WoT: 9.6 Test Accuracy Comparison with 9.5

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Source: PsionicArrow

Comparison of accuracy from patch 9.5 and 9.6 with the .8cm


  1. Not as accurate as 9.5, maybe get those TD personal missions done earlier?

  2. why would they change the accuracy, is this only for TD’s or for every tank
    in the game

  3. I agree with you there, accuracy does not look as good in 9.6 as 9.5. Also
    agree with your suggestion to get the TD missions done now.

  4. Im suprised, dont know what skills you have but all tanks I played on TS I
    had BIA and vents and the shots went close to center every time even on
    tanks like is3. Maybe now crew skills will make more differance rather than
    making your shell go center no mater what.

  5. What Premiums are supposed to be coming? I downloaded the TS and the
    Panther 88 was on the tech tree are there others coming?

  6. so the fuckers buffed the generally accuracy of all guns and after a while
    they nerfed all accuracy again
    well missing or bouncing more shots = higher cost = more premium accounts
    and premium tanks fail enough

  7. I don’t know about this game anymore. I took at break at the end of
    November and was thinking on maybe coming back this month. But seeing how
    they seem to be dumbing the game down for the masses to be able to fire
    equally accurate to better players makes me want to take another month off
    and see how people review the new RNG. These guys need to fix things like
    the broken vision rules rather than make silly rng nerfs because too many
    people don’t want to practice to get better. Their raking in the money so
    I guess they really don’t care what their players think. Take the money
    and run. If ever we need competition its now.


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