Worst MBT Is Glowing Now | Amx Brenus

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  2. In Soviet Russia all IFV missiles are tandem charge! The day Phly found that out the hard way, March 11th, 2022. Amen!

  3. Arsenal Gamer Proski

    Phly is actually a good creator for doing this for Lucas, kudos to you

  4. Andrew Partington

    Does anyone hear a Minecraft Blaze every time the engine spools up on this thing?

  5. To me the M48A2 is the worst MBT for me
    it doesnt have stab
    just a apdfsds and it is 8.0

  6. Aslatabista Alphonso


  7. Sebastian Gonzalez

    Did you see that the new Israel tree has a Merkava with trophy?? That’s gonna be a new challenge

  8. loving the unloved series

  9. play the m1a2 abrams or your a coward phly

  10. Day 308: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  11. Can you please play amx 50 foch(day 23)

  12. When you started enjoying it is how I feel about the Super AMX. Not the best tank but def one of the most fun. The etendard having a ballistic computer now also makes for a decent lineup IMO. Now if France could just get a competitive top tier jet…

  13. I have birthday;)

  14. I don’t know why, but the X-ray in the thumbnail really made it look like a Panzer III to me.

  15. Maybe some more merkava action?

  16. Hay good day my fellow players

    Day 5 of asking phly to play with the south African pliant mk1

  17. 6:30 Its a tandem heat warhead

  18. fєєєz мσнιтσ

    Hey PhlyDaily maybe leopard a1a1 l’44

  19. As a France main this is nice

  20. Day 3

    Hey Phly i’ve never seen you play the I.A.R. 81 C , it’s the only romanian premium of the italian tech tree and it has the best german weapons at 2.7

  21. Сергей Алексеев

    Correct name is BRANUS

  22. All AMX tree used to be crap and for once, Gaijin kept it’s consistence. They are still CRAP. Who would have thought?

  23. The biggest issue is uptier-ing and tech compression at higher tiers… being 8.0 and getting a full uptier is a death sentence. and that happens ( to me at least ) 9/10 times

  24. Meybee a video with Clasic IS-2, please? 🙂

  25. Hello Phly, it’s been 2 years since your last vickers video, the british mbts, a new vickers has been added at a recent update, the Vickers Mk.3. And it’s a very nice tank overall, 8.0, full stab, laser rangefinder and heatfs, a good and very appreciated choice for the british that would make a good video! (Day 2).

  26. I saw the birth of this. His first comment, my first reply of encouragement

  27. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that PhlyDaily is at over a million subscribers had a kid of his own yet still takes the time to reply and read his fans comments,

    I personally don’t play warthunder anymore, I just can’t handle the fact I shoot a tank 5 times with no pen on the best pen cannon in tier and they blow me up with a 6pdr to the tracks 🤣

    Love your context Phil, not sure if it money goes to you or not but I have gotten 9 friends to buy your “oneinaphillon” title for war thunder

  28. Didnt have a stabilizer.. poor M48A2 G A2 still at 8.0 without stab.

  29. Why yes Phly, i too put in a buttplug as part of my morning routine.

    Why are Weimaricans like dis?

  30. World of Tanks rewards you when agressive

    War Thunder rewards you when camping…

  31. the last match, when you were flanking and that STA was slowly turning his turret towards you, use that 20mm of yours to destroy the gun barrel. it works quite well

  32. Use your 20mm Phillip, just use it




  35. You don t use thermals and fail to see enemies, don t use rangefinder and miss some shots whats the fkn point

  36. Phly try out the MI24 HIND AND LEOPARD 2K ITS UNFAIR

  37. Dog_Under_ Panzer

    What is ircm?

  38. phly just watched the dev stream the a10 is 9.7

  39. As an Italian i just loved this video ahah🇮🇹❤️

  40. Heavy Angry Block Man

    never trust u ERA armor against soviet atgms

    it will never end good

  41. 6:46 when you realise the bmp-2m has missiles that have 1200mm pen at the same br

    oh and ofcourse they are tandem charge
    and can be fired while moving
    and all 4 them can be spammed

  42. Hey Phly can make a video about Crusader AA MK I (Day 9)

  43. “…putting in your butt plug..” i think i’ve been wearing my work clothes wrong

  44. So much wise words at the start of the video! 😂

  45. boulanger is baker in French 🤣

  46. ah ah lucas bull anger? nice try! it means baker and you could prononce it bull and J

  47. Day 1 asking Phly to play M11/39

  48. If you can penetrate a turret and take out a breach, straight down the barrel is an easy way

  49. International_poop

    pls planes!!

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