WORTH IT? 🔴 Opening 100x NEW Call to Mars Loot Boxes – Martian Container

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Source: DezGamez

Call to Mars Loot Boxes Opening – Martian Containers Opening – Are They Worth It? New Special Call to Mars in World of Tanks – Introducing TL-7, New Tier 9 American Premium .

Time to open loot boxes called Martian Containers from the new Call to Mars special event. These introduce a brand new tier 9 American tank destroyer TL-7. But are these boxes worth it?

What do you think?


  1. WG can keep their boxes …..lol Not only not buying “containers” but already tried game mode and its far to kiddie arcade for me…… NEXT !

  2. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    bug bug bug i cant play.

  3. Bought 15 and got T77

  4. Do you get compensation if you have all the tanks?

  5. just another money grab from a failing old worn-out rigged shit game.
    begging for old players to come back since they can’t even see that the new players catch on to the money grab rigged shit going on, how dumb does WG think people are?

  6. small correction: *Chase, to persue , to catch or get… thanks Dez always on top of all the news and WoT!!

  7. Bambini Grambini

    you can do it by having WG in your chat, knowing your nick, easy

  8. Eelis Turpeinen

    Welp, got the Ka-Ri in my third box. Time to try once more.

  9. Cracked Mushroom

    after experiencing the Christmas containers all of the new ones look like a scam

  10. Captain_Context

    As if WG doesnt know your second account. It would be SO easy for them to know that. Just by looking at it.

  11. THAT Loot Boxes are NOT WORTH MONEY.

  12. More monetization. Wow. Feels like it comes earlier and earlier every time.

  13. G.A.R.B.A.G.E.

  14. I hate that you can’t buy the boxes with gold

  15. Does anyone else have a problem with gettin in the game im just gettin stuck in the loading screen

  16. I didnt have the t44-100 and KV-5 and still got the TL-7 after 10 boxes. Within 75 boxes I got TL-7 and KV-5.

  17. its lucky CC

  18. Opened 50 boxes, no tank after 49 boxes, got the TL-7 in box 50. Could be better, but not complaining as I only had 4 out of the 10 possible tanks in my garage already and I was hoping to get at least the TL-7.

  19. I have over 1000 premium days & over 1000 x5 missions so without the gold, the boxes arent worth it

  20. I tried the new game mode and in the 1st match the game crashed, never happened before so i figured i give it another go. 2nd match went well, 3rd match and it effin crashed again. Has anybody else experienced this?

  21. Never open any boxes in any game is just scamm

  22. Bahahahahaha……premium after premium….WHAT THE….

  23. From the Country where beer is best / FU WG BE wount buy your TRAsh$ Cheers !

  24. GA Maximus Aurelius

    i finished 50% of the martian gameplay. got 1 box. opened it an i got 1 , one piece of 20.000 training manual….. WTF??? WG getting super greeedy.. 😀 😀 😀 😀 why waste a box. they can put that manual into an envelope ffs 😀 😀

  25. Probably the worse ‘box’ event in WoT history. Only gold I received was compensation for a preowned Fv; One mil credits; the TL 7 and a ton of x5 multipliers. Luck was on your side, brother!

  26. another wasted event this is money grab

  27. had to open 50 to get TL-7

  28. gambling at its finest

  29. Hi Dez, same on 50 boxes – 4 tanks (TL-7 and 3 tier 8’s)

  30. Got the TL-7 in 10 boxes lol

  31. I got lucky on NA server bought only 15 boxes n got the tl 7 and the t 44 100… happy with my purchase.

  32. 75 Boxes i got TL 7 at 55 boxes, and two other tier 8 premium, the Kv4 and t 44-100. i like the x5 mission since it gonna help me unlock the CS 63 tech tree quicker.

  33. I don’t need premium days, the X5 missions and crewbooks are useful, have plenty of boosters and credits.
    I am chasing the TL-7 and since I have all the tanks except that and the T44-100 i will take a chance on 50 boxes.

  34. i need help in my regio not working boxes. any way to buy?

  35. I got TL7, chieftan proto & t44-100 within 50boxes. Got lucky maybe.

  36. Giving Loot boxes to content creators is giving them advantage.
    That is called cheating.
    WG is a corrupt company, and CC’s like you are equaly corrupt.

  37. It is absolutely not worth it, if it costs you $40.00 and you only get 1 tank… and what if the tank is garbage? like most of them… was it worth the money? no way.

  38. get that lottery ticket

  39. Guy in my clan bought 15 boxes before he go to last he got tl7 and chif p

  40. Dam, Dez was lucky.
    Looks like he got the other CC’s luck as well. XD

  41. So, a few years back the loot boxes would come with gold and re-roll mechanic. If you didn’t care about keeping gold, that meant you could buy max 25, re-roll once for the gold that was in the crate you just opened, break even on gold and get two chances for a tank, for the price of one. Which, WG realised, was far too generous.
    So they removed the re-roll mechanic. Still, the crates would have gold in them and if you bought 50, the price would be pretty much equivalent to buying as much gold as you would, on average, find in the crates. Meaning, the guaranteed tank in the 50th crate and all the other stuff were pretty much extra. Which, WG realised, was far too generous.
    So we are, where we are. No gold, abysmal crate content, but same prices. Why? Because people will still buy it. The only reason they can monetise the game the way they do is because people don’t care, they still keep throwing cash at WG no matter how shit the content gets. It’s not the WG ruining the game for everybody, it’s the players, a bunch of grown up people, who don’t seem to be capable of keeping their money in their pockets when they are being taken for mugs.

  42. Got three tanks: Chieftain, T77, and TL-7.

    Loot boxes need some HARSH regulations, IMO. The holiday boxes I agree with, fully, because they return the purchase value in gold – i.e. you spend $100 on boxes and you’ll end up with the same amount of gold that $100 would normally purchase… plus a lot more useful benefits.
    These new boxes do NOT return their purchase value in a currency that would normally be purchasable (gold, in this case), they’re just pure one-armed-bandits. As such they should be banned – in all games, not just WG products. WG is actually pretty lucrative when it comes to their boxes, other games not even remotely so.

  43. Bought 50 boxes and got the TL-7. Bought 75 more and got the Astron Rex and 12750 gold. I thought I did not have the Chieftain, but I actually did have it. So I am not complaining, as my premium days were running out.

  44. They auto apply when your in top 7 and win I think. You can see them, how many you have in the mission screen.

  45. As for in results, they only apply after 1st win, so they start with 2nd win if your in top 7, and the 5x will show up at the bottom of the results.

  46. The most gorgeous potato sack

    Wtf, lucky

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