WoT: Bat Chat Review, Flanking and Spanking in Cliff [“Road to Unicum” Epi 31]

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Source: Taugrim

I the Bat Chat 25 t, a tier 10 French medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a Cliff battle.

Stat line: Ace Tanker, 5.4k damage, 8 kills, 2 spots

The Bat Chat has strong scouting capability can carry games if the driver carefully conserves HP. It is the classic example of a tank that has a high ceiling and low floor, i.e. Bat Chat performance is highly dependent on the driver.

It is one of only two where I have been able to average over both 2 kills 2 spots per game over 100+ battles, and that speaks to the strengths of the tank.

Strengths Weaknesses
+ excellent top speed
+ excellent acceleration
+ excellent camouflage
+ excellent burst damage per clip (1950)
+ small profile
– long clip reload (~38 sec)
– poor accuracy (0.38)
– long aim time (2.7)
– paper-thin armor
– relatively low hull traverse for a light-armored medium
– mediocre gun depression (-6) rear-mounted turret limit hill- capability
– small crew (3) hampers skill acquisition

Recommend Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. GLD or Vents (I prefer GLD to improve gun handling)

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide FAQs:

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  1. Taugrim… blue?!

  2. siegeszug_im_overdrive

    Oh I see this pointed out already. Nevermind.

  3. siegeszug_im_overdrive

    Some beautiful Batchat gameplay right there.
    I hope for you, that you’ll get the second mark like me, if you do like
    this tank that much. 🙂
    One thing why didn’t you go for reload at 7:55?
    You had a very good idea where they were and there wad no immediate threat
    nor opportunity.
    However other than that, I have to commend you for this game.

  4. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    do you also have the t 55 a? I suck in it and I’m only doing 2650 average
    dmg so far (in the beginning even 2400) and I dont spot that much as well,
    got some advice?

  5. As always great video taugrim. I decided to continue my way to the bat (I
    stopped the grind for a couple moths in favour of getting the FV 4202) and
    I want to ask for your opinion. Do you think I should skip the Lorraine,
    and go straight for the bat, or not? The only experience of autoloaders I
    have is the M41 and the 13 90 (on the latter I’m doing quite great
    averaging 2.1k wn8 in 200 battles). Thanks in advance.

  6. I love this videos but I gotta say as a 1572overall, 1960 60 day WN8 I am
    still pretty afraid of driving the Batchat. My first autoloader ever was
    sadly the WTE100 and I was not good with it, and I have come to notice at
    least through personal observation that I don’t perform well with an
    autoloader. Now since then I have picked up the T71 which ok with, but have
    seen pretty decent improvements in my autoloader gameplay while driving the
    T69 and 50 100 which are both pretty new purchases; that could however be
    because they are lower tier.

  7. Very well played!!!

    One thing i wondered : Why didnt you reload after you killed the foch?

  8. One hundred percent agree with map awareness and the need to think in the
    Bat, I tend to be too aggressive in my playstyle and often fall into the
    trap of taking far too much damage when I did not need to.

  9. > good player
    > pbkac

    are you playing on the right server?

  10. At the start of the video you mentioned that the Batchat is a low skill
    floor tank. What tanks do you feel have higher skill-floors?

    Do you have any tips for the LTTB? I just bought the tank and while I do
    decently, I feel I’m missing some important factor.

    As always, great video.

  11. great video keep it comming

  12. nice video keep up with the good work :)

  13. Taugrim whats a good tip for top tier heavies (IS-7, IS-4)?

  14. Thx Taugrim, very educational and helping with my gameplay, Keep them
    coming. I do suck with light tanks so some videos on them would be

  15. keep up with these videos. they are very interesting and help my gameplay
    improve. Im much better at wot cause of these ;)

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