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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. I was playing a BT-5 and I was playing a game a bomb drop near me and a tank and then I push the tank and the bomb gone off only one was a live.

  2. I just turned 29 watching this video, man how 10 years can just phly by!

  3. German main: Tiger II sucks because it can fight tanks from the 50s.
    Meanwhile Soviet and American player facing tanks from the 70s using IS-2 and Jumbo 76:

  4. It is 7.3 because if upteared it faces stabilizers and gets absolutly wrecked

  5. hey im a new players of war thunder i have been playing it for almost a week an im having trouble with getting kills an wins , i was wondering if you have any tips to help me improve

  6. I wish you could play different times,

    Ww2 only plays against ww2 vehicles

    Cold war era tank only face cold war era vehicles

    And modern with modern

    I wouldn’t even care if some vehicles in each time period were a bit over powered, I reckon they should be.

  7. Why is your name always changed on warthunder

  8. i already own this tank

  9. Yeah the Leo 1 is just undertiered now, I don’t get why because that was already a good tank at 7.7. I don’t think I’ve even played it outside my 7.7 lineup. To me the Leo 1 IS the first tank to come in my mind with this BR, even now, even if it’s been like a year and something it was moved down.

  10. Whenever Phy makes a Leo 1 video, I know it’s going to be awsome (calling out the Leo1 cl-13 vid he did, that opening montage was my first exposure to war thunder).

  11. It would be nice to see Leo on Fulda. What happened to this map? now that it makes sense with Cold War and modern tanks I see it once in a month or so…

  12. And I still get called stupid for saying that we need historical tech trees in WT, this proves it! There’s absolutely no point playing lower tiers in the WWII era because your garuenteed to be killed by something modern and post war!

  13. new player but for me
    it is

  14. Leopards are good

  15. I researched the Panther G yesterday and am on my way to the Leopard 1, I’m kinda new to War Thunder

  16. I have uptiers any time i play leo 1

  17. As someone who would like to play 7.-anything…. and have fun… Gaijin NEEDS to separate the ww2 vehicles from the post-war vehicles in ground rb. Playing as an IS-2 or IS-3 is absolutely no fun when you have to constantly be scared of tech that the tank was never designed to vs.

  18. Chernobyl Liquidator

    no sabot round really i thought it was better of heat

  19. Is the HEAT-FS really better performing then the APDS? Normally my HEAT-FS is not working that good…

    • The t72 that could fly

      I use mainly apds due to more damage, velocity and doesn’t explode on bushes. Heat only for open top vehicles or vehicles apds can’t pen

  20. I love how gaijing fix WT. In real life leopard 1and the amx 30 went from the same projet, however in the game the amx 30 is weaker because the french tech-tree miss more than 15 vehicule and nobody play it because of that.

  21. Dainius Petrošius

    i like to watvh your videos, but CAN YOU FUCKING FIX THE SOUND???? cant hear you or you are to loud ffs

  22. And the Maus ist still at 7.7 and get pens from 2km away from some HEAT-FS while it’s still crawling out of the spawn.

  23. Is like a Hellcat but with shit ammo XD

  24. Day-117 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  25. Wait until phly finds out about the ikv91

  26. Like, all german tanks are undertierd because of retarded players. Tigers, Leopards.. Easiest tanks to play, you don’t even have to aim with them. Tigers I should be at 6.0, Tiger II 7.0, Leopard 1 7.7
    It’s like crippled players have it easier

  27. Day 3: Play simulator battles please

  28. “And it faces WW2 Tanks” *proceeds to light up cold war tanks and a 34-85*

  29. Hi Phlydaddy you should play M4A3E2 76mm at 6.3

  30. I don’t think leopard is that good. German Bulldog is better in every single way


  32. Bro i haven’t played to grind in a long time. I have the F-104 A and C I’m good. The F-14, F-16, and everything else past has zero effort put into the flight model of the aircraft. You could literally be flying a saber with different jpeg and sliders

  33. The T-54 is also at 7.3…..

  34. I think one of the tanks new players should strive for is the m41 bulldog.

    its pretty mobile. has a good gun. can scout. can call artillery. has smoke shells and smoke grenades. also has a .50 cal. to scare off or kill aircraft.

  35. phly what happened ? you did not upload the video in 1440p ? is it because of a problem with your computer ?

  36. cheaper by the thousand

    This is one of the worst aspects of War Thunder. You’re playing a Jagdtiger and you get rekt by a modern light tank with HEATFS.

  37. Idk i only ever see 8.3 when i play 7.3 germany still playable but u wont see any ww2 tanks maybe 1 out of 10 or so matches

  38. gcherfz the quiet one

    its nice to see others get to play german tanks on -1 i basically always get +1 and it most often than not definitely feels like +2 to +5 and almost always against pure russian teams

  39. They need an era based choice where if you choose a leopard 1 then your whole team is Leopard 1’s and the other side in the exact counter. I wouldn’t mind waiting longer for a game.

  40. I live the panthers. They’re squishy but they have a terrifying danger noodle

  41. This is just straight up bullying

  42. Best video of the year. SO far. Please play the leopard more.

  43. imo the only real downside of the Leopard I was its position right after a bunch of slower WW2 style heavies so players might not know how to play to its strengths. These days there are more vehicle options and especially the LeKpz M41 plays almost identically so it shouldn’t be that big of a change anymore.. Leopard I should be at 7.7 with the other 105 tanks (yes, even the M47/105)

  44. When the players stopped in front of capture point was so beautiful

  45. Sunbright 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    Easies stock grind in the game. Good mobility, excellent optics, great gun. Also I use APDS about 99% of the time. Better velocity and more reliable damage imo. HEAT is needed when you do run into some IS-x tanks or a T95

  46. Im not stopping im on a roll for once………

  47. How this thing is at 7.3 and the Cent Mk10 is 7.7 I don’t know

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