WoT – A Unicum’s Object 430U Tank Review

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I have it and I really like it. It’s essentially a better 113.

  2. hey lemming great video. kinda offtopic tho, could you list your stream you do on youtube? i dont get to see them if i dont catch them or get a notification from google. thanks much love

    • He didn’t stream today I checked to see if he was on live cuz I encountered him on Karelia but he didn’t wanna expose the yellow lemon he was playing with or get stream sniped

  3. 257 next/tomorrow?

  4. i havent played in about a year. i dont want to destroy my wn8 on my main account. would you make a vid on making a new account on another server?

  5. You dont have 3 marks xD

  6. Also Lemming the cupolas are both 300 effective

  7. I played this tank on the test server and it was amazing. I see it as a heavy medium just because of the armor which can be trollish at times and the gun is amazing because of the alpha.

  8. Just change the name of the game to ” if you don’t have a tier 10 your cannon fodder”

  9. is that uganda knuckles? I tought that meme is fkn dead

  10. Ffs why did mahou change their symbol/insignia to Ugandan knuckles? It’s a dead meme!

  11. i wander .. 430u or 62A ? for clan wars ?

  12. Lemming Did u watch the model? On “tanks.GG” ? Uper blade 275-300 turet 300+ Coppolas not even close a weakspot lowerblade 190-200 so did u watch it ?

  13. Will you review the E50m?

  14. do a review on the IS-M

  15. the random knuckles meme

  16. Game turned into an unbalanced turd.

  17. But lemming you can’t do this in a bad medium tank like the leapard one. Cause OP Russian mediums have armor. * waits for people to take bait *

  18. You should look at the armor model, this thing’s turret is insane. Stronger than 113 and WZ-5A turret, those 2 small cupolas are 300-400mm effective!

  19. T-10 doesn’t have the ground resistances as the 430U. This thing is much more mobile than T-10. It’s a true MT mobility, better than M48 Patton.

  20. Nexst OP ruchiaaaaa tank and its a f mt ffs wg u destroy the game

  21. you pub stomper 😉

  22. 17:32 that was a low roll, 650 is the average damage lol

  23. oh hey a russian medium that makes the 121 obsolete, why am I not surprised

  24. That play when your hull down to those few tanks right in front of you is exactly how Ive played that tank with great success. It’s rof and alpha bully’s anyone in front of it and the closer the better. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the gun can troll 2/3 of your shots even at that range. My rounds just disappear A LOT. I’ve always enjoyed taking the 121 out for that alpha brawl with speed, now I’ve got a second tank to look forward to.

  25. why you didn’t compare to the 121? basically it’s the same tank but better turret front plate and aiming time and cuppolas are impenetrable

  26. Looks like a 121 :3 high alpha, troll hull armor with good turret, troll accuracy … seems fun to play

  27. I like 30b thou

  28. A game with only one obj257? How?

  29. Why did I play a Conway today LR

  30. L0gicWülf Schulman

    another tank that fucks the leopard 1 with a fucking 440alpha cannon

  31. So if I couldn’t get the T10 to work for me properly, then this tank isn’t for me.

  32. Can you make a rereview of 30b after the changes? I remember you really liked that tank and more you say it’s useless.

  33. I cant decide which one is more fun: 705A or this

  34. send nudes

  35. Specific power to weight has -nothing- not much to do with mobility LOL (maybe driving uphill)

  36. Yep Sold on this one as I Love the tanks that have a Heavy/Medium playstyle.

  37. So what is the role of the e50 now? it is superior in every way and that accuracy and pen means shit in this is known

  38. I love the idea of a high alpha russian med but the accuracy though… I dont know if I could suffer through it without throwing something at the screen. 🙂

  39. Oh shit. T34B in battle. I wish I had 1

  40. Why not just compare it to the 121? I mean there is no point Playing the 121 now, When the Obj. 430U is in the game.

  41. 1:45 copulas aren’t weak spots anyway, one is 300 other around 280

  42. It’s more like a 113 than a T-10

  43. is the obj.430 just as good at tier 9?

  44. Knuckles 430

  45. 4:25 “I repair my fuel tanks very consistenly in this vehicle” *runs food*
    Oh Lemming, are you becoming Jingles? xD

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