WoT: 9.7 ModPack

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Source: PsionicArrow

Links below ↓↓↓

Instructions on how to install my mod pack for World of version 0.9.7

Will be added when the mods are updated:
Deegie’s Sights
Kodos Damage Panel

9.7 ModPack:



  1. What? Don’t know them. Using Jimbos Sights only.

    • +Commander Cool Just trying to figure out if I should just not put in any
      crosshair mods and let people add the one they most prefer by themselves.

    • +PsionicArrow not easy. some peoply prefer a “copy/install-mod” and some
      people like to pick their favourite pieces of software and like creating
      something of their own. Nobody knows…But just choose what you think it’s
      best, make it a standard in your mod pack, and in the end its your flavour!

  2. Who here uses Deegie’s Sights?

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