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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We knew from the very beginning that World War mode would become an inherent part of the game that would allow all aircraft, ground vehicles and fleet so accurately recreated in the game, to truly shine in historical battles.

Today we are proud to announce the new start of World War mode!
Follow the countdown on our official website, warriors!

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  1. Abdirisasack Abukar


  2. Duany Miguel Peña Lopez

    the truth this event is very unfair facing t-34 1940 against German reserve tanks, do not know that they were thinking gaijing

    • Do you think real war where people were being killed was “fair”?

    • +LucchiniSW well for sure Germans did create panzer 4s and a tigers for a specific reason and that reason is to face these t34s, seems like gaijin forgot about that part of history, oh well, let’s see how good I can handle t34s with a f0kin’ panzer 3 or 2

  3. Does that mean infinite t-34 respawns?

  4. pleese no pay to play or you make papa mad

  5. The opening tho is the BF1 nastolga

  6. I was in my final year of HighSchool when this was announced!!! I am over 25 now! Been waiting for this forever!

  7. Been playing for about 4 years and now I can see myself playing a whole lot more. Thank you.

  8. Finally I will be able to capture Berlin as much as I want

  9. Time to get tier 3 plane

  10. Thelolcommander

    This what i call a gamemode

  11. Chickens for the Chicken god

    My good son sit, let me tell you of the time we waited for world war mode we waited a year a dozen then a hundred! Alas we did not see it it was n’t world war mode we were waiting for but bannerlord! *but yeah that’s just a biased theory*

  12. Man this is awesome

  13. Add infantry



  16. Wooow i can’t wait for this

  17. I’ve been wait for this for over a year! I am SOO ready!

  18. J’espère qu’on aura des bots sous notre commandement si jamais on veux jouer en solo/coop ou bien si il n’y a pas assez de joueurs ou bien même, en multi joueurs, dirigiez des bots !

  19. SGT Roebuck: *WAR!!!*

  20. X KURŁA D

  21. This is where huge clan wars could actually start like a huge fuckin crusade

  22. is this just simulator battles 2.0

  23. *boner gets harder*

  24. Im confused. Which world war is it?

  25. Grand Admiral TheYakMaster

    Very cool. I hope naval campaigns like this can be made to, once BBs, CVs, and Heavy Cruisers are released, such as the naval battle at Guadalcanal, hunting the Yamato, and the hunt for the Bismarck (except you can actually make the side that lost actually win)

  26. My Sherman Firefly will destroy everything in its path.

  27. Dallas Nateweyes

    First and last to see you win

  28. this is pretty cool it realy changes warthunder

  29. It’s so amazing trailer for the World War 😀

  30. Of course War Thunder will try to keep the sides balanced.
    In World War II the sides were not balanced.

  31. It will be almost impossible to make a thing like this without infantry

  32. Haven’t been waiting for this for 7 years

  33. This seems like a very cool concept. However compared to previous trailers, this feels a bit underwhelming :/

  34. In Planetside 2 more than 1000 people are fighting on one map. Combined with air ground and infantry battles.

  35. What is the song names?

  36. Дмитрий Сидоренко


  37. Battlefield Heroes had a similar mode added a few years back. It was called “War Room.” The game was shut down shortly after (probably because EA didn’t want F2P games anymore ?).

  38. Can u guys buff bombers pls

  39. una basura el nuevo modo solo por ser arcade

  40. Great… wheres the infantry? You cant have a “world war” without the backbone of any army.

  41. Ww 2 tanks only without premium. This is great. My T- 34 division is ready. T- 34 STZ = 27 250 kills , T-34-42 = 15 200 kills , T-34-41= 12 900 kills and……..

  42. Can you play ot on xbox

  43. DarthInvaderZim

    Me in 2013 when I started playing: OMG I CANT WAIT
    6 years later:

  44. This video did nothing but tell me which maps they plan to use and i want naval forces considered for WW

  45. Ww2 lets fo baby

  46. the song fits it soo well

  47. Random Animations

    Time to become known as a legendary tank commander in the US Tank Force!

  48. francisco ostos

    ok here is my question,is this going to be like enduring confrontation?big maps with missions,or just simple maps,like always?

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