WoT – AP E100 Best Meta EU

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  1. The full session ended on about 3k dpg which I think for a E100 with only
    AP and non-try hard is pretty good. Obviously the E100 is tier 10 most
    dependent on it’s premium ammunition to be effective, having 235 AP Pen is
    truly horrific and I’ve no idea why WG haven’t buffed it. This session
    yielded 228k credit gain with a 38.9% survival rate.

    Having done the hardest tank I was thinking of doing non-prem sessions in
    other tanks, so if you have a suggestion let me know.

    Also new 3 mark video should be done Wednesday at the lastest :^)

  2. first

  3. nice job

  4. So early it hurts.
    0:01 best sinuses NA

  5. World of Bots

  6. Okay so u not a gold noob, you are a hacker, uninstall mods.

  7. WHYOU lel good players xD

  8. Pfff just pure luck ;^)

  9. OMG! What a noob. Died and didn’t win! Such noob, gold noob!

  10. this is only possible with warpack penetration increaser

  11. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    3:34 exactly what Anfield says.

    I have been watching his videos about 3rd mark sessions and I learned a lot
    about positioning, also got my 3 marks on the T-34-3 like two weeks ago.

    People really don’t understand how useful Anfield’s videos on 3rd mark
    sessions are. All you have to do is watch a few videos.

  12. Best way of watching <3

  13. After getting blamed for firing gold at an FV4202 despite loading it for an
    Obj 263 in my WZ-120, and being accused of being skill-less despite being
    able to pen the Prius either way, and then a similar case with an E 25
    YOLO’ing me out of nowhere, expecting me to have AP pre-loaded just for him
    when I could pen him either way once again, etc. all happening in the
    couple of hours I’ve played today, it feels pretty good to watch an Anfield
    video where he calls pubbies out on their retarded spouts of Autism.

    Like, I agree that gold rounds are broken in their current state and should
    be rebalanced to standard rounds with higher pen/less alpha, or vise versa,
    because currently (especially with APCR) they’re more or less flat out
    better rounds, but they’re still nowhere near as big a problem in the game
    as they’re made out to be. Also unskilled for firing gold? I really don’t
    get it. So, if you’re a paper tank and I fired gold at you I’m an unskilled
    player because I could pen with standard rounds? Then why do you give a
    shit? You would die anyway, the reason I killed you isn’t down to the ammo
    type, it’s entirely based on other factors. Or if you rely on your armour
    and I APCR/HEAT through it, how is that skill-less? Not throwing away my
    tank and instead being a useful asset to my team makes me unskilled because
    I didn’t let you kill me? This retarded sense of WoT honour really plagues
    the game when it comes to toxicity, especially in chat. If everyone was
    just less stupid it’d be a far nicer place, and I don’t think I’m being
    harsh when I say that because it’s not as simple as pubbies being naive or
    ignorant to the fact that gold rounds have a place in the game. If you
    explained this to every single pubbie in the game, the majority would still
    cry about gold rounds because, like you said, they suck and need something
    to blame it on. If they can see it in their hit log, it’s an easy go to
    despite most of the time it being entirely irrelevant to the player’s skill
    and why they killed you. Yes, it should be fixed, but there are other much
    more pressing issues in the game like artillery, +/-2mm, HE tanks, base
    camping TD’s, etc. that place way above gold rounds. If you personally
    choose not to use gold rounds, it’s your fault for limiting yourself based
    on stupid reasons, not other players when they take the smart initiative
    available to them, and you.

    Completely off topic, but it popped into my head as I mentioned it: What do
    you think about +/-2mm Anfield? Personally I can’t see a reason for it over
    +/-1 which helps to ensure nobody in the game is entirely obsolete simply
    because of the matchmaking they get in to, with the exception of queue
    times. I play on EU and am absolutely certain +/-1mm wouldn’t have a
    noticable effect on queue times at all, and this is even more so the case
    for RU, but what about NA? It’s a much smaller player base, so I’d like to
    hear the opinion of someone who frequently plays on it.

  14. Nathaniel Forcelle

    *we are the best at penning tanks* *bounces on the side of a obj* I
    actually laughed, now that’s what I call irony

  15. I dont actually have a problem when something fat and slow like an E100
    shoots gold to compensate his shitty standard pen. But fast, agile tanks
    like a Object 140 or a TVP with a full heat mag annoy me. Sure, this game
    has way to many corridor maps so flanking is not an option everytime… but
    in that case they should overwork their maps. I dont think that its fair to
    have a fast and agile tank who can shift around the battlefield in the
    short time but also has the feature to engage slow and heavy tanks from the
    front with ease. Heavy armored tanks more or less have to commit to one
    flank and their advantage gets completlly negatet if almost every shot pens
    their thickest part of armor. And thats true for most TX heavys. The Type
    5, Maus and E-100 get completly rekked with gold (the Maus probably has
    still the best chance with an angeled turret but still). The IS7 is much
    less of threat in close combat / facehug if you can shoot down on the
    cheeks with gold..in a straight line its possible to pen the upper plate,
    but its at least bouncy. The IS4 on the other is super easy to pen and can
    angle how it wants. 113 already had to work with angeling the upper plate
    to get it in the range of 270mm effective armor – thats gone too if you
    dont generate an autobounce angle. The FVs hull gets murdered while the
    turret stays strong because of the autobounce zones. Lastly the E5 has the
    best chance cause it still can only get penned in the tumor or the lower
    plate (of course its much easier to pen the tumor reliably).
    Besides the E5 which will work as a slower medium with great gun stats,
    depression, DPM, and of course the best working armor of them all (I wonder
    why people think its overpowered…) almost every heavy tank suffers from
    gold rounds – some more some less than others. Arty is still the biggest
    enemy of heavys of course…cause you cant defend yourself against that
    bullshit at all. But gold rounds do have their spot among the most annoying
    things if you play that class, at least in my book.

    I dont blame the players to use it though. Its in the game, its availabe
    and why should anybody not want to have the best chance of penning an
    enemy? On the other hand bad players wont profit that much from it because
    they waste it in the tracks or well angled zones unaware of how this
    mechanic works. Like you said game sense makes unicoms not ammunition. But
    I still think like so many things gold rounds are awefully implemented.
    Because an arty player could say the same thing: Its in the game, Im able
    to use it – so I do. Dont blame me – blame them. Man this game could be so
    great with a few tweaks..okay..Im done with my rant now :D

  16. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    I like watching these, I also like using AP in my KV-2. Shame that the O-I
    has more penetration on it’s standard AP rounds.

  17. All you need is AP anyways lol

  18. I find your lack of HE-100 disturbing.

  19. personally, i use the hitlog mod that shows what type of ammo is fired at
    me…so i can call out the ones who spam only skill rounds when their
    normal AP is more than good enough to pen what im driving at that point. i
    just find it sad the sheer amount of skill rounds that fly around when
    people dont really need them. sure, if you load a premium APCR or HEAT to
    pen a maus or e100 then it’s understandable…but spamming nonstop skill
    rounds at something with no hull armor (like a T34) just makes me facepalm.
    WG should have a mandatory tutorial detailing the different ammunition
    types and how each one works.

  20. Id like to say that you proved the doubters wrong, averaging 3k damage
    using AP only. But on the other hand, they kind of have a point – you
    probably would have averaged 4.5k or so if you were using heat? So they are
    kind of right in saying that gold rounds make it easier to do more damage,
    you are kind of right in saying you dont need them.

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