WORST TANK VS BEST – SU-5-1 (War Thunder MLG Gameplay)

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VS BEST – -1 ( MLG Gameplay)


  1. Loving the new editing style Phly, so funny

  2. World War Two Gaming

    whats the name of the music in the beginning? I always hear it but can never find it

  3. It’s all about that Russian hard bass

  4. I AM  SO  SORRY

  5. I AM  DOM

  6. attempt 3 billion
    take out the German bias combo

    Take out the Pz.II Dak and any low-tier German bi-plane.


  7. dude try the suppressed cannon firing shrage musik

  8. the 37 mm ki 45 tei

  9. PhlyDaily > Erwin Rommel

  10. That was freaking boss Phly….you are my leader.

  11. lol nice video phly, now do the same with the PZ 2 H plz, (remember to play sneaky)

  12. Su51 stronk comrade need more vodka for better accuracy

  13. hey phly. i challenge you good sir. to kill the most Salt Inducing Heavy Tank of War Thunder… the IS-6…the challenge is you have to kill 4 IS-6’s with a Japanese Chi-He combined with one of the KI-45’s of your choice. Make the Emperor proud

  14. you should listen to phly with out looking at the screen

    “I hope this penetrates… yes, yes!” or “I just penetrated him from behind!”

    it’s very interesting when others listen in.

  15. Mwomercs and take out the signature mech of death the Atlas onto the battlefield. (attempt 20)

  16. Phly, Sturmpanzer and Me. 262 with 50 mm GEWEHR.
    Attempt #2

  17. What was the song at the start, comrade?

  18. 8 ROUNDS???

  19. TrueDestroyer 321

    You have shamed the Cheeki Break. Stalker fans where the fuck are you.

  20. Russian Phlyias

  21. 3:14 it says “phisty dicks has stopped working”

  22. I love it when people talk crap about something and you take it out and wrecked shit

  23. why i can not paint in war thunder .And i just see a few paint after japan tank

  24. 2:39 Rush B CYKA.

  25. Fully upgrade the PZ.IV F2 and that thing is a complete beast, i get 4 kills per life in it generally. You need to make a new video with it and show the true power of a fully upgraded PZ.IV F2!!!!

  26. Stickmanwithamoustache Withoutasurname

    I can’t help but voice my displeasure at this gameplay. Where is the footage of you suffering?? I like seeing you suffer… yes, yes I do… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. Kawaii-desu, :3

  28. fuck yea cheeeki breeki

  29. петя пупкин

    чики брики и в дамки епт

  30. One shot wonders tho

  31. How am I supposed to watch the intro phly if I’m fist pumping my phone as fast as that tank shoots?? So inconsiderate.

  32. The SU-5-1 is sh&@

  33. Phly, plz play the jagdpanther 1 and the bf 109. Attempt #2

  34. cheeki breeki iv damke

  35. LOL all the crew in phly’s SU-5-1 nodded yes when he shot the tank XD      at-3:26

  36. the worst ? did you play that fuckin japs ATM shit

  37. last standing soldier DK

    Hey eveyone lets give phly a hard time. lets make him take out the m22 locust in battle rating 8.3 and and lets say get 3 or 5 kills in 3 battles 😉

  38. Phly said ” and im f*cking dead” LMAO i can’t stop laughing XD
    btw phly take out the Type 60 japs ATGM . a tank with the lowest atgm spare in game :/

  39. what song is that intro.

  40. i always use su-5-1 and 8 rounds is enough for me
    in 8 round i got 6 kills

  41. Phly you are in fact, a true slav. Not a wester spy. You have the power of chiki briki.

  42. phly’s video is getting shorter and shorter

  43. I’ve take down 8 enemy tanks with 8 rounds in my first match with Su-5-1. Itis slow but absolutely has great shells

  44. more cheeki breeki best cheeki breeki

  45. Rafael Salvatierra

    love the cheeki breeki hard bass blyat

  46. Чики брики в дамки!! ахахаха!!! coool man!!!

  47. Nice to see you, PhlyDaily, thats you are Trolling in some Matches with low Tier Tanks in a Top Tier battle. I don’t blame you, it is passible so it’s ok. But Gaijin is encouraged this in some Points, so like Spawn Camping for example etc. Im playing WT since 2013 and by My Point of view, same on you for trolling top Tiers 🙁 Greets from Germany 😉

  48. Anyone know what that song was?

  49. there was an enemy right in front of u and u didnt notest

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