World War 1 Blitzkrieg, ARMORED CARS & Tanks – Command of War Trench Warfare

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Demo Gameplay – Epic
Trench Warfare – Armored Cars & Tanks!

Thanks for watching!


  1. No one cares

  2. i love this game, keep playing baron :D

  3. notice me senpai :D

  4. Baron do you react on comments

  5. Love it damn awesome! thats fucking amazing! i absolutelly love this game!

  6. im freaking early jesus maybe cuz Baron is amazing!

  7. So Slick’s sleep schedule is all kinds of messed up and as a result today’s
    scheduled Men of War episode might come out late today, or tomorrow. “I’m
    sick of your shit Slick” #MOWM

  8. Hoi guyyyyys

  9. U should try out R.U.S.E,its about world war 2,u will like it

  10. hey, thats pretty good

  11. Baron Is Men of War Mondays Coming out today? sorry… its just i love that
    game. but i know you have been having some family issues and + the
    hurricane but you’ve missed 3 weeks counting this one. sorry for being this
    guy but…

  12. Wow armoured car op bro you should get a shotgun

  13. Blitzkrieg was ww2 bro

  14. Skeletor II (Nikolaus Romanov II)

    00:18 Impoutant you count edupps

  15. how do youdonload this

  16. play more ARMA with devil phly and sherman

  17. the armored car (american/british) is a lancaster
    (from the time of the mk1. the first tank)

  18. Please do the challenge were you don’t use the bombs and sniper manual !
    love your video’s

  19. Sir Captain Fluttershy

    Baron… Baron… set up reserve trenches m8.

  20. 史詩般的爛遊戲

  21. Im just waiting until someone releases cheats for this game. Sometimes its

  22. Is it just me or baron doesn’t really plan what he’s doing at least in this

  23. the sniper should cost 500 gold because it’s OP

  24. U should watch OrCHaming`s 5,000+ nuclear missile Launch in Planetary

  25. Nathanael Paxevanos

    Are there any games like this for phones?

  26. Why didnt you use mortat

  27. baron, m8, seriously? you didn’t figure this out earlier? xD
    the intel for units is used to sort of unlock the unit.

  28. Don’t get me wrong I love your channel, but your WW1 strategy is absolute

  29. i am the Guy Who suggested the armored car

  30. Baron, please make the Miles M.39B Libellula happen. It’s so strange that I
    want to see it made in War Thunder.

  31. I wish they had bayonets for this game just for fun a little hand to hand
    combat action just poking the enemy two or three times then they die when
    they reach the enemy trench or in no mans land or some gas mask upgrade

  32. really like this game, one of the only times ive played one for myself and
    its all thanks to you, keep up the good work man

  33. baron sucks thats why i hate all your vids

  34. Follow development and post suggestions and ideas at Twitter:

    *The next demo will have even more :D*

  35. I think you could have won it at 11:29 :P

  36. gg.

  37. I know this is completely unrelated, but next men of war Monday’s we need a
    landship for the u.s., I was thinking a carrier, if you could get ahold of
    a mod like that I will worship you forever

  38. But bit but. . . men of war mondays…

  39. You are being relieved from your command due to incompetence on the
    battlefield. You pushed onto machine gunners with out using artillery
    support and refused to take trenches that were completely empty. Many young
    men have lost their lives in vain under you command.

  40. baron at 4:10 you should have had all of your infantry go over the top as
    the armored car advanced because the armored car would have infantry
    support to overrun the outnumbered enemy trench

  41. Battlefield 1 commander edition

  42. #MoreKingdomNewLands and #MoreRightClickToNecromance

  43. I should suggest you to make air strike from plane

  44. JokerovGeneral Petar


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