WORLD WAR 1 COMBO | Playing A Tank So Bad I Lose My Mind

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WORLD WAR 1 COMBO | Playing A So Bad I Lose My Mind


  1. Just watched a video explaining why french tanks are so bad then saw this in my recommended feed lol

  2. Lmao what the hdbabababababa hababbabababa abbababa was funny lol

  3. They should add a 0.5 and 0.7 BR for the WWI planes

  4. what happened to the red tails p51 video

  5. You´re so funny.. is that guy on our team. no he´s swedish.. LOL.. but truth be told. sweden has almost always been on americas side. while pretending to be still think sweden is a friend of america. still have so many mcdonalds here..more than ikea in america? maybe? anyways keep up the great work. you´re the MAN. peace

  6. Need a video of those tanks getting torpedoed.

  7. ww1 planes to put them in war thunder some of the planes hit box and ww1 planes are made out of wood so it could take a while to put them but I think war thunder can put ww1 planes in the game.

  8. What is this music playing at 7:50? I hear it everywhere and honestly kind of like it.

  9. The fucking thumbnail 😂😂😂

  10. Commander Centurion Mk 5 AVRE

    “World War 1 tanks, nah, nah, i think we’re all on the same page with that” Gaiin, Mk IV Landship when?

  11. Ngl im all for ww1 planes a I grew up with the game known as Red Ace Squadron which was a really cool ww1 plane game. I want my stopwith camels and fokker tri planes in game lol. It might be what would bring me back into the game honestly

  12. We say “Rono”, but rest of the world is legally allowed to call it whatever the fuck you guys want because we dont know how pronouncing words works.

  13. Jeez I just looked up ww1 bombers and damn they look pretty crazy

  14. WeBe must had a lot of fun editing this, great job man!

  15. 19:05 I lost it about this point

  16. the reserve Japanese tank with 57mm is more like ww1 cause nearly everything is the same like same chassis

  17. Phly we have been teaching our son that they’re called “nih-nees” since he started asking what his were. The fact you say it leads me to believe parenting shouldn’t be as hard as I thought 😂

  18. Hey so Phliy daily can you please make some more videos on SimplePlanes

  19. It’s a ReunO

  20. have a separate line in the tree and still keep the current reserves but put them in as 0.3-0.7 etc and allow people to play them like that maybe?

  21. At first, I thought French reserves is good cos I rarely die while playing it, I’m kind of a chill dude, that’s why “survive and win” is good enough for me. But then I realized, I rarely get a fcking kill with it too LoL

  22. nwm i love french 1.0 for me best tanks at 1.0.

  23. Reuuunault not Reeeenault

  24. Nightshade Chrome

    ww1 aircrafts in War Thunder, the Fokker Dr.I gonna be like the Horten 229 but slower.

  25. They add jets and naval, but still won’t do canvas, underpowered, poor fire power aircraft, I think they’re missing out on a really good opportunity here lol

  26. That’s what we call “la soufFRANCE” , it means “the suffering”

  27. Hey phly have tried out the IPM1’s M900 round

  28. We say Renault. Not Reeeenault (the E is pronounced the french way, not the english way.

    In french there are also a lot of ways to say ”o” ex : o (duh), au, ault, eau, ô, ho, oh, etc…

  29. renault is pronounced reuuno (the o sound is from au)

  30. When’s the air rb p51 vid?

  31. Red Barron tri-plane would be epic. change my mind…..

  32. they’re probably going to add the F-22 raptor before any WWI machines

  33. Ww1 tanks, planes, ships i want all of it.


  35. Nah phly im french and u said it good the first Time ! reu-no and that’s the kambronne right ? And no T IS not O , that’s AU who mean O 🇨🇵🇨🇵😂😂

  36. Hi phly 🙂 im happy cause i had a good day today

  37. Using France in war thunder is like trying to wash your clothes with a toothbrush
    The only good thing that France did right military terms is the mirage

  38. 24:46 can somebody tell me what music is this?

  39. u should play the 110 with all its loadouts a do some nice german cas

  40. Warthunder with proper zeppelins–>ez win….

  41. 24:29 was me and the boys in our first game of ka-chi, (im playsforfree)

  42. It’s pronounced “Renault”, not “Renault” Phly.
    Hope this clears that up.

  43. Phly is lookin for da dakka? We’s always lookin for more dakka. Keep on krumpin them GITZ boss!

  44. Phly, your editor is absolutely magnificent

  45. it is beauitful game War Thnuder

  46. You need AI infantry for WW1 tanks.

  47. Hey Phly if u formed a petition for ww1 vehicles and aircraft, I would totally sign it.

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