World War 2.0 Experience (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

I’m playing War Thunder World War season 2 on Japan side !

War Thunder official website

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: Call Waiting – Future Joust
Broadboard Hellcastle – Bits
When Tell Me No – The New Fools
Cotton Factory – Hunter Quinn
Unstoppable 3 – Johannes Bornlöf
Going Equals Winning – Magnus Ringblom
Odd Behaviour – Arthur Benson
Howling – Lupus Nocte

Intro song : Call Waiting – Future Joust
Outro song : Lupus Nocte – Howling


  1. What do you think about “updated” ww mode?

  2. F for small boats who proteced you but failed

  3. This game mode is so incredibly boring, I think they made a mistake spending their valuable time working on something that only a small fraction of the community will bother playing

  4. 1:46 I guess you never miss, huh?

  5. 5:28-5:47 had me CRYING, holy shit thats some good meme placement.

  6. Any idea of the movie?

  7. WWM would be so much better if there would not be the markers on the map like in arcade lmao, dont get it why they are still there

    Edit: the markers on the minimap for the artillery ai can stay but the markers for enemy tanks in sight are just stupid

  8. Узник Овощебазы

    I enjoyed watching and liking all the videos! But I was very disappointed in you, after you added me to the black list when I wrote you in the game! Now from me ONLY DISLIKE!

  9. 2:25 I love it!

  10. the tokio drift of the m2 with that music oh maaan XD

  11. Josefo Adolfo Manzo

    Viva la dóllar amiga

  12. That intro tho lol.

  13. World War mode is still crap after 7 years of developing ^^.
    It stays a mode for only try hard squadrons who then fight 12vs4.

  14. Shouldnt be a suprise that gaijin didnt even fix the op a.i aa that can snipe from 1km when you couldnt even see them yet.

  15. Who else comes here for the music?

  16. To be honest, I was kinda sceptical when I decided to watch some of your lets plays, because I was scared It would be kinda boring and like any other lets play. But you nicely surprised me and I’m having as big amount of fun as watching memes from your main channel. Nice job, man, continue in what you like!

  17. Can someone explain how to join ww2 battles in war thunder?

  18. 将軍ピンポン


  19. X-D These noises… :-3

  20. 06:16: Well, you attacked me, boy. I fired back. 😛

  21. poor little m2a1 cannot escape death brought by dollar

  22. try the sta1 in the next vid pls like and dollar can see

  23. *Disappointed hehe boy*

  24. confirmed stuart is a race car

  25. As always, the way you edit your videos is absolutely brilliant. Definitely the most enjoyable WT channel to watch.

  26. Sound effect are amazing my friend …. 2:21 ?

  27. 4:23 best mem ever xD

  28. 5:27 Well that meme just had me laughing. Good stuff DOLLAR.

  29. Dollar do you know how much a premirm membership costs? I tried to look but couldnt find it. Looking for a yearly price or 6 months. If I get one, do you get credit if I go thru you? Btw if anyone else knows, please chime in. Thanks

  30. When you land on the airfield and says you died…..
    But 3 seconds later says that you will be repared 1:03

  31. Dude i love you channel whit 80s style is so cool

  32. First (a bit) Naval video from Dollar! Too bad it’s World War…

  33. These are not world wars, these are also only instanced battles or random battles with given vehicles and tasks.

    As a CBT I still think this mode is bad and it is sad how so important feedback is handled as I haven’t seen or heard anything positive so far.

    Well, play it and you will get a reward, such a joke to bait the players with it

  34. whats name of movie?

  35. so, no more hello? thats it?

  36. War Thunder.exe

  37. I have a video request:Could you do a video on war thunder with the thicc m6a1?

  38. oy lad why u dont post on your other channel?

  39. rip i can’t play world war cos all the battles are on when im asleep from australia btw

  40. that good xD

  41. Foamy Flightmaster

    Love your vids, a whole other perspective on WT gameplay. ?

  42. Over edited. Not funny. Next.

  43. Adalberto Bushcraft

    Please, play with sturmpanzer II

  44. Hello from Brasil

  45. Since when did they put 4 cylinder boxer motors in Stewarts? Cause I like it.

  46. 7:47 why not de jahvu instead?

  47. I like the Stuart racing sounds right before you shot him. This is funny

  48. Can you fellas please check out my Tank Simulator Montage?
    really appreciate it
    I have alot more other montages on my channel if your interested.

  49. VERY NICE!regards of Italy

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