Worst Team EVER Go Play BARBIE

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Source: QuickyBaby

You know the MM in World of Tanks is good when your team are telling you to go play Barbie. Ladies and gentlemen was this the worst team in WoT ever?



  1. to be honest, that was quite inovative, mostly they say to play tetris..:D

  2. reminds me of my gameplay. never played barbie so my wr will stay below 44% in more than 40k games. i’m watching you and others for 4 or 5 years but i’m not getting better. 🙂

  3. what a beautiful game wp

  4. LOL, just one HE shell — _any_ HE shell — will take out that jeep.

    In *_Star Wars: The Old Republic_* we have an activity called “Space Barbie” — spending time creating cool outfits for your characters — and there’s no shame in doing so.

    (Just a few years ago *_Hello Kitty Online_* was the game “noobs” were sent to; sadly HKO is gone now.)

  5. These people should not have right to play world of tanks

  6. Whats wrong with barbie?, you’re just mad you dont have barbies dream house exclusives like me

  7. As a main barbie player i can confirm that barbie is both more fun less exhausting to play than WOT.

  8. Committed to his art! Well played at the end, those Barbie’s Need help with their adventures

  9. Awesome game… still wish wheeled were removed from the game.

  10. Years ago, maybe 9 or 8, I was playing in my T28, enemy team was steamrolling us, you know, those 15-2, we would have lost if I didn’t capture. It was the only solution, I did and we win!
    But the Hellcat on my team, which died first in battle, send PM swearing at me for capping and logically for… winning! I don’t know if he lost his daily double on a bad game, but shouldn’t we always try to win? Don’t have a bad game to not lose you daily double, forehead, how can be my fault to try to win?

    I don’t play online games anymore for many reasons, one is I just can’t stand the toxicity in every online game. Everyone can be mad for someone in an online game, when this happens follow the QB method and swear them out loud on your screen without text them. Is just a match, you can play as many matches as you want…

  11. I just can’t do passive spotting. Especially if my team gets pounded by the other one. I couldn’t have stayed passively in that bush with all those tanks on my gun sight, at some point I would have probably loose my cool and tried to shot to help… and got spotted in response and shot instantly…

  12. T-100 LT is so unlucky the moment you killed him/her, because the bush between you two just blocked the vision of the T-100 LT.

  13. Barbie Tank Girl edition with complimentary Kent Kangaroo doll.

  14. time forgotten prince

    That ending reminds me of when Jingles played Hello Kitty Online. Anyone else remember that?

  15. Defending with an LT is frequently very advantageous over an initially winning enemy team that no longer has an LT.

  16. I received a similar insult back when I was playing world of tanks blitz, but he is also a racist (prejudice against Vietnamese)

  17. Play those stupid armoured cars and you should be banned. Creepy Baby is part of the problems with the game

  18. Barbie is too meta. Cindy is niche but op imo.

  19. We need a full playthrough of Barbie Horse Adventures

  20. QuickyBay the ending was really funny haha

  21. Bahaha!!!! That was epic!!!

  22. Platoon 1 on your and enemy team did 0 dmg. Little suspicious..

  23. Quickybaby, a lots of player like myself have the chat disable, thats why it did not respond. Make the game less frustrating that way, but i always ping signal on the map where the arty that shot me.

  24. Amazing game and outro.

  25. In my case, I write “if you don’t want to attack go play sims”

  26. WoT marketing team, listen, you should make a collab with Barbie, skins, decals, commanders, and some unique 3D style for (who knows what tank)

  27. when you shot the t100lt, you didn’t get spotted cause your shell is either supersonic or faster than 1150m/s

  28. Typical strategy of tier 5 asia server camper. Early games camping/lemming are common in asia server especially tier 5

  29. I would totally watch you play Barbie wild horse adventure ngl

  30. Game rigging?

  31. Watched this live, it was the curtain call for the night. You should post the live version as you played, more or less sums up why we watch the streams. Cheers QB

  32. I am dead.

  33. Lots of games this week have been TD city, the fv215b must have massively skewed the matchmaker.

  34. we strongly need Barbie AS COMANDER new battles season

  35. Feels like just yesterday, Jingles pledged to play ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventures’ if his game went south.

  36. I’m sure you rocked Barbie lol

  37. NEED a horse adventure lets play

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