Worst tier 8 scout? Batchat 12T..

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Erectile dysfunction

  2. Fly on Your screen

    notification squad

  3. Turd on tracks?

  4. As someone who can’t cope with current 13 90 gun handling, I’m looking forward to grind B-C AP with this little bad boy, even when it’s one of the worst.

  5. i’d say that this thing needs to either get 5/6 shells or a couple seconds less on the reload depending on the balance compared with the other lights, i think one or two shells might make it enjoyable, or atleast decent

  6. Nemanja Kostadinovic

    I think Circon is not thinking like he should… before, Bulldog was tier 7, and he had some matches with only tier 8, his stats was the same as here, so, where is the diference??? bulldog now have the same mm like before so I think if before it wasnt op, it is not now ether 😀

  7. Sebastien van Tiggele

    the MM on the bulldog hasn’t changed a thing.

  8. more shells in mag like 6 can be nice and increase the accuracy to like 0.34

  9. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Circon please dont ask WG to nerf Bulldog. let us have some fun with it. leave bulldog alone. (We know it is bit OP). But leave bulldog alone.

  10. This looks like Emil l without armor playing.

  11. wait a minute, bulldog is unchanged, except for the tier number on the tank (not the matchmaking tiers), so how is this more OP now than before ? i mean it already got matched like a tier 8 anyhow, and it could get those tier 8 games too …

  12. I’m beginning to think Wargaming hates the French more than they hate Germans.

  13. The bulldog now has the same mm it always had… The old bulldog saw 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 as it was treated as a tier 8. It now sees 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 because it’s officially a tier 8. The old bulldog getting the best mm possible, a tier 8 game, is exactly the same as it is now.

  14. the French Auto loaders either need more damage per shot or more shots per Clip

  15. It still takes skill to play the M41 Walker Bulldog. Let us just enjoy the bulldog while we can, just leave it alone… Enough tanks got nerfed already…

  16. don’t you think that Arta is a bit annoing?

  17. Hi SirCircon,
    Can you please the tell the name of MOD that you use?

  18. Oh I never knew Circon was welsh… 😀 Circon sut ydych chi’n ei wneud?

  19. Is arty easy mode now?

  20. Andrei Dumitrescu

    This tank is by no means bad I quite like it

  21. orestisDisturbed

    What? Bulldog at tier 8 with new mm is the *exact same thing as before* . Before you were top tier when in a tier 8 game (with your tier 7 LT), same as now.
    *Same tank, can see the same enemy tanks. Nothing changed.*
    Edit: If you account for the new MM changes, yes Bulldog is stronger while top tier in a 3-5-7 game, which will happen more often.

  22. This shit needs some buffs folks!

  23. bulldog isn’t that gud, if you play it moar you’ll see that gets ammoracked very much. like 1 of 5 shots get ammo damaged.

  24. good enough for youtube 😉 😛

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