WORST TANK AT TIER 8 in World of Tanks!

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Today I’m talking about the AMX 65 t arguably the worst tanks in World Tanks and here’s why!


World Tanks is a Free 2 published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. How can Panzer mit 88 be under the AMX 65 t in wind ratio. There is a good under dog

  2. Trolling Modeactivated

    This tank is like failed french version of löwe thats worse in allmost every aspect

  3. I kind of like this tank, the same way I like the neighborhood dawn syndrome guy.

  4. The turret in this tank is horribly ugly.

  5. this amx 65t isn’t the worse tier 8 i can say that.

  6. why you didnt make a review about mauschen tier 9 ??

  7. Retropaintball clips

    I’m not sure if the cs-53 is even worst then this scrap tank. But wargaming hates French tanks and makes some unlogical bounce tanks in Russian tech tree that wouldn’t work at all. Kv2 should for a example be a papertank and this French tank with all its angles be the bounce tank

  8. The amx 50 100 is infinitely better lmao

  9. It certainly is one of the worst tanks in the game. I personally used the 120mm and spammed gold. I found that the lower alpha damage scared no one.. while the gold rounds 400 damage with the 120mm made people think twice. Still, no matter the gun… it’s the armor that is pure garbage.

  10. Kinda enjoyed this tank honestly.

  11. Advantage to using terrible tanks. Everyone is always so glad when you don’t fall on your face. Helps if it is ridiculous too, like a Tog II

  12. The worst is by far Lanser C, that shit is less accurate then KV2

  13. Sometimes you have to play a crappy tank to appreciate a good tank.

  14. can you play the amx 51? i’ve had crap games in it so its hard for me to believe its one of the best heavies :/

  15. Hahhahaj if you search a bad Tank search in the folder Germany. It’s FULL of paper , that bounced, that went not trough tanks.

  16. Agree !😖

  17. I’d say kv4 is worse because it has just as bad weak spot on top and the front of the turret is flat and can be penned by anyone at t8 not to mention it’s so slow

  18. Honestly, for me the worst t8 must be 110…

  19. Aw c’mon QB.. I’m just 10k XP away from AMX 65t and was hoping to buy it soon.

  20. That tank is my sleep paralesis demon

  21. That ace tanker badge is not a saving grace, it is a solatium.

  22. Nope, the alltime worst tank on tier VIII in WoT is the TVP VTU!

  23. You want a bad tank to play, the old ARL44 with the barn for a stock turret and crap stock gun. Now that was painful

  24. 293 games played in this thing to unlock the awesome t9, with 47.4 % win…. Combined with the stock turret, the 100mm is the ideal setup.

  25. Agree with you on this one. I hated playing this tank to get through this line.

  26. Марио Петров

    This even looks like a horrible tank…

  27. See your AMX 65t and raise you TVP VTU. No armour. No gun depression. No mobility. No gun handling. But the tier 9 Skoda 50t is a gem.

  28. I sell it back after reach tier 9. Don’t even keep the tank, so bad to play.

  29. How about a whole marathon of plain awful tanks (according to winrate stats) in the game?

  30. I skipped it with blue prints.

  31. Senseless blabla

  32. I still suck at the game average damage 200-300 damage at teir 6

  33. it still, for some reason, bothers me when QB complains about the view range of heavys (or TD’s) these days…

    For me it is still the moment they killed one of the best rock paper scissor elements this game had.. that and corridor shijt maps.

  34. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Just watched the other QB Video channel. Really sick of the outdated commentary on the Matilda…
    It has been Nerffed to normal! A quarter of its previous hit-points are gone before the battle starts.
    lots of low tier tanks now have excessive pen. Years have passed. The game as ever has power creeped. 🌞🌜🌞🌛🌞🌜

    • Friendly Fire Gaming

      It’s not outdated lol. The Matilda still is one of the craziest tanks at low tier by such a massive margin it’s not even funny. Having a bad start once in a while doesn’t change that.

  35. I am playing that one at the moment… 😡 urgh 😀

  36. its a big amx 40

  37. You know, tier 6 sherman with uphraded turet have 370m of view range, and it’s a tier VI medium

  38. the moment the tier 8 in the tech three should be a tier 7 premium, and the tier 8 premium should be in the tech tree

  39. “tHeRe aRE nO bAd tANkS, JusT BAd PlAyERs!

  40. 34,5k exp points to get the 100mm gun, 24,7k to get the motor and 16,6k to get the track….a lot of games playing the stock version wich is a nightma…the reason why i have only 8 games with it…3 wins and 5 losses…crappy tank

  41. You are absolutely right, one great game out of 20 or 30. I suffured as crazy with this pos! But the Tier 9, wow, what a gemme!

  42. Damn man so many bad players the good players gone my eyes

  43. Vk 45.02.A am I a joke to you?

  44. Buff rate of fire and mobility or buff armor and remove weakpoint. This is meme tank as it is right now. It leads to very good armor tanks tier 9 and 10 so i would preff armor buffs.

  45. Please make a video with the 110 as well. It was an OK tank 5 years ago, but I can’t imagine how much it’s been powercrept since.

  46. Bought that mf tank since its release to replace AMX 50 100. Still regrets till this day. Back then, blueprint didn’t exist yet, so the only grace to the monster tier 9 are enormous free exp and tremendous amount of gold.

    That tank is unfixable, it needs more than holy water to cure its horrendous design and stats.

  47. How about O-ho? Worst armor, worst design, worst gun, worst camo, worst speed……

  48. People said the tiger 2 was useless back in the day before it got buffed. But i liked it and managed to get great results with it anyway so dont assume the worst before you have tried it

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