WoT: AMX 12t Review, Getting to 3 Marks of Excellence [“Road to Unicum” Epi 24]

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I review the AMX 12t, a tier 6 French light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with footage from tier 8 and tier 9 battles.

Prior to driving the 12t, I expected it to suck. However, after playing the 12t I realized that it’s misplayed by many drivers, just as I found with the ELC AMX and the M103.

My stats after 161 solopub with silver ammo only: 59% win rate, 1068 dpg, 2.1 spg, 1.2 kpg, 3 of excellence.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ excellent camouflage
+ good burst damage (800 HP) for a full clip
+ fast clip reload (20 seconds)
+ solid accuracy (0.36)
+ solid silver penetration (144) relative to its peers
+ excellent gold penetration (202)
– very sluggish acceleration limits active scouting and ability to escape
– easy to run out of ammo given low ammo capacity (30), high rate-of-fire, and fast clip reload
– poor handling on-the-move
– very poor depression (-4) and rear mounted turret limit hill- capability
– mediocre elevation (+12)
– small crew (3) hampers skill acquisition

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. I like that you don’t show one good battle but short episodes that everyone
    can learn from.

  2. I’m more of a heavy or TD driver. the lights are too fast for my old man
    reflexes. BUT, that said, I still have this tank and very much appreciate
    this video. Very helpful. I enjoyed the ELC, but again, just moved too fast
    for me. Of course part of it might be a slightly slow computer that can’t
    keep up wtih the graphics..Thanks, again.

  3. this method is excellent 🙂 , thanks for the video , also i would recommend
    that you introduce different strategies for each map in your future videos
    , that would help a lot !

  4. Borgil Sandagdavaa

    wow so good vids keep em comming subbed 😀 O7

  5. I have no MoEs on this tank, but I have those 3 lines on my barrell. What

  6. Nice one 🙂

    One point that you could have talked little but more about is consequences
    of poor acceleration. In particular, when you want to pickup full speed and
    keep moving and not stop (most of the time) and when to stop and shoot. You
    kinda mentioned it is not brawler since it lacks acceleration to get out of

  7. What the fuck is Unicum?

  8. Are you going to do the amx 13 75, I think everyone needs some tips for
    doing well in that tank

  9. Thanks for taking the time to make such excellent videos. Hopefully I can
    put into practice some of the techniques you demonstrate. Please keep them
    coming 🙂

    Do you ever live stream on Twitch?

  10. In this video, are max graphics used? It looks really nice. I have to say,
    your video’s are perfect, you explain everything so well, i improved
    massively since i know this channel 🙂 thank you so much man keep up the
    good work ;)

  11. GJ dude , its nice to see some1 doing good in lights. Cant wait to see you
    play 59-16

  12. could you make a review on tiger 2? it’s giving me a hard time, i don’t
    know how to play it, i would like your opinion on this tank, thanks :D

  13. Sorry but i want something cheaper and good and something like pc :)

  14. Great review and instruction. Hope to see plenty more from you. Now to
    try and implement your advice.

  15. Hey Taugrim, why have you stopped playing GW2? You’re video builds /
    commentaries were excellent and increadibly entertaining. Are you by any
    chance planning to get back to it once Heart of Thorns expansions comes

  16. Great vid, Thing I like about your approach is due to your use of silver
    ammo I can add odds and ends to my game (I also do not use prem). I find a
    lot of the points you highlight I learned early on (I believe wot was a
    very different game back then and you had to learn them to be useful) and
    feel a lot of newer player really could up their game by learning.

  17. Granger Prunier (G-Ranger)

    Wish I saw this several months ago. Gives a better perspective on how to
    play this tank properly. Keep em coming, great work!

  18. I like this format better of showing multiple fights

  19. Great video! Love this tank! I like how you explain everything so well,
    even your mistakes.

  20. Very detailed review on that tank. “Slugish” is the word that comes to my
    mind watching that tank. I Guess i have to prepare myself for that one too.
    I really like your analytical mindset on learning new tanks and avoiding
    doing same mistakes more than twice.

  21. Very much enjoyed this video! The 12t is one of the more underrated lights
    in my opinion, and you brought the tank’s strengths to light very well in

  22. Taugrim i want to give me an advice for pc for wot pls i have been
    searching for 2 moths

  23. Around min 4 vs the T37 and min 6:40 vs the arty wouldnt it better to use
    third person?
    I got 3 marks on my 12t too :D

  24. Great video once again taugrim! I think this new format of you showing some
    highlights of different battles is more interesting , because you get to
    show some more textbook examples of the pros and cons of a tank. Now about
    the tank, I didn’t love nor hate the french light tanks up until the 13 90,
    but for some reason I did quite well (2 gunmarks and with good stats too),
    but I really love the 13 90 and luckilly I keep doing great in it too!

  25. One if not the best 12 t review I found so far. Great video.
    Btw ,what recording format are you using in Bandicam ? :)

  26. Another great vid. I have researched a fully upgraded 12t but I am doing
    poorly in my ELC and I do want 100% camo on my ELC crew before I jump into

    Again you gave excellent commentary on strategic positioning and also on
    what not to do. 3 marks in less than 200 games, very nice!

    The video quality seems fine by the way.

  27. Review one of these SP 1 C/28.01/ru251

  28. For a tank you consider has a lot of foibles, it’s interesting to see
    you’ve got an all female crew in there XD Do you like the tank that much or
    are you saving them for a Bat Chat promotion? 😛 Nice video once again keep
    it up!

  29. One of those tanks that challenged me early on. But I got better and
    better until my last few games I came out with 2 top guns and 2 mastery
    badges in span of 3 games with it.
    Ended up doing a lot better with the AMX 13 75 as far as win8 but it was
    because the 12t was good tank to prepare me.

  30. Glad to see you gave Shadowplay a try for a full video after our discussion
    on Reddit. Looks just as good as those recorded with Fraps, so I don’t
    think you re suffering any quality loss.

    I have to ask, is the multiple illustrative examples a result of switching
    to Shadowplay? (Due to decreased file sizes?) If so, I think that can only
    wind up being good for the series.

    Also, and this is more me being curious more than anything, but are you
    also taking advantage of Shadowplays ‘Shadow’ feature, or are you just
    recording replays after the fact?

  31. great video!

  32. Will you be playing the Tier 7 French Heavy AMX M445? If you find the time
    would you be so kind as to give me a few suggestions on how to use it
    better or point me towards a useful video of yours? Especially concerning
    the bad armor both on the turret and the hull. Thank you.

  33. As always a great video taugrim. Can u do a video about the VK 2801 light
    tank? Im having some trouble with that one…

  34. Legion The Comrade

    My only problem with this thing is that it feels so sluggish. I can deal
    with the gun but coming from the ELC, the speed is just painful.

  35. I like this tank; it’s cute. The gun handling IS very frustrating. Quite
    often when I circle in this tank I’ll hit an imperceptible bump in the
    terrain that will cause me to shoot into the sky/dirt.

  36. Just started watching your videos and they are really helpful keep up the
    good work!

  37. oh wow cool, i dont have the 12t anymore, but im sure it still applies to
    75 and 90

  38. Another wonderful video. Great job and keep them coming! 

  39. Second! Havent seen the video yet. Have fun getting the Bat Chat. I’m
    currently on the 13 90. 13 75 was not fun for me :(

  40. Several viewers had asked me to review this tank, so I hope this video is
    helpful! I recorded the replay footage using Nvidia Shadowplay instead of
    FRAPS, so I’d welcome any feedback about the video quality. Thanks 🙂

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