WORST DAY IN WAR THUNDER! (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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WORST DAY IN WAR THUNDER! (War Thunder Gameplay)

Music – http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Humorous&page=1


  1. Mats Edvard Friberg

    almost first

  2. Wow

  3. first almost too


  5. Hey Phly !

    I think Matt Damon was here :0

  6. Yutyrannus Dinosaur



  8. What happened to your press account?

  9. F4F-3 and the M10, its like hellcat & hellcat but not

  10. Hey phly

  11. Hey phly

  12. Bad luck Steven

  13. proof that the jumbo isn’t a broken tank

  14. “WORST DAY IN WAR THUNDER.” Knew it was Sherman’s as soon as I saw it.

  15. m4a3e2 is the worst tank in the whole game

  16. Hey phly! just saying I really appreciate your work! XD I might start
    making WT vids soon, and most of the vids ive recorded are kinda…
    “inspired” by yours. and yeah huge fan :D

  17. Tiese the customizer

    That intro was amazing :3 loved it!

  18. Helu comrade! Nice gaem yes?

  19. Early, better make a joke.

    Damn, I’m not original enough,

  20. Hochkönig und Kaiser Väinö I

    that music wasn’t ac/dc but close enough ;)

  21. the obvious American

    the sherman ran on plane fuel

  22. Welcome to american tanks.

  23. i have this tank and i love it you just have to angle it the russians 85 is
    stil op

  24. How bout you use a better sherman…

    M4A3E8 76 and P-51D Combo!

  25. welcom to se club m8 :D

  26. GG my friend

  27. Comrade next patch american ammo will be even worse!

  28. Your rounds do damage, but Russians are 2 Op

  29. Haha total normal day in WT. ^^

  30. I love the Cobra King that was my first premium I’ve ever bought and I
    still use it and the Russian b-25j is op I have it its guns do work

  31. the fart sound *-*
    i know why i love your videos

  32. That moment when phly becomes human and get the same kind of stupid matches
    as we all do lol

  33. thats happening sometimes but its Not the end! just Do it! T 34 85 and Il 2
    / Il 10

  34. Another video that proves how much gaijin has fucked up with US tanks…

  35. Poor Phly knows the Sherman struggle now…

  36. russian tanks ar fucking op

  37. the farts tho ;D

  38. wow

  39. the m4 Sherman with the dauntless divebomber

  40. a tiger woud get 1 hitet by the t34

  41. I’m not saying Russian bias but Russian bias

  42. It’s ok phly, we all have one of those days.

  43. And people wonder why the American teams suck.

  44. Shermans are shittiest series of tanks in this game .

  45. Damn, Phly, Clint Eastwood should make a movie based on this footage,
    especially the ending.

  46. Russians are just too OP.And that battle rating tho

  47. That ending xD

  48. Phly its russian bias someone actually snooped into the code of the game
    and found out the russian damage models with the ammo and fuel are less
    likely to explode by any other tank but russian……. kind of the reason i
    only play 1 match a day and if that isn’t enough the idiotic team you get
    teamed with just start to pile up so much salt it explodes in a massive

  49. American 75mm, literally worst gun in game.

  50. yoooo that shit was like the end of fury lol

  51. the p47 irl was a flying tank. it could take damage like a champ

  52. American Armor is broken.

  53. lol

  54. I love you videos ??et vive la France ??

  55. AirProduction - Airbajan

    that’s why you got to flank them in the back and but a HE in his ass like
    the Fury did !

  56. The year was 1944, the allies were pushing Germany back and back everyday.
    Hitler was running out of ideas. These were the darkest days for Germany.
    One last desperate offensive was made to attempt to cut though the allied
    lines and capture Antwerp in an attempt to cut off allied supplies. Take
    out The M4A3E8 and the p51 mustang!

  57. The Cobra King doesn’t have the 76mm cannon. That’s the 75mm

  58. Panzer IV H and Bf 109 F4

  59. the b25 was a better fighter becuz he was modified with a russian star and
    stalinium AKA gaijin making the game much balanced

  60. Take out the Russian premium ultra seal clubbing combo Zhukovsky s
    I-153-M63 with 8 rockets at BR:2.0 and the ZUT-37 at BR:2.3.

  61. Just a normal day in Tank Battles

  62. Been saying the Shermans are all overtiered and the Russians are
    undertiered for ages now.

  63. Sorry Phly 🙁
    But I wanna retry something. The last time you played M103 and B-57B, I was
    hoping for more plane gameplay too, so let’s try that again.

  64. How I feel playing the Leo 1 against t10m. I hate that tank with a passion

  65. Welcome to Soviet thunder, population you and the soviets.

  66. Christopher Hurford

    i feel for u man. Russians just stomp with the T 34

  67. Happy Monday™

  68. AirProduction - Airbajan

    Amazing bravery !!!

  69. Mark “Brokenbits” Acton

    Pretty much sums up most of my recent games, you can’t use tactics you get
    butchered by the russian tanks just join the lemming train and pray

  70. You don’t know a bad day when your flying your F-86F-2 Sabre and you entire
    team head on’s mig’s and you have to 1v13 a team of mig’s.

  71. How about a Leopard with a jet bomber?

  72. You win some, you lose some.

  73. Yes….. Feel my pain Phly. FEEL IT.

  74. Well the hull only has about 110 mm of armour with about 30-40 degree
    slope. The mantlet and turret provides 177 mm of armour, but when people
    can aim for that little gun sight on the mantlet, it goes straight through.

    The jumbo is a bitch to fight with. e___e

  75. black prince and spitfire mk 22

  76. walker bulldog and p51, alternatively the f82

  77. 4:12 T-30-fuck!!! made my day!

  78. +PhlyDaily it’s honestly unbelievable how gaijin “balances” vehicles in
    game, they chose to forget that this 75mm M3 gun could fire HVAP (HVAP T45)
    that could pen 117mm of armor at around 450mm (500 yards=475.2 meters),
    that’s a “APCR” round with something like 110mm at 500 meters and something
    like 150+mm at 10 meters

  79. A normal day of the UP Sherman tanker. Do not worry Phly, next day will be
    better ;)

  80. Loved the editing btw just amazing and hilarious!

  81. Welcome at russian game, there is no russian bias TM

  82. M10 with the P40 kitteh hawk:) salty yes u r hahaha

  83. German tier 2 in a nutshell

  84. The editing on this one was amazing Steve. Is Laura doing the editing per

  85. T85 stronk tank!

  86. I am suprised that you did not new tht the sherman round are useless

    and one advice

    if someone is behind you use your engine as armor do not turn

  87. Why was there a Sherman and a b-25 on the enemy team?

  88. That music though :)

  89. The is 4 pls

  90. IS3 and TB3!!!!!

  91. Bad days happen 😀 Still awesome vid Phly ! Next combo: Unleash the Soviet
    power combo : Su 122-54 & Ił-28 ! It’s gonna be epic!

  92. u had bad games in a jumbo? now try playing high german tiers every day,
    even more frustrating

  93. the m26 pershing and the f8f bearcat with tiny tims.

  94. Today happend the same thing 😉 It happens.

  95. The days are always bad when playing as American tanks with paper as armor
    and a potato canon, I prefer Stalinium and Soviet wood :D

  96. So you shoot the gunner on the IS2 in the leg with a solid 75mm round and
    he can just shrug it off and return fire? And u shoot a T-34-85 in the side
    but magically the tracks obsorb the round? Yea you see the thing is phly we
    have been telling u this for months but you refuse to make a video calling
    out gaijin on their bullshit

  97. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    This is how my tiger gameplay looks… Stronk T-35-85 can not be
    anyway… how about… You want the D?! Panther D and Ju-87D-5 :D

  98. I believe this is why Jingles stop playing 😀 WT

  99. 12:58 You’ve got a whole in your right wing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    *You are missing half your left wing*

  100. Poor Phly ._. Brings us epic gameplay, great editing and satire but still
    has to shovel salt in the salt mines that is warthunder 3 years running.
    Bless you good sir, for playing a game many have walked away from in
    despair due to the ‘Russian’ POV of post soviet ‘history’. We all groan and
    lol with ya o7 :3

  101. Pvt “Russian” Brinkley

    All my tank matches in a nutshell….

  102. Phly today i was doing the M4A2 76 W and was doing quiet well I got some
    games where i aced (forgot to record) and a game with 4 kills which i did
    record, its on my channel if u wanna check it out

  103. M22 Locust and P-26 with bombs!!!!!!

  104. run the m103 next

  105. Phly i just got killed in a 4mm Gaz in this thing, i hate the Shermans :(

  106. Phly you used the Sherman with the 75mm not 76mm

  107. Phly just renacted the seen in fury

  108. I rolled a 50% off for the Cobra King a couple rounds ago. Aha nope.

  109. lol he want’s you to play the Jumbo with the 76mm and you take out the
    75mm… no wonder why you were sucking stalins dick all the time hahah

  110. That last fight was like it came right out of fury. Top five plays quality
    right there.

  111. This is the shit i’be been talking about, gaijin are fucking communist who
    believe that ww2 was won by the glorious soviet war machines, but in real
    life they were shit! A fucking T-60 penetrated my M-10 from the fucking
    front! And every time I bring this up on the forums I get called a “noob”
    and “butt hurt American” when I complain about this, the the soviet mods on
    the forums just ban me and fucking harasses me, they fucking called me a
    nazi because I used an German tank, and fucking said that i should go fuck
    my self, THE MODS SAID THAT…

  112. Ofcourse you had a bad day, you werent playing as the Russians!

  113. i’d love to see those t 34’s go against a tiger lobbing shells a mile away

  114. what music?

  115. Here’s some of the heavies. Sherman with the 105mm howitzer, and the
    [X]BTD-1. Use your 200lb bomb wisely.

  116. duuude, that ending. if it was me I would probably jump out of the window.

  117. I love when you make this type of funny moment vidios! :D

  118. Hahahhahahhha I know that pain xD

  119. #thesaltinessisreal xD

  120. this is war thunder for me every day

  121. Pretty much every game in my tiger when I go against IS2s

  122. *Laughs in armored warfare

  123. And that is why i hate shermans bad gun so i play the m18 its a work in
    progress cure for the t34-85

  124. Im enjoying your channel more and more. Not for you suffering but a honest
    showcase of the balance nightmare you have to face. Respect for such
    endurance o7

  125. You need to play russians to do better. Simulator battles waiting time is
    ridiculous because nobody wants to play germans. There’s like 10 germans
    players total. You meet them again and agian in sim. They like to be raped
    in 9/10 games. They only win when majority of allied team are americans or
    really stupid people.

  126. I love the gun noises lol

  127. Super battle droid

    Hey be thankful you’re only versing T34’s. Now try playing as the M26
    versing T10’s and T54’s.. And then get back to us on frustrating..

  128. Americans suck at this tier on planes and fking tanks……….. they
    seriously need to buff em. i am regreting all the time spent researching
    all the tanks and planes. its loss after loss after loss…….. paper
    think armour on heavy tanks and no penning any1. GG warthunder

  129. I swear those t 34s have the most bs armor in game. One game your one
    shotting them, next game all your shots bounce cause you know, physics.

  130. The ending would be a pretty truthful add for the game.

  131. Neacsiu Demostene (dEMMosTEnE)

    THE D HEAD COMBO Panther D and the Ju-87 D-5

  132. I love the intro phly XD

  133. I hope Phly replies to my comment and has a good day :D

  134. Play the T-34-85 and the Il-2, give it back to them and see how many kills
    you rack up.

  135. m8 i took that shit every single day ,for example: my Tiger2 vs is3 is4
    t10m jagtiger Maus t54 m60 t95 …… they kill me in one shot and i lately
    have no chance to kill any of them.

  136. War thunder is a russians game… Soviets are very… too much strong

  137. no just no try playing with the 76 one were all u get put up against tiger
    2’s and they just one shot u and u can’t do shit because only apcr can do
    anything also with the pershing which all u can do it use apcr all the time
    and also u get put with teir 5’s like i always do with the pershing

  138. oh and high tier Sherman’s match is painful to play.

  139. Yeah Ijust started playing this tank, and it’s very frustrating. Going
    against teams composed of tiger 1s and IS1s where your gun will do NOTHING
    at blank and theirs will go through the frontal glacias like no problem,
    even t 34 85s which is super infuriating.

  140. my blackcat flip evrytim

  141. MillipedeNamedOtto

    The Technological Terror loadout:
    Tiger P
    and ME 410 (Any mod)

  142. Nothing wrong with the damage modeling :D

  143. This game can hurt so bad some days

  144. That is whats american tankers suffering

  145. Yes yes this is why i stop play Warthunder … Sad

  146. And people says that Tigers suck

  147. And that’s the Sherman grind folks!

  148. And if you play german 6.7 you play against t10 and is4m

  149. I had a experience like this just yesterday! Jesus it feels terrible

  150. philip s (Dishano)

    Haha Phly! This was such an entertaining and well edited video from your
    side! Massive thumbs up.

  151. That’s Russian tanks for you

  152. Phly do the tb-3 and t26-4 best combo

  153. cobra king isnt 76mm…. you played 0 of what you should ?

  154. Was about to play war thunder again today after having a couple months off.
    I saw this video and remembered nothing has changed. Still the same
    bullshit Russian bias PoS game. And to think I wasted so much money on this

  155. diese nüsse. children in africa could have eaten that hellcat.

  156. T-50 and IL-10 (1946)

  157. That’s what is called MENTAL Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. I love Phly’s editing. It makes each video different and great at the same

  159. how can you put ‘happy’ and ‘monday’ in the same sentence……your a mad

  160. PhlyDaily I’ve been waiting for a RB from you and I feel your pain bro the
    Russians were freaking OP.I mean you took a side shot and that didn’t kill
    him and that B-25 pulling up before you that was BS

  161. phly for the love of god call them out on russian bias.

  162. Russians are OP,thats a fact,I don’t tolerate other opinions!I don’t
    respect anyone who plays Russians and thinks he is good and Gaijin is a
    bunch of micropenises with wasted human flesh around them.

  163. I get this same shit alot, its bullshit, but you did well to last that long
    before loosing it well done

  164. why would you ever use AP rounds -_-
    APCBC all the way

  165. Play the Pz. IV H please?

  166. You need more Matt Damon, Phly. Go and watch every Matt Damon movie of the
    past 4 years

  167. PyrotechnicMailman

    Phly that’s just war thunder! Us here at gaijin make the Russian tanks and
    planes slightly better In all areas, so the players subconsciously
    gravitate towards playing Russian! Is best way to influence new generation
    that Russia is once again great.

  168. Wtf that’s a bad Psssh play the m26 and verse t10 is3 and 4 t54s

  169. phly can you play the m4a2 with the 76mm gun and the American premium ki 68
    or 64

  170. I quit warthunder today. I’m done with all this bias. Fix the game gaijin
    or you lose even more players

  171. Play the Wirbelwind and the Ju-87 D5 with the 20mm gunpods
    Do it for Hans and Shnitzell

  172. IS-1 and IL-4. good times i assure you

  173. BIAS

  174. Good armor? Jumbo is shit after the slope update. I can pen it anywhere in
    the front in my T34-85 with the stock round.

  175. lol I don’t know wtf you are raging about, I do perfectly fine in this
    tank, I love it

  176. bussian rias confirmed

  177. Welcome to US ground forces :(

  178. My tier 4 germans in nutshell

  179. funniest video you have ever made hang in there Phly

  180. If you want some more rage gameplay try using the IS-1 on a long range map.

  181. Overtiered premium tank

  182. So that’s how you flip a tank!

  183. Uhhhhgggg I hate it when matches are like that

  184. Go Panzer 3 any variant with stukas!

  185. why were you using that jumbo? the 76 is way better and thats what the guy

  186. The everyday struggle of using merica :L anything pens u in the front no
    mtterr wat tank u r in -.- switch to Russia or germanny while u have the
    chance :D

  187. This is my life every day in warthunder. In fact its about to be in 10

  188. Thank you Phly! Thank you so uch for this video 🙂 I kinda lost my “mojo”
    playing against Russians in my Leo and the game hasn’t been enjoyable, but
    a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing and squad up with someone Maybe you’ll have more
    enjoyable games again with a companion to rage with 😛 :)

  189. try play a deck with TigerH1 as the highest tank in… 5.7 Tanks in a 6.7
    game *gear grinding*


  191. When the fuck are we actually going to get historical match making instead
    of this 1 v 2 nation tank battle. Seriously I fucking hate this shit. I’m
    pretty much at the same B.R right now, but the German tanks seem balanced
    overall while those fucking Russian tanks are something else I swear to god
    OVER.*….. I just hope they don’t fuck over British tanks when they

  192. Remember when the Jumbos would absolutely club Tigers? What happened?

  193. Unfixed “UnfixedCarp803” Carp

    This is every day for me in WT :((

  194. The T-34-85 doesnt actually have an APCBC round. They have APCR, APHEBC,
    and APHE. The APCBC round is best at penning sloped armor because of the
    impact Cap (first C in APCBC). The BC part, which stands for ballistic cap,
    makes it more aerodynamic and has better velocity retention at longer range
    as opposed to the round-nosed AP solid shot. American AP (standard AP) in
    my opinion is severely underpowered on both the 75mm M3 gun in the early
    shermans, and the 76mm M1 gun on the later ones. Also, I thought the M4A3
    series had Wet Racks, which reduced the chance of ammo explosion by 90% in
    real life. (Not that that would matter anyway since even the Shermans that
    DO have Wet Racks in game still explode in 1 hit to them, even if only
    damaged down to yellow color.) Gaijin should outfit the American Shermans
    with functional Wet Racks, AND Give all American tanks armed with the 76mm
    M1 gun and the 3-inch M7 gun a Solid shot AP but with a cap and ballistic

  195. War thunder was like ?? phly for no reason or illuminati confirmed, b-25
    equals heavy fighter ?

  196. i feel what you are getting at but a lot of the gameplay was you just not
    shooting weak spots when you had the chance. Kv1b the gun mantlet is only
    50mm same with the su85m mantlet. The mg port on the sherman 76 jumbo was
    exposed but you shot the turret ring instead which was also a weakspot so
    good on you. is2 you never had a chance anyways so it didnt matter.

  197. @PhlyDaily the 1 shots are Real… happens to me all the time, I will shoot
    fuel or ammo & nothing but 1 shot to my turret or front im dead, T34E

  198. Miguel Ocampo-Aranda


  199. tthe farting sounds, ohh my sherman xD

  200. Sometimes, you should use the ballistic cap shells for long range, since
    they have better pen than standard AP at range. But if you are fighting the
    Russians, then just.. run?

  201. i have never raged more hard and so much more often then getting throught
    tier 3 american tanks

  202. Try the new 6.7!
    Tiger II H with Arado Akbar!
    Have fun being shafted into 7.7!
    (Gaijin plz fix)

  203. Could you play the Tiger H1 and the HS-129 with the 75 next plz?

  204. glad to see i’m not the only one this happens to 🙂

    seriously though don’t even bother with the 75mm Jumbo. use the 76mm and
    you’re gonna be golden

  205. We’re proud of you Phly. Gaijin has clouded you and other Youtubers’
    opinions on the game by giving you free premium and free in game currency.
    We see that you are now finally realizing the BS that exists. Rise up and
    let us say NO MORE!

  206. WELL did you guys see the news a gamer /youtuber went on a rampage
    yesterday they say he threw his computer chair out of the window after he
    got shot down by a b25 with Russian perks??

  207. Welcome to the American tank line. Switch to Germany or Russia for fun.
    Americans tankers Need pure skill or pure luck to do any good.

  208. balistic shells suck ass, seriously you should have switched to the
    explosive tip ammo…even with less pen it definately would have been able
    to penetrate every single tank you lost against in this video.

  209. Dw it was only a russian b25

  210. lol your sounding like me phly! I hate when I get salty on this game but
    when bull shit (like the ammo rack situation you had) happens 99% of the
    time you play, its hard not to get salty!

  211. T-ThirtyFuck

  212. Phly the Cobra King has a 75 mm gun. The comment said you could have a 76
    mm gun on a jumbo. That is why you aren’t penetrating anything.

  213. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    Use the fury tank and the p51d5 like the movie saving private Ryan in the

  214. russia to OP gaijn plz remove

  215. angry_mike_riley_26

    fart sound effects had me rolling great vid man!

  216. 12:00 Fury V.2

  217. Hey Phly, in the video, the comment said to use the Jumbo (76), but the
    Cobra King only has a 75mm gun.Thought you should know about that, so maybe
    you could remake this video with the right tank.

  218. War Thunder Russian bias, this game…
    I dont know how gaijin plans to be successful if they keep adding all this
    pro Russian stuff into the game… For instance the Leopard comes into war
    thunder; Gaijin adds a better Russian Tank to counter it (T-10M)

  219. mfw T10M zerg rush, then IS4 zerg rush

  220. it’s ok my su100y has bounced off hellcats all day

  221. phly, thats a 75mm jumbo, not 76 like you said the comment said, and never
    touch that stock ammo. the second is far better

  222. stupid slav tanks OP

  223. LOL That’s an awesome save there. Murrrrica tank!

  224. B25 stronk

  225. play as the german 6.7 br tanks and get wrecked by russian bias!

  226. So play World of Tanks instead

  227. RUSSIAN BIAS…Why do you think ALL German cities in the game are in ruins
    and destroyed while Russian cities are shiny and new?

    Notice Germans have faster reverse speed in some tanks than forward?
    Because Russians use it to say “huehuehue Germans always on duh retreat
    cumred”, Just a pun to twist the knife and try to glorify their shit army.

  228. FYI thats the 75mm not the 76…. ya fucked up…

  229. Why didn’t you use the (76)? the cobra king is a 75.

  230. Now you know how it feels to play German tiers 1 and 2

  231. It’s okay phly :'(

  232. hahahahah im crying
    this video pretty much sums up my experiences with war thunder the past
    couple of months
    russian tanks one shotting everything they see, giving zero shits about
    armor thickness and angling
    really it has been nothing but frustration for me
    decided to take one out for a match myself, came across this jumbo, didnt
    even bother aiming at him, just clicked
    shot went right through his track, 4 wheels, suspension, and side armor,
    which was angled at 15 degrees at best
    one shotted 4 of his crew, killing him instantly, didnt even have to hit
    his ammo
    i think that anyone whose currently denying the russian bias exists, is
    either retarded or getting paid by gaijin

  233. hahaha I recently started using the 5.0 Sherman’s again had the same
    trouble as you Phly

  234. Russian BIAS

  235. Unstoppable B-25 Gunship doesn’t care for your puny Capitalist Problems

  236. used should have been using APCBC when you fire on the sides of enemy tanks

  237. This game is fucking shit, best thing i ever did was un install it

  238. lol love the editing

  239. Just goes to show how biased/op the Russians are.

  240. Am I the only one that noticed it was only Russia?

  241. m47 heatfs and f9f-5

  242. B-25 best turn fighter

  243. Was the cannon barrel/ muzzle brake taken out of the sniper view?


  245. I don’t like the Cobra king at all, love the M18 black cat so far

  246. As much as I’m sure you hated recording this it made for an incredibly
    interesting video..?

  247. Sorry I’m confused…isn’t this how WT is for everyone??? xD Every time i
    think “I haven’t been on Warthunder for a few weeks; I’ll go have a few
    games”; I immediately regret it lol. It’s just broken i swear. How some AP
    does absolutely nothing is crazy for a ‘realistic’ experience. And since
    they upped the pen of so many guns it seems to have made the armour of most
    vehicles completely useless. Or maybe it’s because I’m not playing russian
    and german instead…. ^^

  248. 8:57 Anyone else notice the enemy driver was trying to say no please don’t
    kill me? xD

  249. I enjoyed that one 😀
    I like that fart noise your tank did xD
    I know the freakin russian tanks and i like them and i also like the
    shermans but every time i play wt i do pray so i dont have to fight against
    the russians

  250. Welcome to the world of us broke niggas. Imagine trying to grind out
    something like the t32. And that A3 is tiered way to high with that shit

  251. Salt = “He was literally the person who should have died”
    The whole vid had me in stitches laughing* Keep up the great creativity^

  252. It makes sense right? A P-47 with a full load against a B-25 with probably
    no more bombs loses?

  253. I’m stuck on the 76 Jumbo and it’s basically the same problems as the
    standard Jumbo.. Plus getting into battles with 7.0s when my max br is 5.7
    makes me the saltiest of sailors…

  254. Phly, youre supposed to use APCBC when you see the side of a tank

  255. get rekt newb b25 ftw

  256. PO-2 And T-34

  257. *The Glorius Panzer IV/70*(V) *And the illustrious Me-410 B-2/U4*
    *Don’t Let down the Fatherland* !!! *And definitely don’t let Hitler Down*
    … *He’ll Cut your balls off m8* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  258. Sherman 75mm sux ballz. IT SUX SO MUCH BALLZ. It is not worth it.

  259. jake long (219second)

    this is the kind of luck i have all the time in war thunder

  260. “Russian bias doesn’t exist”- Russian players

  261. yeah last time i played this game i raged pretty hard…..

  262. Guillermo Escobedo

    don’t get mad phly at least you can still play war thunder i cant with
    windows 10 anymore, but when i reset it to windows 7 again the very first
    thing i download will be war thunder i just hope its soon i miss it so

  263. Me and my friend did a performance test with the American P-63 and the
    Russian one, we found that the Russian one performs a tiny bit better in
    every category.

  264. What happened to your press account Phly? I see you are playing on your
    normal account. Did Gaijin take it away from you?

  265. Panzerführer Chavez

    Pretty much how I feel every time I play War Thunder.

  266. I enjoyed the cinematography and music in this episode Phly (especially the
    suspense sound effect every time you saw a T-34), keep it up.

  267. That’s why I never use solid metal rounds lol I am sure Firefly will suffer
    from that problem too.

  268. Please play ferdinand and the me 410 with the 50mm cannon.

  269. 1st World Problems right there…

  270. lol has anyone read the war thunder q&a for october? Gaijin addresses
    Russian bias by saying the Russian forums complain about other countries.
    No explanation to refute Russian bias and their counter is saying that
    Russians want their tanks to get buffed even more lol i like this game but
    pls the bias is strong with the Russians.

  271. sorry to say that but this is not a worse day in war thunder but a typical
    day in war thunder. RNG randomness, zero damage dealing AP shells, borked
    flight models, borked damage models, and and and.Phly if you shoot pure AP
    shells without any explosive filler you have to work with them like you do
    with APCR. You have to snipe crew members otherwise you won’t do any
    damage. Don’t go for an ammo rack explosion or fuel tanks, it rarely
    happens with pure AP shells. Snipe the crew (especially the gunner) and his
    mobility parts like gearbox/engine

  272. Hue hue hue try the jumbo 76 way better then the 75 jumbo. Take out any
    plane you want phly.

  273. Take out the panzer F2, I can one shot IS2s with it from a distance.. Not
    sure how but it does, I shot it under the top part of the track and it went
    into the tanks belly and exploded…

  274. King Tiger and Me 262, pride of Germany

  275. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!


  276. Phly, why did you use the 75mm potato cannon version? the cobra king
    fucking sucks dick. the 76mm W Jumbo is where it’s at

  277. Guys I have a horror story, I bought this tank

  278. I’m so sorry Phly

  279. Gaabadge!!!! tank is Gaabadge!!!

  280. Hey Phly.. Awesome intro and great video.. Absolutely made my day.. keep em

  281. Waffen SS combo- Tiger 1 Ausf. E BF109 K4 Protect the Father land at all

  282. I do good in this tank

  283. Phly he asked for M4A3E2 (76) W and you used the 75 since the Cobra King is
    the other model.

  284. Do it nothing is impossible-Shia Labouf

  285. That rage at the end though lol

  286. I get this bounce from tracks also a lot of times, its annoying because i
    used to aim around that area for ammo rack hit. Last game first run with
    the 105 sherman, hiding between 2 building, waiting for tanks to pass. KV1
    rolls in sees me trying to go back i put a 105mm 15kg shell from 5meters to
    the side, aimed just above the tracks flat thin area packed with ammo
    behind, expecting a big boom. ofc it bounced off from tracks and he knocked
    me out. insta alt f4 . Also the IS 2 is way stronker than before.

  287. The year was 2015, Phly was getting angry at Gaijin. So he used the might
    mouse and keyboard to uninstall!

  288. Baron quit ur using steel core rounds not the other round that’s y ur not
    doing much also a T34-85 can’t pen u if u angle ur right tip at his gun.

  289. There is no Russian bias!! People says bias but people fail to realize that
    the americans mainly used the soild shot rounds while Russian used the ap
    round be an explosive in the shell. A 122mm ap round with a 25kg explosive
    what do u think will happen? Americans get the op round in game(heatfs) it
    can pen all tanks and 1 shot them. T-10s aren’t op you just have shitty
    rounds that suck. Also in the air they get the f2 which can club all 9.0
    jets if used correctly. There no bias just shitty looking for excuses on
    why people in 1940’s used shitty ammunition.

  290. Russian bias , ive tested it out a couple times I took out my pzIIIM first
    and battled some t34 modules in various ranges- here was the result. The
    T34 basically bounced all of my shots off from the front (including the
    turret) even when I shot the engine and ammo rack, I was unable to kill it.
    He hits a section near my track, and the shot knocks out all my crew
    members. I found that I was also unable to kill kv1 tanks at all, I only
    got lucky a few times, but the penetration did little damage, the kv1 ended
    blowing up my ammo rack by hitting me in my body from the front. Its very
    frustrating to kill Soviet tanks, even with my Stuh42H. After this
    experiment, i took out my tanks and focused more on the other nation’s
    vehicles, and was able to get easy kills. Im hoping that when I get my
    Tiger IH, things will get better.

  291. This is why I think the m4 is the best of the best it’s only how you use it

  292. We all have these war thunder days

  293. AOD takeover!!! #squadronpride.

  294. Phly, welcome to my world. Because I had the bright idea of playing mostly
    German and Japanese nation, I have to suffer from this crises, which I call
    Russian Bias.

  295. the salt is stronk in this game!

  296. Phly. The jumbo is a good tank even without the 76 just learn how to use it
    because before I got my jumbo 76, I would dominate games with that

  297. Next time east west party please. With the Leopard 1 from the Bundeswehr
    and the MiG 15bis NVA Edition. Greetings from Germany

  298. Phly we all have those days

  299. The Changling Gamer

    11:55 Murcia’ intensifies

  300. Russian bias op

  301. magnificent!!

  302. Serguei Tcherkassov

    HHAHA this was just fking amazing, the sound that you use are Halerius!!

  303. cornellius cornwall

    The glorious Soviet mini air bus does not have time to ponder on
    your,”capitalist turning time” it gives no fucks about the American,”air”
    as they call it. The only thing the glorious Soviet air van cares for is
    the vodka and wife that looks like bear.

  304. Even the 76mm armed Shermans have shitty rounds you have such little frag
    dmg it doesnt effect the enemy tank, I think most of us can relate to the
    frustration of the enemy ammo not detonating after taking a direct round
    through the armor. My exapmle- In my Panther F put a standard round through
    the side of a Tiger E into his ammo at near point blank range and there was
    no detonation.

  305. Do FURY

  306. i love the m103 and t95

  307. Hey phly have you seen the trailer for far cry primal? If so what do you

  308. Scáth mac tíre (badlands)

    do more of these vids please!

  309. no this is what war thunder has become Russian biased and br bullshit I
    played yesterday and my tiger 2 p was up against m60 and m103s T10m ?

  310. ‫محمد العراقي‬‎

    Phly do more of this kind of videos comedy cold

  311. LMAO…..Anyone can tell you that Jumbo 75mm is worthless! I don’t even
    consider them a threat in my Russian tanks at the same BR. Your P-47 got
    out turned by a B-25 and destroyed in the process, damn the bad luck.

  312. For me the sherman suks yeah is beautiful but sucks

  313. FYI, the reason why the russians get so much new and better stuff all the
    time in both air and ground forces is because literally half of the
    development team focuses on russian vehicles, while the other half of the
    team has to work on american, german, japanese and brittish vehicles.
    True story, look it up.

  314. The poop sound effect whenever you shot was fucking hilarious. I feel your
    pain even though I was laughing half the time

  315. Calm down Phly, we had all gone through this, it’s not the first day that
    War Thunder is being OP, good times bad times is doesn’t matters, as long
    as we still remembers the feelings when we are playing it the first day. Do
    you still remember?

  316. ok, you understand now? the russian tanks are op as fuck. nothing can go
    thought them, they can kill anything with one shot!

  317. +PhlyDaily This is the struggle us American grinders have to deal with.
    I’ve been in the same positions you’ve been in this game, and every time I
    ask people about it many of them say “Gaijin is Russian” or “Russian bias.”
    I’m not going to deny that Russia had great tanks (cause they do after tier
    I and tier II), but if I’m hitting a T-34s fuel tank and engine with my M4
    straight from the side I’m expecting it to blow up or at the very least
    catch on fire. Not just have that component turn dark in the cross-section

  318. @phly, nice trailer jumbo LOL !! same shity problem I get whith the jumbo

  319. It’s not Russian Bias, it’s just that the Sherman Jumbo sucks and has
    always sucked big black dick. The armor is irrelevant as many tanks will
    still completely overmatch your armor and destroy you, meanwhile you have a
    peashooter of a gun that can’t pen most of the tanks you face.

  320. Fuck this game,fuck the Russian Bias this game has

  321. Welcome to the world of the grinders. this is what we have to deal with

  322. It’s better to just not rotate your tank and expose your weak points when
    you’re in a situation like that in the Jumbo. The Engine block usually
    tanks the shot for you and keeps most of your crew alive.
    This goes for the First IS-2 and Porsche Tiger as well.
    I feel your pain

  323. quick question phly, did you work to earn your tanks and planes or did you
    buy/get them with little effort? o: this video made it look like you’ve
    never played a jumbo against russians. (not calling you out or anything,
    just curious)

  324. Vids like this make your channel great

  325. lol 76 mm on Sherman and hellcat does nothing to t 34 anymore. 75 is shit
    very them. This game is pure Russian bias.

  326. Sadly your worst day in War Thunder is a normal day for me.

  327. There we go if that doesn’t display Russian biased I don’t know what does

  328. phly, play a tier 4 br 6.7 match so that you face t10s with puny tiger 1s
    and 2s

  329. I feel your pain brother… Sometimes the rage over takes me and this is
    why gaijin owes me a new keyboard…

  330. I feel you Phly… In tanks. If you’re not playing Russians, you’re getting
    dicked worse than prettyboy Justin over in Cell block B, and by now his
    ahole is the size of Nebraska.

  331. How about hellcat and pbj

  332. How to play Russian tanks: any tank is good.

    How to play American tanks: Buy 100 dollars worth of premium tanks like the
    M26e1 and grind until you’re past the Shermans

  333. Hey Phly, I need your help.

    Logged on to War Thunder only to find a 30 day chat ban. (If TLDR skip to
    bottom for summary)

    Yesterday I decided to hop back down to Rank 1 to spade some aircraft, as
    soon as the match started a player named Swedishplayer began saying racist
    slurs such as the N word and and anti-semitic comments in chat. I initially
    thought that Swedishplayer was making REALLY bad jokes and tried to ignore
    it, however when it continued and was quite clear that he was serious about
    what he was saying I took action. I initially asked Swedishplayer to take
    it back and to apologize, to which he called me a “Race traitor” for
    playing in a German vehicle and defending the Jews, this annoyed me even
    more. He continued to be EXTREMELY racist and rude, and I eventually lost
    my cool. I will admit that I insulted him and accept the fact that swearing
    at a player isn’t cool, therefor I can understand the part about “Foul
    language, verbal abuse, rude towards other player” part of the ban and I
    apologize to the community (NOT SWEDISHPLAYER) for exposing the players in
    my match to that. However being told that I was saying “Hate messages”
    really upset me, as that’s not who I am at all.

    If anyone could help me get this either A) Shortened B) Have the ‘Hate
    Message’ part removed OR C) Make sure that Swedishplayer does not go
    unpunished would be greatly appreciated.

    TLDR: Player on my team was Racist and Anti Semitic, I stood up to him, I
    got chat banned and called racist. GG Gaijin.

  334. Yep it’s a Monday alright

  335. Panzer Kamper (PanzerKamper769)

    Thats why i never play murican tanks

  336. Welcome to the Sherman 76… outclassed as usual. Even in Arcade it’s no
    different. So funny. Rather use the bulldog to be honest. Phly… this was
    the most hilarious I’ve ever heard you… and I loved it. The herpy derp
    music, well placed…your attitude…priceless. Full out LOL….

  337. Marcus Langeström

    And this is why I uninstalled warthunder after +400 hours of play.
    Warthunder is bullshit.

  338. I remember a time when the Jumbos were at a fair BR and they were feared by
    Tigers everywhere! Finally the Allies had something to compete with the
    Tiger H1 spam in the 4.7-5.7 bracket! All was good, Tigers had serious
    competition. Then Gaijin increased a lot of tanks’ guns, including Tiger
    H1, and nerfed the Jumbo’s armour to shit. Now they’re useless. :D

  339. I dont think its a coincidence but you were only killed by russian
    vehicles… And the developers are russian…

  340. One of thous days

  341. and the pen for US&GER tanks is getting nerfed and the USSR are getting

  342. Let’s be honest, the only “Russian bias” is the shells used in their

  343. Russian Retardation……..

  344. AMERICA

  345. Russian tanks dont have amo

  346. Try Jumbo (76) HVSS with P51 D5. A lot harder but if try hard you’ll make
    it! For uncle Sam!

  347. I feel as though the Jumbo’s armor is glitched so that only the front plate
    is being accounted for for penetration. I think there was a similar glitch
    when 1.51 rolled out where a shell would penetrate the first plate,
    explode, and the fragments would ignore the second plate.

  348. So, I have been playing US tanks almost exclusively since I started WT. I
    have the entire US line unlocked. All are spaded except for the M47 and
    M60. The M103 took over a month to spade since I didn’t use any eagles. An
    experience that I can only imagine was on par with having dez nuts waxed,
    with just the slim hope of unlocking better ammo keeping me going. I have
    found almost all US ammo to be next to worthless. the spall and explosive
    effects almost non-existent. Not good when every phuqing tank in your line
    can be penned by the pintle of any russian tank. You are trying to plink at
    his crew shot after shot, angled and/or hull down and he 1-shots you from
    any distance or angle. Every IV & V US tank is overtiered by at LEAST .5!
    It was manageable before the BR change but now I am fighting IS4, T10 and
    T54s, even in my lineup lead off by my M26. This is idiotic. Now, I don’t
    claim to be anything better than mediocre at WT, but just for shits and
    giggles I decided to play the Russian line for about 3 weeks. I started
    with reserve tanks and in 3 weeks I made it further than I did in the US
    lineup in about 2 1/2 months. I found that I could swing the turret around
    making 1-shot snap shots without thinking. I went from getting 1-3 kills on
    average in my 7.7 US lineup to 8-14 kills not being unusual playing
    Russian. I had more Heavy Metal Hero medals in the last week than I think I
    had in all my months of playing US tanks. I have seen the type of games
    Phly had with the shells bouncing every shot (yes, I have studied the armor
    and crew/ammo layout ad nauseam) So now I have a riddle for you: What has 2
    thumbs and believes there is a Russian bias…This guy.

  349. You can do nothing to russian ranks… Hits to the ammo with ammo that
    explodes and nothing happens… Gaijin fucked up the game so much… I
    really liked this game but the last update ruined it. The penetration of
    ammo at the slope armor is so underpowered. The new tanks… The 17th
    pounder could kill a panther throuch his front hull armor and in war
    thunder, it doesnt do anything. Gaijin ruined this game and i am really
    sorry about it :(

  350. You were using the wrong variant, although the 76mm version is no better.
    When American tanks were first introduced the Jumbos used to be extremely
    well armoured and nothing could penetrate their frontal armour at all. The
    gun was still terrible, but at-least they had armour.

    Now, they nerfed them so hard that they’re not even worth playing. Just
    about every tank can penetrate them as angling does nothing and the gun is
    still horrid. It’s even worse with the 76mm Jumbo. It has 125mm of
    penetration at a 6.0 BR, meaning it can and will see Tiger IIs.

    They need to lower the BR to at-least a 4.7 for the 75mm variant and a 5.0
    for the 76mm variant otherwise these tanks are just unplayable.

    Speaking of unplayable, take a look at the M26 Pershing or the M41 Walker
    Bulldog. Both (with stock ammo) are completely unable to deal with tanks at
    their own BR and now they face IS4Ms, T10Ms and T54s. Great move Gaijin.

  351. Jon Steel (AltxF4)

    Lol! this is how I feel every game getting matched against guys that are
    way higher BR than me…so it seems.

  352. P-47 in warthunder has been further nerfed, not the 25 buffed as far as i
    know. It’s annoying. Change BR gaijin, not FM.

  353. You saved that guy like a boss! just kept on rollin!

  354. I love the jumbo but it really needs some other type of ammo or a better
    gun. It’s really not worth the premium price for what you get, especially
    when it gets tiered up to is-2 and others that you’ll never pen even from
    the sides and they’ll cut through you like butter every shot.

  355. I feel ya Phly, the struggle is real against Russians.

  356. +PhlyDaily what happened to heroes and generals? I really enjoyed the

  357. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    Zerg Russians

  358. this is one of the reaons i play AW once in a while, at least in there i
    know i do some damage!

  359. At the end: “You got a hole in your left wing”

  360. Jayce Castial Lauper

    i love videos where people do bad.. makes me laugh seeing there not perfect

  361. ‘a t-34 bounced of my tank’… HOW??

  362. Phly, you’re in a 75mil Sherman Jumbo on uptier. You’re fighting IS tanks,
    tigers, and high level T-34s with a US 75.

  363. stop using fucking ap ammo ….

  364. welcome to my life in war thunder :)

  365. Well Phly, welcome to our daily WarThunder gameplay. Where your armor or
    gun do not matter, because the T-34-85 is better anyways. Where your speed
    and maneuverability do not matter, because there is some kind of Yak which
    is better anyways.

  366. +PhlyDaily: you’re doing something wrong.. with this tank I had some of my
    best results in game.. 16 kills (AB). Or maybe it was nerfed meanwhile..
    cause I haven’t played this tank for a while.

  367. usa in war thunder is just pathetic. they have shit penetration when
    comparing br and cost way to fuking much.its such a shame cuz the tanks a
    varied and diverse when compared to german wich from rank 3 up is just
    variants of the same tanks.
    such a shame.

  368. The last bit of this video in the jumbo is the way the jumbo should all the
    time. Not this one shot bull crap currently in game.

  369. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    Keep uploading this vids!

  370. He said jumbo 76 not 75


  372. @phlydaily he said “jumbo 76”,not 75…

  373. B25 broke as schit

  374. I can’t stand the americans in this game. I wanted to grind them, how can
    you? you have the 70mm M3 gun on your Shermans for half of the techtree,
    wich is pretty good at first but rapidly gets shittier and shittier.

    Hopefully, the english will live up to their expectations…

  375. Russian Tanks unbalanced??!? Noo… I am shocked to my core :)

  376. That tank was always shit. the (76) used to be competitive but not anymore
    since mm changes.

  377. #playingamericantanks

  378. Killed by Russia Simulator 2015

  379. Jacob Horvath HAGe

    Tiger 2 p plz

  380. i get so many games like this, (i play t3 germans) its so frustrating when
    you finally get enough points to take out a plane (i usually take out the
    duck w/ 75mm) and just get shit on by stupid fighters or other bombers

  381. Yeh the m4 Sherman tank in world of tanks sucks as well they can pen you
    from pretty much any angle and still do tones of damage or just instantly
    kill you its annoying.

  382. If I’m sad, I always think about gayjins statement “There is no
    russian-bias” and the people who believe it *facepalm*

  383. loved the vid very funny warthunder go home your DRUNK!!!!

  384. it’s OK phly u did your job in that Sherman thoe

  385. Welcome to the great M4 play everyday struggle!

  386. Lol the american tanks were sit so they would be shit in this game too what
    did you expect? op?

  387. I once saved someone from being stuck, the second he got free a bomber
    dropped a bomb on him and killed him, he raged pretty badly.

  388. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    I still soldier on in my wirbelwind… Trying to kill T34s with the 20mm
    rounds, to try to unlock all the camos for it… I’ve managed to get 6-8
    kills in some RB matches… You hide behind buildings and be as cheap as
    possible ;)

  389. paul Mackenzie (MacP)

    i wonder why you not using your ammunition with some explosive effect. yes,
    ap has more penetration but you will give them more damage with apcbc. and,
    it was side armor for almost time.

  390. Well you are playing USA thats why it’s worst day in WT. All tanks are
    overtierd and play with tanks that oneshot them.
    While they have nerfed ammo that do nothing when you pen them 1 out of 20
    times you will set engine on fire and 1 out of 50 will blow up ammo or
    oneshot enemy tank.

    Meanwhile russian tanks still have bugged damage model and old overpowered
    ammo. 🙁

    One I shoted T34 85 all over the side of tank 7 times he managed to repair
    himself and then oneshoted me from front. I killed everyithing in his tank
    but nope, tovarisch sill can shoot.

  391. This Video is awesome xD But the sad thing is this happened to me today to
    but as i was leveling russians :/

  392. everyone always shoot the drivers hatch on the t34 platform, but the hatch
    is 70mm, while the whole hull is 45 mm.

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