WORST Tank In The GAME | Japanese LANDSHIP (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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WORST In The GAME | Japanese LANDSHIP (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Do you guys know of a worst tank?! Or a more least played tank? LET ME KNOW

  2. Play the french jet the md 450 bouragan and the amx 30 (get rocket kills with the jet)

  3. Ro Go? More like fuck no!

  4. Try out the T-126. Most people don’t even know this tank is in the game

  5. (Slow combo) Take out the panther D and the DO 217-J-1

  6. Draw and gameplay A channel

    U don’t play as planes anymore ?????????✈✈✈✈

  7. Chalange! Take t 29 and use youst hg and take mig 17 good luck

  8. That tank was used in China

  9. Japanese ground forces has big problems like this vehicle and type 60 atm

  10. Katusha launcher is less played phly so play the Katusha

  11. Two turrets, if derpy, automatically remove this from the worst tank position. The first scene shows how it could survive that total fail with not too much effort.

  12. O-ni and type 5 heavy o-ho

  13. Honestly never even seen a RoGo lol I see plenty of T-34s shooting me though.

  14. Phly it’s time to git gud: take out the T-64A with nothing but HE shells and get at least 4 kills. Try to shoot the neck or hit the engine deck. good Luck! Attempt #5

  15. *Breaking News*
    Because of this video tank becomes most played tank in game

  16. maybe the british archer?

  17. I never seen that tank in my game before

  18. Would be nice to have 2 videos a day. One with a theme you said you would do and another random. A bit of structure wouldn’t go amiss.

  19. No I kill that tank with my Pz J

  20. Half of the t1 japanese tank tree lol

  21. Guys, realize that the 70mm can’t get through it’s own gun if it were a solid block…

  22. I think the M60A2 is one of the rarest tanks in the game.

  23. I didn’t know that tank existed and I played Japan for a long time and I’m almost at Rank V (1 Tank away from rank V)

  24. Phly go with USSR 5.3 Combo: SU-85M & Su-6 (M-71F). Attempt #6

  25. Ka-mi ,the worst tank in WT
    only buy it for the next tier

  26. I had at least 1300 kill with German’s Neubahfarzeug, 94 kill with British Independent, an only 37 kill with Ro-Go, the aim of this tank is bad

  27. Will put it against infantry then it is op

  28. Phly is your decal still available if so how į get it?

  29. Phly love the unloved M4A5

  30. Highground sucker Neplex

    The M24 Chaffe

  31. Ply plz use the chi-ri plzzzzzzzz

  32. Werner Freiherr von Beschwitz

    Wait, has this been in the game for long?

  33. I think this isn’t the worst tank in the game, not by far. Altough, I’m not sure I there’s a tank i’ve seen less.

  34. i dont even play war thunder but these videos are so much fun to watch. thanks for keeping them fun and interesting hahah

  35. The worst tank in the game and you still do fantastic. lol. That guy in the back has literally the “Worst job in the world “. One way or another he’s dead!! Keep up the great vids. Waiting for next stream…talk to you then.

  36. How bout the firebrand

  37. tiger 1 and the arado 234

  38. Phyl, buddy, just because you can’t aim the gun doesn’t mean it’s bad. 😛

  39. It even hurt me to watch this… :)))

  40. The worst killer tank and the best kill-assist farming tank.

  41. BUTTGUN TIME !!!!

  42. Let’s help Phly get those butt kills!

    Use the Ro-Go again and only use the 7.7mm butt mg and get at least 1 kill.
    I’m sorry man but i really wanna see that XD.

  43. Never met a Ro-Go in battle, ever. Here’s another “tank” I never ever seen; BM-13N.

    Here’s a challenge for you: Try to get 3 kills with following lineup:
    94-KM ZIS-12

  44. Play on m4a2 76w, the shitiest tank on 5.0

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