can still do 1500dmg and I don’t know if anybody is complaining about that?

  29. The wok box

  30. 3:55


    “… and the new World of Tanks update will be released in a week!”

  31. FT stands for Fake Tank ?

  32. You literally ONLY need to hold down ctrl and click one time in the chat on the dudes name to mute him, even his pings are muted then also.
    But nice to see you also jump on the hatetrain jingles. brings in more views i guess.

  33. This game is a farce now

  34. My vote for Blacklist means never being in the same team as someone!

  35. Imaginary tanks now? FINE! I’ll go back to playing WoT if we can have an autoloading KV-2 with 4 shots!

  36. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    The Japanese had more TDs than the Chinese, and that’s saying something considering the top of the line Japanese AT gun was 75 mm. Come on WG, there’s plenty of things you could be doing, but instead you’re going to keep on continuing to power creep the game and compound existing issues.

  37. Well what did you expect from a polish player…die soon and pings allover the damn map.

  38. They look a bit like the Soviet tds, aren’t they?

  39. World of tanks is good game and fer for free to play players but till tier VI.When you get your self in tier VIII mm well then it is fuck you.All that blue prints that ezisted just allowed WG to make even more and more OP premium tanks….object 280 is conning and gues if that will be a normal or gold one.

  40. I’ve been calling the Chinese TDs Faggot 1 Faggot 2, etc.

  41. Battleshipman56 Battleshipman56

    Trash game, you talk 2 much and everything is just bad after the first year this game came out

  42. how to call it? dave…..

  43. money can buy everything. In this case.. Chinese money bought everyone’s soul. Even the president.

  44. *reads description*
    Wait what?Unicorns and Santa Claus don’t exist?!

  45. Sounds like you’re limiting the tanks to War Thunder levels when you say “limit to vehicles that had at least prototypes built”

  46. i though this was going to be a video about these…

  47. jingles I can help you with the nicknames, since all of em have the FT at the end, it goes like this
    Fake Tank 6 = Chinese td tier 6,
    Fake Tank 7 = Chinese td tier 7
    fake Tank 8 = Chinese td tier 8, and so on. and if it’s a premium fake tank, then premium fake tank 8, easy hehe

  48. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Japanese cartoon tanks … Edelweiss. Very very close to hover tanks with lazes !

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