WoT – BatChat 25T Clan Wars Gameplay – OTTER vs MO

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Source: LemmingRush

Clan wars vs MO, pretty close game with comms on. Hope this one’s helpful to any aspiring clan wars callers or players out there. They kept kicking our ass on this map, this was our first win on cliff after like 4 nights or something. Id show the losses, but i was away for those games so i dont have any recorded as I was camping. Rip :/

Anyways, thanks for watching. Hopefully this was still educational to people


  1. Annnd By about 4:20 I realized you must be referencing some military
    tactics or something? Art of War? Something by Rommel? You’ve taken the
    high ground on this entire map and forced the reds into the low ground:
    precisely where you don’t want to be in a tank. Well, unless you don’t have
    good gun depression :O but still: highground means farther sight, shots,
    and ability to move around the battle field which you guys were doing from
    the spawn to middle, to east flank and back to the north south flanks
    again. What doctrine are you guys using? German with a mix of russian
    zerging and American-style-just-brawling when needed, like with those
    eastern bat chats? (I honestly can’t remember precisely what the doctrines
    are, germans sniping, russians zerging americans…dying a lot?)

  2. 2:00-2:30 Discipline! You’re team mates I think were confused as they were
    all reloading and scared maybe? Idk: it requires balls bro to be in a
    batchat and I’m gunna have to guess lot’s of those players don’t consider
    it their favourite tank?

  3. Nice Game Lemming! Interesting how they lost when you was camping then you
    come back and do 5k DMG and win :p kidding kidding

  4. ‫ياسر عبد الله‬‎

    gj Lemmings

  5. Why was the 263 on your black list is he a dick?

  6. Lemming gets new respect from his team mates after that game ;)

  7. Nice match but caller has no chill it’s just a game

  8. Tigers is a hell of a caller. I find Warbander’s role to be interesting. I
    understand communication is really important, but there seems to be a
    unique relationship between Warbander and Tigers from what I’ve observed in
    your videos. I kind of agree with your other viewers in that I find his
    comments irritating, but I think he makes Tigers calls more fine tuned by
    playing devils advocate. Not sure if he’s always that way, or just when
    co-calling. GG!

  9. BTW, why so many Bats and not TVP? TVP are clearly superior over the long
    term even though it doesn’t hold much potential damage in a clip.

  10. When I say Steiner I mean Steiner… not Jesus Christ. If you have Jesus on
    your team

  11. The shot caller is a whiny bitch…

  12. Nice vid, from the perspective of a player who is not anywhere near your
    quality I found the guy who kept talking over Tiger to be very distracting,
    is he a caller or just trying to help?

  13. Your leader is such an ass

  14. TR1GERED LEL,Nice game much amaze

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