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Source: osirish

5 tanks that could introduce into with little to no effort!

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  1. Great video, I love this channel it covers some great history of tank
    warfare whilst combining tanks of all tiers and nations. I love how you put
    your videos together!

  2. Mk1 Matilda. Harry Hopkins. Swedish S Tank (though modelling the suspension
    might be problematic.

  3. So, I noticed a few errors in this video that I wanted to point
    out. ——- Firstly, SPG does not mean artillery in every circumstance.
    The SU-100, M10 Wolverine (officially “3-inch Gun Motor Carriage, M10”),
    the Marder series, and many others are self propelled guns. Those vehicles
    are obviously not artillery in the World of Tanks sense, but they *are*
    SPGs which only means they are motorized vehicles that carry guns, and
    are not meant to be used on the front lines. SPG can mean an indirect fire
    vehicle or a direct fire vehicle, not necessarily one or the other. ——-
    Secondly, the BT-7 artillery was never meant as an SPG nor artillery. The
    reason it is named “Artillery” is because it mounted a 76mm artillery gun
    into a direct fire turret. It was meant as a short-range, direct-fire
    infantry support vehicle for use against fixed positions such as bunkers or
    MG nests. Also, the standard BT-7 *was* originally designed to be able to
    mount a 76mm or a 45mm in the same turret. However, the factory in charge
    of producing the tank determined that a turret that could mount either gun
    would be too expensive and complicated to produce compared to turrets that
    were currently available, so the first BT-7s were built using BT-5
    turrets. The turret that could mount both guns was never even put into
    production to my knowledge. —– I don’t mean to hate or anything like
    that, I just wanted to ensure that this misinformation would be stopped
    before it could spread. (edit: sorry for the messy text wall, but YouTube
    won’t let me keep my neat paragraph spaces)

  4. 1. The turret was the whole point of mounting the 76mm. So by giving the
    BT-5 the BT-7A turret and gun, you eliminate the point of using the BT-7A
    as an extra artillery piece. I don’t think the proposal will fly with WG
    2. 6 pounder? AFAIK pilot #2 in Bovington was built to the same specs as
    pilot #1, which meant the 75mm M3. However even then, the 6 pounder is
    thinking waaaaaaaay too small. The T14 project entertained several armament
    proposals, from the 105mm howitzer to the 17 pounder gun and the 90mm AA
    3. I don’t see the point, but there’s nothing opposing it from a data
    standpoint AFAIK.
    4. The Tetrarch is undoubtedly part of proposals for a dedicated scout line
    5. You don’t want a premium tank version of this at tier 7, unless you’re
    being willfully ignorant of how WG translates historical data into premium

  5. Here is an idea and tier 9 and 10 British tanks that do not suck (never
    mind that at the time Centurion was superior to anything) give is Vickers
    MBT and Vijayanta.

  6. Dreadshells Gaming

    Good video Irish. I like all of your ideas and suggestions, the turreted
    SU-100y sounded pretty interesting, as well as bringing back the
    “Awesome/Awful Panther” :)

  7. The British Tetrarch could be given the top gun from the Matilda and bumped
    a tier as it did have the Littlejohn adapter:

  8. Certified Blokhaid

    Europe needs it’s own line of tanks. Many nations had decent tanks at the
    start of the war.
    USA Ontos…. 6 quick shots like a Chi-ri….re-load between Bulldog
    autoloader and Arty. It works.


  10. Can you imagine how good the T14 would have been (at least in game) if it
    had been fitted with a 17lb main gun?

  11. How about the M-60? In-game, it was given as a reward tank. In reality, it
    was one of the premier tanks of the Cold War, with over 15,000 copies
    having been built.

  12. Very good ideas indeed. Another alternative. They could always work on that
    Italian line.

  13. why are people asking wargaming to listen? they havent listened for 4 years
    so are they likely to start now? stop playing WOT, hit them in the pocket
    and then they will listen

  14. Procrastinator7

    Interesting series, I like it! I hope Wargaming is listening!

  15. Wargaming, please listen to osirish

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