WoT Blitz. Update 5.9 Review. New characteristics panel

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Source: World of Tanks Blitz

Update 5.9 for World of Tanks Blitz. New parameters on the vehicle characteristics panel. Tournaments. Several legendary camouflages are back. The guns of Tier VII light tanks shoot better. Also, during one week, you’ll be able get double XP with Tier X vehicles not one, but multiple times. Get more news in the Update 5.9 video and on the World of Tanks Blitz portal!

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  1. *Wargaming:* Unintentionally Nerfs KV-2


  2. so……… you nerf the kv2 but leave the Smasher fricken op af, seems legit

  3. ruben felipe salguero

    Los putos del mantenimiento del servidor pulen el sable dais azco

  4. Zackey RockStarsCombat

    we still cannot using mod?..

  5. Will we have Mad Games back sometime?

  6. I feel so frustrated with the new updates.

  7. Wargaming: Unintentionally nerfs KV-2, SU-152, ISU-152

    Me: FFS! What were they thinking!

  8. waiting SPA and Bop semple tank

  9. Any jg.pz.e100 tank owners here? Oh yheaaaaaaa!!!

  10. I cant even update the gumd properly for the resource things for android it’s cheap and annoying plz fix this I wanna play but I have good connection it still wont

  11. 6 days waiting for container only for useless rare avatar, well done.

  12. really fking stupid for them to indirectly nerf the kv2. So what if people get one-shotted by it? That’s what the damn thing is supposed to and what it’s known for all along. jesus christ I should rlly just permanently quit shouldnt I?

  13. wow u guys couldnt even show the right tanks in the video….

  14. ムーミンじぃじ


  15. El niño auitusta Genérico

    i miss the old times :’c

  16. Add czech tank tree

  17. That’s cool and all…but….mad games?

  18. Finally jgpze100 got buffed!!!

  19. Wheres the chieftain t95 buff tho

  20. Thanks for ruining another rare camo assholes

  21. Recently when i was dueling with someone a shell that i fired passed through him 2 or 3 times without even interacting with the tank (no communucate about damage or non-penetration). I had a similar situation in random battles once. Please do something about it

  22. the update will make the game suck big time

  23. 2:12 WTF?

  24. Why’s this guy got such a nice voice? ?

  25. Pls old tank back?
    If u can

  26. Average Internet Surfer

    When are you guys gonna change the gun and hit sounds of the game? It’s been 5 years since the game used the default guns and hit sounds, ain’t it the time to update it?

  27. Can you please nerf the T28 and IS-3 defenders also nerf the smasher thanks!

  28. Please add national emblems, HD skins and real gun sounds like in WoT PC.

  29. Esta muy mal se logea mucho en Android esta pésima la actualizacion

  30. Aryo Tedak Gaming

    Use the crimson fury camo for trolling enemies….

    But its useless

  31. wargaming force player buy the smasher reduce the original kv-2 to nothing well now you happy u nerf so many normal tank player like play with and for the game need more option example the sound of gun need update new sound need release stop release premium tank add new tank in techtree my last word is balance the game RNG suck and with FV215B183 i’m spotted for none reason that was crazy game suck

  32. Patrick's Pet Rock

    add spg


  34. the one who comment why u read this

    Btw su 152 is not nelf 😛

  35. T-34-85 tank 1944

    Im still crying about losing my MS-1 lol

  36. Tried to log in today, says there already exists a person with my name on the server. Logged in just fine two days ago, that person with the name IS ME! Cannot even log in with steam either, please fix this issue that this new patch has caused, thank you!

  37. How the India tank update

  38. Dear god this stuff thats gonna protect against kv2 is gonna screw over the fv183 again isn’t it

  39. Finally a kv2 buff. By the way did i receive the well needed improvements i asked for ( i am no longer even a average tank in any way)

  40. Fix bug please…
    And glitches…

    And though are the most common for me

    Server kicked me in middle of battle

    MAUS Gave 60 km speed…

    My su122 flying …

    Now how should i get my yolo wagon like that be4 the next Saturday?

  41. Add buff to Tiger 2

  42. i want to participate in tornament want team that play in tornement means clan

  43. No one talks about the VK 100.01(P) being classified as a light tank? At 3:01

  44. april fool?

  45. Mr.Communist Roblox Man

    Mauschen *shows VK 100P*

  46. my tank get burf thanks

  47. Oh shit! removes 10% the power of the proud russian KV-2 using equipment???!!!
    RIP KV-2 152mm

  48. Why wotb don t have half tanks

  49. WoT Blitz, do you have any translation in french of this channel?

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