WORLD WAR 3 Tanks & Armored Vehicle First Impressions (WW3 Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

WORLD WAR 3 Tanks & Armored Vehicle First Impressions (WW3 Gameplay)
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  1. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Since the vehicles will be super modular and customizable. How bout ammo racks with different types of ammo storage

  2. looks sweet!

  3. its just battlefield with world war 3 as its name
    thats it

  4. Sromotny Kobziarz

    And it is fotorealisticly settled in my city, Warsaw!

  5. can u make another video of the maus in war thunder

  6. I’m really excited to the game do to the fact that it’s something new to the FPS field, would be epic if this game had a campaign.

  7. Literally a re-skinned Battlefield 3 lol not even BF4

  8. Ewww, yuck… pass….

  9. looks like garbage

  10. looks like the team copied BF4’s homework

  11. did jets be in ww3?

  12. Oh man , Phly , you should really give them the idea of WW2 of Kv-1 tanks
    a MG port behind the Kv-1 turret since their tanks turret has realistic turns

  13. At 3:02 you lost my full attention with the words “the tank’s healthpoints”. No amount of realistic tank behaviour can compensate for tanks having a health bar.

  14. Gosh, you are teamkiller, Phly. XD You took so much of your allies by just driving over them. XD

  15. WW3 = BF3 + BF4

  16. I would like a video that contained 8 tiger 1h:s against 20 Asu 57.

  17. its basicaly bf4 with bf3 graphics

  18. I am from Poland and I’m proud

  19. Lehtokurppa Von Fön

    Glad we are getting this superior alternative to fill the hole BF V will leave us with.

  20. Henrik Pettersson

    It looks sort of cold. Naked somehow. Well its not the full game so lets hope it will look better on release.

  21. War thunder crusader pls

  22. How do factions work? That map was a Berlin map so is it like Germany UK France USA vs Russia or China? Like real life would be most likely? What about vehicles? The current MBT in each nations inventory or something else?

  23. Will this be available on PS4 and when?

  24. Here is a spoiler for WW3: USA wins. Hate and cry all you like, it’s a fact.

  25. Ww3 will literally just be nuclear bombings

  26. The_Mad_Bear 1096

    Doesnt battlefield do this but better?

  27. “Hunter” – The commander tags high priority targets for the gunner to prioritize
    “Killer” – The gunner sees the tagged targets in his view and eliminates them…

    As far as I’m aware on the Challenger 2 hunter/killer system, the gun locks on automatically depending on the priority

  28. maybe era could be damageable to where it wont work or explode


  30. I wanna see what planes look like in this game

  31. Runs smooth for a pre-alpha build. Any idea what kind of hardware the footage was recorded on?

  32. It kinda looks like battlefield

  33. I would rather play BF4 man. It’s cheaper, same graphics and similiar gameplay if not better.

  34. Armored Warfare with infantry nice

  35. battefield4?

  36. So strange to see everything being destroyed where you walked on vacation last summer.

  37. how i can join to play this game?

  38. Kazuki TheCommander

    Is it gonna be free i ran out of money in my bank cuz of it!!

  39. Developers from Poland rekts BF V (2018 colorized)

  40. this is look like BF4

  41. Really lol you colliding with that tank was realistic… otherwise looked all right.

  42. The KV-2’s ammo storage is in vladivostok

  43. alessandro carrozzo

    There are transporter vehicles or only tanks?

  44. looks like the controls of the vehicles are a bit too sensitive other than that looks interesting

  45. So we have:

    Leopard 2a4
    Leopard 2a7
    And an IFV (I dont know we name)

    Do we have T 14, Puma IFV, T 90, T 80 and so on?

  46. The Crusading Slav

    So…when we going to Moscow?

  47. thermal sights for tanks are standart nowdays

  48. lol…map design is nearly originally taken from BF3/4 but flipped a little..hope they’re not getting charged over that

  49. Welcome to Berlin – again.

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