WORLD WAR MODE – Living Breathing Battlefield (War Thunder Gameplay)

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MODE – Living Breathing Battlefield ()

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  1. I was expecting World War mode to be something similar to like Operation mode from BF1. because the way it looks.

  2. this is becoming heroes and generals

  3. Guillaume Kauffmann

    We had planes then we had tanks and finally we have boats so what’s next? What’s missing?
    The most important! the backbone of every army ! The oldest form of units !
    Think about it, It would work perfectly with the amazing WT existing mechanics, graphisme and realism :
    there’s so many things already in the game that are meant to kill infantry ! The HE shells, machine-gun and artillery would Finally be useful. and we could have a similar system to the unique module mechanics of WT : your crew members would be your limbs, your armor your helmet, your ammo rack would be your brain, your engine would be your muscles, engine fire would be blood loss and bandages would be your fire extinguisher ! Imagine having the x-ray “shot cam” on a human body With bones, veins, muscles, organs, brains!
    It would also completely change the way you play in your tank you’ll think twice before going in a town if every house, every statue and every wall can hide a panzerschrek wielding German ready to blow you up ! The Tank would be confined to open spaces like in real life ! It would be an enormous leap toward realism ! Tanks and infantry were complementary the tank had the fire power and armor and infantry had the agility and visibility in WT this problem is solved by the 3 person view but in real life you don’t see shit inside a tank and you were highly vulnerable without infantry support. Oh this make me think in WT the periscopes and watching ports are modelized and can be destroyed and I saw a video from the US military on how to fight German tanks it advised to shoot the periscope to blind the crew so maybe WT is really planning on doing this. And it would be a really cool mechanic by the way.
    The gameplay of the whole game would changed and it would fit perfectly with the crew point system with new categories like shooting, hand to hand combat, accuracy, toughness etc… And imagine that if your tank is shot half your crew is dead and canon breach destroyed instead of uselessly trying to fix it and get killed anyway you can bail out! Like just get out like any human would do! (and that’s what they did back in the days when your tank is penetrated and there’s blood and brain everywhere from the people that you spent months with, that your hears are ringing from the shock you don’t play the hero you just GTFO. a penetrated tank is a dead tank) and imagine being alone, wounded with your tiny pistol and that there’s still the enemy tank lurking around, imagine trying to get to friendly lines! This would be amazing! And it could work both way if a tank need an extra crew member you can get in and help (you wouldn’t have the ability to do your job very effectively but that’s better than nothing). And you could also have multiple players in a tank one commander that spot the enemy from the hatch (but which become vulnerable to small arm fire) or from the periscope (more protected but less visibility) a gunner that have the gunner view port, the driver that have the driver view you would need an incredible communication with your team ! You could implement a real radio too! Like you’re mic can’t go far unless you use a radio you get a certain fréquence to talk to other tanks. And the enemy could hack it to get informations! You could also implement a vr version of it like pushing buttons in the tank with your own hands turning the wheel, aiming the gun, turning on the radio… each tank having his own interior! But i’ m changing subject. ‘:)
    Imagine the graphics, research and realism of WT applied to weapons and uniforms ! This would be a level of realism never seen before! Imagine the possibilities ! Taking shelter in a ditch while a stuka dives on you! Runnig to a t-34 to put a mine on it ! Fighting of an army in a small town ! And we could implement anti tank guns ! And the world War mod would be much more realistic !
    Well thank if you red it plz like so that over people would see it, and then phly will see it and then gajin and then they’ll implement it in the game and I can play it yeah !!! (yeah I can dream)

  4. Use your binoculars, it’s free.

  5. Ew, markers.

  6. Are the units AIs or are they player controlled?

  7. 2and900 - War Thunder Weekly

    I hope this turns out to be like Hearts of Iron, ware the Russia and Germany can join forces and invade the US and not just be based off historical battles.

  8. Just a fucking strategy game on steroids

  9. Why does phly always play as fritz?

  10. I like this mode

  11. It looks like that Heroes and Generals general mode.

  12. Why does it just cut off like that at the end. Thats fucking lazy phly……

  13. LOL name tags and markers… good mode.

  14. “gay modes”

  15. There definitely needs to be some changes, but I believe the idea has some potential.

  16. Brotein Enhancement Formula

    I really think they ought to start cranking out more maps, or just make tank maps much larger because it’s a little repetitive with every battle within 100 square km of El Alamein to occur right in the same place…

  17. Challenge: Get a player kill with Schräg Musik in Tank RB.
    Attempt 6


  19. hey phly if you ever play the M60A1 again use this camo in a video. I didn’t make it that person did. but its a suggestion.

  20. im not ganna lie this mode or whatever the fuck this is looks like a pile of hot steamy horseshit!!!

  21. cooking cookies on the sub

    phly my bud play scrap mechanic you can build anything you want cough cough wt tanks.

  22. Attempt 1 for the ki 43

  23. Hello phly, greetings from chile I am a big fan 🙂

  24. Destroyer_Radford

    War Thunder is turning into Heroes and Generals… just tankies edition rather than wehrbs edition.

  25. take out the Chaffee, LVT, M22 and Black Widow #Murica attempt 4

  26. Pacman Wokawokawoka

    There better be battles in Siam/Thailand!

  27. Pacman Wokawokawoka

    Also, 501st, o7

  28. This will be great. Just the ADHD kids will hate this.
    Will be nice to see infantry so the tanks can behave like tanks and not CS:tank edition

  29. Notification and Beethoven squad lit!!

    Personally, my favorite intro song so far, try some Tchaikovsky maybe?

  30. Yeah this looks really bad. very boring I hope that winging these battles seriously rewards you way way more than normal matches because it looks a lot less fun

  31. No tutorial, this game is epic only true commander can win!

  32. Smallest tank and the biggest tank

  33. This looks awesome!

  34. Cromwell rp3 second attemt

  35. Kenneth Burright

    They are now just showing us this? Fucking Hell it’s been years since this game has been released and now World War mode is being actually seen.

  36. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    im bored.

  37. OMG?! Yes, historical operations finally come to War Thunder

  38. I want to join your world war if you play it again

  39. Get Ace in Cromwell rp3 rokets only that to easy try to get a double ace

  40. Andrien Wiandyano

    Gaijin: we won’t be adding battleship because the gameplay will be slow paced
    Gaijin again: *added world war mode that’s slow paced*
    I mean, srsly, if you see at some point in the video you can see the “on the way” army can took like 1 hour

  41. wew Heroes and Generals general mode

  42. Stefano Capogrosso

    panzer IV F1 and panzer IV E
    the short barrel combo


  44. This looks confusing and boring

  45. 19:35 it’s the battle of the bulge in the center line

  46. Brandon Thompson

    with world war mode how are they going to implement ships?

  47. There are many ways of making this game mode more fun, let’s remember it’s Super Early Access, but I have hope that this game mode is gonna be successful!!

  48. Hey would u consider playing the t28 ?tier 4 Russian heavy (i only know it from world of tanks blitz )

  49. This all sounds really good, it is like a new game, but I don’t believe that the community is ready for working together like this.

  50. Hearts of Iron with War Thunder? Count me in!

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