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    • … but its ‘Tank eating worm’ …there arent any ‘worm eating tanks’… ive been clicka bajaited

    • ive actualy played conflict of nations before and it is really good guys

    • This title literally doesnt make sense. Wouldn’t it be, “Tank eating worms?” 😐

    • It’s NOT actually based on the game Dune 2000. Dune 2000 is a remake of the very first game ever called “RTS”, namely, Dune II, released in 1992. All designs in this event are direct references to that game, as can very easily be seen from the golden-domed palace.

    • @Zero it’s “a worm, eating tanks”.

  2. Alexander Vishnesky

    I made a amazing kill-shot on this map too, i landed a 4.27km kill-shot on the Topter Helicopter. And i have proof.

  3. dune is essentially just “mad max” in a sense. just the stereotypical after apocalypse i think. but i wouldnt recommend the movie or series whichever it is. most people say it sucks and isnt very faithful to anything let alone the book itself.

    • Dune isn’t post-apocalyptic at all; it just plays on a desert planet. The new movie is extremely faithful to the book. This event isn’t very faithful though, because it’s neither based on the book nor on the new movie, but on the 1992 strategy game Dune II, which was made based on the license of the 1984 movie based on the book. That older movie wasn’t very faithful, and the game (quite deliberately) distanced itself even further from the source material to get some more creative freedom; the actual Dune story never had tanks because they’d simply _all_ get eaten by worms.
      That said, Dune II is an absolutely awesome game.

  4. Having played Dune 2 (the mother of all RTS games) and Dune 2000 quite a bit back in the day, and having watched the recent movie (which I quite liked) this looks like a very nice april fools event. Being somewhat familiar with the Dune universe (the units, the visuals etc) this looked rather convincing. Good fun.

  5. Phly I don’t think you know this but there is a Israeli “frog foot” and in arcade if you press pull up and a or d it will do a sick manouver

  6. Considering Dune 2000 was made by the same guys as C&C, of course it looks like C&C. :3

  7. So I hate to use a youtubers page to get a answer. But I dont have a redit account with karma to post there to ask this question. I have a question about the brummbär for anyone who’d like to help.Will the brummbãr get some kills in a 6.7 rating tank battle? Obviously not using it at the start of the game, but using it mid to late game when people are pulling out their lower tier tanks. I kinda wanted to mix in the brummbalär with my tiger II p gameplay. Considering main streets/pathways, mountains, capturepoints, and bridges are my main focus points.I think the brummbär would be fun to pull out and replace my tiger II p with.

  8. Holy shit shit pretty much confirms the RAH 66 Comche

  9. its tank eating worms not worm eating tanks btw

  10. Wait till you get the 2 gun tank. It’s pretty OP.

  11. Wtf i thought krakans live in only sea 🤨

  12. 9:42 roblox death 😂😂😂😂

  13. Ʌ_ʌ___ Flatlined 扁平線

    Hey Phly. don’t you mean ‘tank eating worms’.

  14. NottoDisu Sh!ttoagen

    You should check out “Firestorm” by Totem Arts, it’s not released yet but it’s basically an FPS/RTS Hybrid, where you destroy a base to capture points and then build a base on those points to defend them.

  15. The big explosion was probably the death hand missile. Its like i saw all three factions, as there were red, blue, and green players. All i missed the harvesters. Also did not see a Devastator tank. But the sonic tank was added. Looks cool af

  16. thanks for the 3% off of Gold Must flow, not much but very appreciated. o7

  17. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco

    Ain’t no such thing as good surprises when you get older that’s for sure

  18. I know need Gajin to make a fine tank game or at least make a this available to play anytime

  19. War Thunder is a shite, but this is actually good.

  20. Why does everything look futuristic is that for aprils fools I really hope there is a future it’s level

  21. 8:50 press if you want to see a possessed phlydaily

  22. Call of war was made before conflict of nations and is in my opinion better tho.

  23. Wt Test probably armor

  24. Does anyone know how i can allocate more ram to war thunder?

  25. WT dev team: makes the best worst game that has no other games similar to it
    WT April fools dev team:

  26. I wouldn’t have any complaints if this was turned into a mode 24/7, same with the space one and boat one

  27. I still find Warfare 2077 the best but this is great too

  28. Come on gaijin. If i wanted to play crossout i would play crossout 🤣🤣

  29. I had more fun in this game mode then anything else in my entire war thunder career
    I think that says allot about the game

  30. I kinda wish this was its own game or it was on a monthly rotation or something since it’s so fun

  31. M Khoiri Herlianto

    “Its like a Javelin, but not a Javelin, but a Javelin”


    YEEHAAA! Russia knows how to make you a FOOL! 😁😂🤣😅😆👍👍👍

  33. How come Gaijin is only capable of making fun things once a year?

  34. i just wished they put as much effort as they do with aprils fool into making the gamer better.

  35. prove me wrong but Phly is the only youtuber who can play war thunder borring game mode and make us feel like it’s actually fun..please phly be a dev of WT event

  36. Aah, the one time of year Gaijin pretend to care about their playerbase as a joke

  37. Patty Industries

    W O R M

  38. It’s been 20hrs I need my fix lol

  39. A 3 minutes add for a “battlefield strategy game” isn’t really what we needed considering the current geopolitical situation over europe tbh

  40. Pluto is the sky! So coooooool

  41. They are probably testing dynamic battlefields. As in things the players do ffect it. The base in the center, sometimes the gates close.

  42. I just figured out what they’re testing the worm is basically going to be ARM’s

  43. Think they just wanted to see if the puma is too over powered

  44. The funny thing is, the R-LAU has my last name in it. 🙂

  45. Day 326: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  46. You should take out the bf109k4! I just researched it and I’m looking for content on it, who better pilot than you to fly it!

  47. War thorder

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