WoT: [AMX M4 1945] 3x weekend

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Source: PsionicArrow

World of Tanks gameplay in French VII heavy tank AMX M4 mle. 1945

9.8.1 ModPack:

Intro music from:
“Enter Party” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. I actually really like this tank. It has an interesting play style.

  2. WOW they made a meal out of that match :O

  3. Nice game Psionic and good to see the result, despite the friendly
    Centurion’s best efforts to screw it up. ;)

  4. That AMX M45 is just plain lousy. It doesn’t work well. Glad I finished it.

    • OK, fair enough. I should probably review some of the replays where guys
      got ace tanker and see what I was doing wrong.

    • +BBrock248 My experiences with the two have been with similar amount of
      bounces but what I was trying to say is that they both have good guns and
      decent turrets.

    • Sorry but I disagree. I bounced way more shots in the AMX than the Tiger 1.

    • +BBrock248 The M4 45 isn’t too bad, it’s kind of like a Tiger I but later
      on the french heavies have nothing in common with it.

  5. That centurion… 

  6. Enemy T32 put up a good fight

    • +dobiem1 The camping comes with being tier 7 in a tier 9 game, most of the
      time you’ll have a great time with the 90mm cannon and able to use some of
      the armour.

    • Jacob Whittington

      +dobiem1 It’s a good tank but, it has no armor what so ever. I had to sell
      it because of that main reason. Good gun for its tier. Plus it doesn’t fit
      my play style. I think that I will free xp it when I have the gold.

    • +PsionicArrow I was considering getting this vehicle at some point.
      Would you say it will be worth the grind? 🙂
      Seems like campy style required to be effective though with peek-a-boo over
      the hills. How is the gun depression?.

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