^^| Worlds most painfull set up in World of Tanks Stream Highlight

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You all know me by now with weird set ups, derp guns on tier 9s, HE only. But this gun takes cake.


  1. The Sanity Assassin

    “I didn’t even lose that much money…. kind of” Circon 2016

  2. wtf ace with 950 XP lool

  3. This gun fires pure memes.

  4. @Circon are you going to put the game on the Sacred Valley where you fuly
    cliped (I believe) a RU :))?

  5. Oh Jedi here too :D

  6. Up next.. The AT 7 with the 57mm gun.

  7. stop going idra everytime you see noob players.

    some people only play a few hours per week.
    not everyone is a sad gamer like us.

  8. watching painful written painfull is painful!

  9. Nice game, Circon! (I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but…) Too bad
    you didn’t have full gold – you could have won that one ;)

  10. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    So what is this 30 Rounds HE Meme all about? :D

  11. 4 арты в бою,а ты катаешься хрен знает где,у нас не так

  12. omg my favorite thing ever, the mt-25 with the auto loader <3 i love this
    setup so much (fyi i only run 1 clip of prem with this gun)

  13. Warthunder’s boat battles look terrible. I realise we’ve not seen much of
    it so far but unless they add larger warships it’s going to fall on it’s
    arse imo. They’ve gone for the super fast-faced shooting-at-point-blank
    kind of style which just doesn’t fit in Warthunder; and I don’t think it’s
    what that community wants.

  14. This gun,with full gold ammo,is good for clipping t8 Waffles,CDCs,t7 and t8
    LTs with no armor and artillery.Anything else is too tough.

  15. (Old Man Voice) CALCULATED!!!

  16. Niko Pizza (deathcorelover)

    What an adorable tiny machine

  17. les memes

  18. daka daka daka

  19. He did it For Harambe

  20. what gun is that on mt25?

  21. Skill=hack

  22. hey circon :)

  23. first

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