WoT – 9.14 and ground resistance?

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Source: Ik

Just a quick game showing how the new physics can work to your advantage, or disadvantage 🙂 . Also ? please help!


  1. Ik, it must have been the Obj 140 to fire on the jagdtiger. The JT had
    330hp, which would have been certain kill for an E100 no matter what gun he
    used, and AFAIK the shell damage doesn’t go down when bounced.

  2. i think it was a bounce, but then it should have bounced twice on its

  3. there are some good position can arrive only after new physics

  4. OMG Its the bounce that hits the jagdtiger!! The object also shots, a bit
    later, but misses and hits the lake behind,… you can see the
    splash,…RNG is more than 25% 4 sure,… 100% proof

  5. Should try this with wet grass iK! 😀 Hilsen ikzorsmom world of tanks, if
    you remember that time.. :p

  6. Another vid from Ik 😀 YAY

  7. nice drowning ;-)

  8. that was epic team work!

  9. hahaha fantastisk gutta ;)

  10. 1:41 “Shhhh, it’ll all be over soon”

  11. Does ground resistance mean infantry

  12. I think it’s the obj’s shell

  13. No the ground doesn t matter… There is just “Hard”, “medium” and “soft”
    ground. Snow or grass doesn t matter

  14. obj fired

  15. Yes! It’s the “casual Friday” crew again!

  16. First like :D

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