WORST Ammo Now BEST? | SOLID SHOT LOVE (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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  1. No ideas why it’s taken 3 hours to process from 360..rip

  2. Phly it’s time to git gud: take out the T-64A with nothing but HE shells and get at least 4 kills. Try to shoot the neck or hit the engine deck. good Luck! Attempt #2

  3. I’m so scared right now there are full auto gun shots in my small Wisconsin city right now

  4. Solid shot is great now, and HEATFS is garbage, ugh, just as I decide to level Germans through M47 which used to actually be good….

  5. “Kiler AP” you mean “Killer AP”?

  6. phly plz bring out the TBF Avenger!

  7. Smashing!

  8. Great game but the droning of that tanks engine…. geez lol

  9. i have the same camo on my centurion mk 3

  10. Good Video 😀

  11. AP has always been good on the 17 and 20 pdr. one shot everything but king tiger frontally. it took me 6 days to grind though the brit tanks from release day with about average 2-3 hours a day play (longer on weekend).

  12. tankdaily confirmed

  13. No, worst way to die is by drowning…

  14. its challenge time
    take M6A1 with just 37mm
    good luck

  15. One thing that changed with AP in the 1.75 Update is the T29 AP got seriously buffed. It’s now over 250mm of pen, and actually has more pen than the T34 at close range. It feels so much better that I’ve actually chosen to use the AP over the APHE on it.

  16. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Advance into Germany. M4a3 Hvss 76 and the p-51d30. The surprisingly good vehicle combo you have never used this in a video since all the suspension and stabilization updates and it is now very fun to use attempt number 6

  17. Offical EstNoobGamer

    I dare that you do worst vs best. Like you take out 2 tanks and one is bad and other is good and you try do to most kills like if worst tank gets 1 kill then the other has do to more kills.

  18. 2 time killed by woman named player 😀

  19. Hey Phly,
    Emperor Shōwa wants you to take out Type 5 Ho-Ri Production and J7W1 Shinden with 60kg bombs! Let the dogs feel the wrath of a japanese empire!
    Attempt #4

  20. eemil.saapasmalmi '

    Phlydaily, you are my favorite youtuber, could you fight KSI?

  21. 144p for real power

  22. Im one of those British grinders. believe me it was a good and bad day when ap got buffed for me.

  23. You don’t play the objective at all my dude

  24. No offense phly but this is why I hate British tanks, t3485s against apds and stabilizers makes maps like Poland horrible when up tiered

  25. low iq daily

  26. UK vehicles – most OP vehicles…

  27. R.I.P English voice on tank Commander
    Only said load shot!
    War Thunder not fixed the voice

  28. Please include subtitles.

  29. Phly try playing warthunder on the PS4

  30. hi phly
    take the m41a1 bulldog and get 5 one shot kills

  31. i hate you for making it look so easy. just drive around casually and kill some enemies.

  32. Kiler AP

  33. Why does that tank sound like a stuka siren?

  34. i got a story about this cammo in simulation. tri color seems to be more popular with the soviet tanks.. and stuff like objects 906. i was driving a T29. a heavy tank with it’s caricature of a turret. distinguishable clearly. i got shot repeatadly by a teammate. this happened twice in differetn games, by different players. the one thing in common, is that they were driving Maus. no orientation whatsoever.. sigh

  35. Why the f is this thing versing late ww2 tanks, it should be fighting t-54s

  36. And then you realise that APHE could even be more OP if it also had the spalling from penetration modeled and not only the explosion…
    OPHE is never to OP.

  37. Take out the m.Kpz M47 and the Horton to destroy russian bias!

  38. british bias

  39. HD reinforcements have arrived !!! 😀

  40. Hey Phly, can I have some Golden Eagles?😅🤔

  41. About time the Scimtar and Scorpion recon tanks were added to the British tree. Both were in service in the èarly 70s and both are capable of destroying most tanks in the game (note most, not all). Their speed and gun reloading times would make them game changers. Come on Gaijin, play by the rules!!

  42. Your graphic auto clean but in my it’s not much good but I had killed 8 target in realistic

  43. +PhlyDaily Play the tortoise with the new buffed AP.

  44. Lovely rape on the Easy Moders/Russian retards and Nazi fan bois at the end.

  45. The tank sounds like a electric engine. Lol

  46. Thanks phly

    Brit tanker sad lyfe..
    Wy yu do dis nao gayjin??
    Wy no in da old days??

  47. Damn phly the 3v1 was awesom mate! 😀

  48. 6.3 BR high penetration ok speed ok armor + stab 😮

  49. Phly you need to fly more daily and drive less daily. There’s a whole new French tree for you to go through.

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