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  1. i play every day… haven’t played today…. will login today…. i think i’m 234 or something crazy…. but wont play this

  2. Definitely a reference to Titanfall

  3. Sorry but Enlisted has so many cheats already being used in this game it’s not even fun to play this game knowing this. I loved this game when it was in Alpha testing and then after not too long of course the cheats were made and there is a lot of people using them. This game is a great game but it’s just not fun to play knowing it’s that easy for a person to use a cheat in this game and it has happened to games across the board, it’s sad to see it.

  4. It’s Enlisted, not WT..

  5. Nothing like being in a tank and being your own worst enemy and kill yourself

  6. TheMightyWookie351c

    Wow, Ediobo was killed by you 5 times in your intro clip. While in your mech Ediobo kills you.

  7. can you imagine being the mechanic who has to service the walking tanks

  8. Day 18 requesting the Ju-188 for the first time on the channel!

  9. day 1 of asking for T 44 122 gameplay

  10. But the Engraving Gives You No Tactical Advantage

    metal gear?

  11. Matteo Palmisano

    titanfall 3

  12. There’s lone soldier matches. Where its just you and no AI squad.

  13. There is a Lone Wolf game mode to play with just real players, no AI, no Bots

  14. What happens if they forget to stretch and get a leg cramp?

  15. T34 At Your Door

    Day 22: play ikv-91-105 and saab 105G combo

  16. do bt5 squad with odd in 6.0

  17. day 1 of asking to play T1E1

  18. John_Smith Chiropractor

    God is good.

  19. What a hell happend to your mike?!?

  20. I’m getting major Hawken vibes from this, which makes me wish the game would come back…

  21. Attempt #18: Phly, I challenge you to play the SARC MK IV (6 pdr) at top tier.

  22. wait, this is enlisted, not war thunder lol

  23. Its on enlisted

  24. why cant War Thunder look like this? The props like buildings look so much better…

  25. Day 3 of asking Phly Daily if he can play with me

  26. Day two of asking WT YouTubers to play the premium Sherman firefly until the first one answers the call

  27. This just makes me want a Mech Warrior game again.

  28. toxicman's game's

    Try the Chinese top tier with a 4s reload with 600+ pin

  29. Man, I almost downloaded the game before finding it was just an april fools

  30. steel battalion.

  31. ai army gajin becoming rts. squads and alike

  32. HE could have used the bazooka against the tanks

  33. Gives me memories of BF2142

  34. what game is this

  35. God I love mechs

  36. This looks fun

  37. FYI, Phly, your flamethrower is not fake. It is installed around the body of the mech and it can burn infantries that try to sneak up to plant explosives on you

  38. PhlyDaily please please please play more enlisted

  39. Idk whats up with ur mic but its not the same you use in other vids?

  40. I miss BF 2142

  41. So ring of red? 😛

  42. holy shit youre bad at this game lol, stick to tanks bromigo

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