WoT – 9.16 Feedback

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Let me know your thoughts :^)



  1. Two things: 1 I find the spotting is WAY better, I don’t get as frustrated
    when is down to the wire at the end of a game in my IS4 and I have mediums
    on very low health trying to flank me. I can actually shoot them as they
    try to dart to cover rather than just see them pip on my map then vanish
    again. While my shot may not be fully aimed it at least gives me a chance.
    2. I think the Paris map is extremely unbalanced, could have been my teams
    skill. I have played 6 games so far on that map, all 5 times I started from
    the east spawn we won and the one time we were on the west spawn we
    lost….I will have to play it more but something seems real fishy about

  2. Just using XVM, as always…
    a little disaponted that the swedish tank is a 3 crew tank. Crewtraining is
    now awkvard for the rest of the lines…

  3. i cannot get a strike for trolling/showing who the mentally thin skin
    people are. Now that that fun is gone, wot is pointless.

  4. The damage indicators are cool and all but the major problems in the game
    (Gold ammo, artillery, medium tank superiority) haven’t been addressed. I
    quit WOT last year and this update does nothing for me. I’ll only ever come
    back to this game if the core issues are fixed.

  5. the damage panels are pretty annoying, I just wanted the damage taken
    counter back :(

  6. I’m obviously not a fan of the bush spotting bug, but other than that my
    only major issue is the lack of public chat. the game feels a lot duller
    when you can’t talk to *everyone* in the match, feels less like a game with
    a community. I get the whole toxicity and revealing player positions thing,
    but I don’t think that happens often enough for it to be a issue with me. I
    think instead you should be able to turn off public chat if you’re not a
    fan of the toxicity, but still have it available.

  7. paris sucks

  8. Paris summed up in two words…. Cluster fuck…. Haha everywhere you go
    there is someone flanking or you are flanking, played the map about 10
    times, I think it’s pretty solid and a welcome edition to the game

  9. Ugh,Thats pretty good

  10. I’ve been running vanilla for the last 3 patches. XVM is too depressing
    when you see how many reds are on your team.

  11. Al Yarrdam-el-islam-abdullah

    still using warpack

  12. using xvm fog removal and sesion statistics. Now dont seeing that spoting
    bullshit what used to be. had paris map twice. it was fun. looks like main
    battle is going to be in city on the bridge and below it.

  13. Im still using the Battleassist-Arty-Mod

  14. I am not using any mods don’t need stats or anything … Paris … I played
    twice on this map and I don’t like it so far Don’t like the indications on
    the shells trajectory, it is good to know where you’ve been shot from, but
    it is too much on the screen when lets say 3 ppl shoot at you so that one
    is turned off Noticed that some of the sounds are changed and do not like
    them very much otherwise it is ok I think they are on the right direction

  15. critical mods: auto return crew, auto return equipment. damage received log
    with simple direction indicator better than .16. too much info on your face
    as you mention.
    easier auto aim (no calculated lead). should be standard, too hard to auto
    aim driving fast light over rough terrain. wot should also add crew
    experience received after battle. this will highlight advantages of premium
    tanks and reserves, helping WG sell more stuff.

  16. Paris is an awesome map, I’ve only played the bottom part of it in IS-7,
    but gave very unique feeling having enemy tanks sitting right above you
    while you hold the bottom of the bridge.

    No mods here, I really like the new hit detection system and battle log,
    its not as cluttered as I thought it would be. Ive been tempted to install
    XVM but I feel it gives more negatives than positives. I hate loading into
    a game and hearing people whine based purely off a number displayed in a
    mod. “26% chance, why even play”….you’ve lost before the game begins with
    that attitude.

  17. I think the best change is the dmg panel – since this I it is so much
    easier to get marks of excellence without mods – I stopped using them since

  18. I really like this new patch and being mod free these past few patches and
    now this update, it gives even more reason not to use Mods.

    The Paris map is completely all over the place and tanks meta has not yet
    set in but its a good map.

  19. Shit patch, I can’t meme in All Chat, no reason to play anymore Kappa

  20. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    I got the Paris map once, I was expecting to lose 3-15, but we won 15-3, so
    I was half right, the map is like Ensk or Himmelsdorf, 3 minutes battles
    with 3-15 scores.

    Anyways, I love how WG is implementing the mods, I hope xvm will soon be
    forbidden. (that, or they remove the mutherfuucking arties)

  21. Help Me Reach 50,000 Subs With No Videos

    I use to heavily mod, now I’m currently using no mods but will probably get
    my usual jimbos recticle… maybe…
    the paris map I found kinda fun, all the brawling was in the south while a
    few mediums/lights scattered north.
    the spotting rendering I feel is extremely good. I can now peak ridges and
    know where to aim instead of peaking a ridge, and clicking just hoping that
    when he renders in he has less hp from my shot
    I enjoy the fact I can see my damage and blocked now, especially assistance
    damage. I feel like the display is far better than the previous ribbons
    they had. However since they damage reciever is detailed to show who hit
    you, it would be nice to have a damage panel showing which type of shells
    hit you for how much. even if it didn’t say by which tank, I feel like it
    would be a nice feature.
    the carousel is a nice feature too. Most mods I previously found adds on
    another row which sucked since my screen is only 1366×768 which means it
    took to much of my screen and made it messy. With the carousel feature they
    implemented splits one row in half making two rows and not adding on any

    I’m not a fan of wargamings patches but honestly, I can say I really enjoy
    this patch.

  22. WOT’s biggest weakness i it’s socially very sterile for a co-op pub game.
    So taking out global chat, from a game that is multiplayer yet anti
    societal, was stupid. why not just let people opt out of it.Why not allow
    people to get rep from other players, and show their rep? Like only
    positive options but then you’ve got a reason to be nice to ppl, and
    remember who u were impressed by in the past. all good ideas missed in
    favour of ripping what little human interaction existed.

  23. Only mod I think the game needs now is an all chat mod :3

  24. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I dont get why they changed the Sounds.. the 100 or 105mms sound like the
    E5 Gun Pre Patch.. Just why.

  25. session stats and arty assist

  26. Paris is very nice (especially for Heavy Tanks). The damage taken shit is
    pretty annoying. I’m using a reticle mod (that’s about it). I feel that
    the E5 has been nerfed massively; mantle is easy to pen for some reason.
    The sounds are nice though.

  27. As far as mods go, I feel they are no longer needed since the vanilla
    client gives me all the information I want. The only mod I would consider
    running would be session statistics, but at this point I don’t really care
    about knowing exactly how well I am playing. I find that the game is much
    more enjoyable and less stressful when I do not worry about being a
    performance rating number. On top of that I just play better when I’m
    relaxed and not frustrated.

  28. SEA server…. still hasnt got 9.16??

  29. Going to try not using mods this update and go full vanilla.

  30. I don’t need mods now it’s great

  31. Did Anfield stop updating his modpack? And if so, I’m just curious as to
    why he did that, his modpack was the only modpack that had the blue aiming
    reticle that I liked. Anyway, just curious.

  32. Paris is really campy with tds and mediums

  33. In regards to the damage panel I think it really makes a difference being
    able to see exactly who you are getting spotting damage on and who is
    hitting them for it; because its easy to work out as you now get the exact
    value. Blind firing a tank that is unspotted shooting me is also way way
    easier than last patch. These are the 2 things I’ve noticed the most

  34. Hey Anfield for the first time I have stopped using any mod packs because I
    was mainly using them for the damage panel but now that gone I see why you
    would like to remove xvm from them game as now I am winning and extra
    10-15% of my games because that constant “oh look he a unicorn must play
    safe or target him” style is gone now..I just wish wg would completely
    remove xvm.

  35. Wow crazy amount of feedback thanks guys 😀 It seems overall most of you
    view the patch in a positive way

  36. Will let you know whenever we get it. It is Tue 11 Oct here and still no
    sign of Patch 9.16 on the SEA server. There must be a knot in the cable

  37. i dont really like 9.16, i dont notice any enhancements to the spotting,
    the interface features are OK but do not show enough informatiion like
    shell type you got hit with, also the biggest complaint is removal of cross
    team chat, its like they removed a feature trying to improve the game
    without actually doing anything on their end to fix the problem, its pure
    lazyness. and because of this now there is less team chat, its like im
    playing with a bunch of shitty bots.

  38. Haven’t really noticed the spotting, but I was prepared for it. I was
    already cataloging the places where you can expect to be spotted now.

    I came into the new patch fully prepared to ditch all mods and then I
    noticed the Automatically Return Equipment and Crew functions were part of
    XVM. So in no time at all XVM was back. I’ve disabled win percentage for
    years now, and I expect I won’t extend the XVM period.

    I despise cs_paris, I think it looks like a bad counter-strike map. I rate
    maps more for atmosphere then for being in any way fair and balanced, so I
    am pathologically incapable of seeing anything wrong with Stalingrad,
    Pilsen and Overlord, and I despise anything that looks like a competition
    map. I do know the street plan actually matches the real thing, but it has
    no atmosphere whatsoever.

  39. Patch is crap, 9.16 was supposed to be a rebalance of the broken crap ass
    arty mechanic. Until they do something with the shitter powered
    cowardmobiles there is no sense coming back to the game, maybe next year.

  40. I like 9.16 and agree with the need to tone down the info presentation or
    at least give us some sort of ‘transparency’ setting.
    I still use Jimbo’s Contour icons as they’re clean, simple and make it much
    easier to assess the relative team strengths.
    Also still using alternate crosshairs.

    Love your work, cheers for all the ‘assist damage’.

  41. Arvid-André Johansen

    “Sponsored by Black Desert®”

  42. I do feel like spotting is a bit more responsive, and overall most of the
    features are a good add. As for Paris, most tanks like to bunch up field
    side and entrench, while a few smart players work the angles and elevations
    at the bottom of city and push. Good map to flank

  43. 9.16 = -50 fps

  44. still using xvm,aim assist (cause auto aim is broken and doesnt lock on
    unless u click 50times on the tank), probably gona reinstall carousel since
    the one wg put in is way too small.
    WG didnt dissapoint, new patch came out and of course something that was
    working gets broken again. minimap scrolls down to really small at the
    start of each battle. not a big deal but annoying as fuck

  45. Imo, 9.16 is one of the best patches in wot, since the damage counter/panel
    thing is something i really needed (since i use a vanilla client) and the
    spotting system is just great now. Paris is an amazing map and everyone
    likes it i think

  46. 1) spotting system seems to be more or less the same, albeit with less
    random materializations
    2) Paris is just more of the same chokepoint/hallway/corridor crap WG has
    been doing for as long as I can remember, nothing special at all about it
    3) I don’t run mods and likely never will

    Even thought I like all the new features added in this update, I still
    think its crap. They added some stuff to the UI that should have been there
    for years and added another cookie-cutter hallway map, but made no attempt
    to adjust the balance of the game anywhere. I sound like a broken record
    every time a patch drops, but I feel like WarGaming is making balance
    tweaks to their game less and less (and they didn’t do it very often to
    begin with).

  47. SEA Server gets 9.16 on this wednesday

  48. Best patch in a while. I particularly like the indicators.

  49. I quit WoT years ago

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