WORST RNG EVER!?! QuickyBaby Best Moments #6

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.



  1. was that test server video older? or did another one come out

  2. I love love love this series! literal LOLs! Srsly these are a treat! Thanks, definitely brightens my day!!

  3. As always, great vid!

  4. Watching this wearing my white “load the gold sweatshirt.” It’s autumn and cold down under.

  5. Ralphy’s Replays

    u so unlucky with kv 2 i can hit shots on the move nearly every battle

  6. I don’t even play WOT and I know that you don’t aim in the KV-2

  7. Nice video quick fingers

  8. That thing about the penetration, with the three numbers… i thought the exact same thing when i started😅

  9. 6:58 I when i play with Rhm borsig waffentrager

  10. RNG is against me with my KV-2, i love this tank but now it’s just a detrack machine …

  11. Edsel Earl Dausen Convento

    QB can you like post RNG of players not just like the best replays that be interesting since the RNG of wot is rigged with RNG… you need to be on RU server to be featured

  12. 9:41
    What does he mean killed a bot? I thought WoT is only PvP (at least random battles, I’m not counting road to Berlin etc)

  13. Love this!

  14. He is doing The same sound when he loses

  15. My favorite part was the end seeing that head of hair!

  16. I like how you can see two mics when he green-screens himself in his old house

  17. 3:01 Ah yes, the big meaty japanese turret

  18. 2:40 tahnks quicky. you explained something that i thought you used to thought for 10 years straight XD

  19. huge fan dude, tnx for the vid.
    btw, your new hair style doesn’t suit you.

  20. พรภวิษย์ วิเศษวงษา

    Like kv2 moment haha

  21. Among all of the videos of best moment series I like this qb face in the notification, frustrated by rng, the most.

  22. 8:19 was my favorite hahaha it’s so true 😂

  23. Worst RNG!! Ammoracks tanks left right and center. And when he’s got some bad RNG he drives a KV-2.

  24. Zoltán Borsodi

    Do not aim, and do not dare to load AP in the KV2!! Go to Gulag!!

  25. Edwin Vermeulen

    Stalin said: You take my bellarus woman, i take your game enjoyment, no more kv-2 for you!

  26. What is up with greenscreen at the end?

  27. HAhaa. KV2 accuracy sucks like crap. lol

  28. I liked the Black and White pouting scene.

  29. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    When I first started I thought the penetration values were for distances. Close you got a decent pen(Standard), but if you allow the projectile to get its optimal speed and distance you would get the best pen chance (gold ammo), and after super far distances it was abysmal pen (HE)

  30. Such films are made when someone tries to be funny, but he isn’t

  31. Quantum Hero39 Prime

    I am so upset with the world of tanks right now. the team arangements. i decided to take another loooong break from it. you have any better ideas?

  32. That’s my RNG 100% of battles

  33. Love this series. NEVER STOP THESE PLEASE!!!!

  34. Viktorija Kalinkinaitė

    that hair thought…. new style?

  35. The thing that he said about the penetration was exactly the same thing that i thought in my First matches😂

  36. I don’t think the green screen likes your new hair…

  37. All those misses – that is my normal game 🙂

  38. Nobody’s gonna mention War Thunder used this aspect of “wait, miss miss miss” as their key advertisement over WoT a few years back?

  39. I think your KV-2 got infected by my FV4005. Mine can’t hit targets either.

  40. At 7:30 you can see the moment QB’s soul leaves his body

  41. Northern Ninja Runner

    Quickybaby you so silly. KV2 only fire HE Stalin hand will rise and guide the shell

  42. zuhair endijanto

    Kv 2 is not for long range dumb

  43. Maurits van Eijnatten

    Quacky, you filthy capitalist pigdog, you are aiming AND firing AP in a KV-2?
    Straight to gulag, don’t pass start, don’t collect 200 rubles

  44. The madness enters after sheer frustration and WG’s matchmaker deals you all the twists and turns against your reliability or hope of making credits. I’ve laughed like and screeched like a chimpanzee after a day of a 30% win rate when my last game was a winner.

  45. 2:57, “Oh I penned the Ho in the front…” … “The front…” and makes boob gesture for less awkwardness lol

  46. Really enjoying this series! I think it’s a great way to link your YouTube to your Twitch channel and for people to have a bit of both worlds if they don’t have the time to watch the streams 🙂

  47. love these

  48. 2:55
    I penned the Ho in the front…..

  49. Don’t forget to put the 268 ammo racking the EBR 90 in the next video Phil! Also there are some good moments from platoons with Ik, Phil, and John and the Berlin Event.

  50. Jonas Zubavicius


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