WoT – Carrying as a One-Shot – Path To Purple #1

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  1. How ya doing man?

  2. Love you’re content

  3. Lemming, recently I’ve been playing at a really shitty wn8 (2,000) but my win rate recently has skyrocketed (60%) and every game feels very one sided although I’m not really doing much. Why this happen to me?

  4. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    Hello Lemming, Im trying to two mark the Wz-131 but I am stuck at 83ish percent, any tips?

    • Dont lose your HP at the start so you can play more aggressively at the end. Try to max out your View Range. If you dont like to spot, just focus on farming dmg. Assistance will come anyways if u have more than 445 VR.

  5. Hey man. Great vids, really informative. Hope you enjoy making them as well!

  6. 1:15 “to every tier 10 on their team”
    Did I misclick and load a Jingles video?

  7. Those reticle changes #triggered

  8. The initial spot in this video is grossly imbalanced in favor of the south spawn.  I routinely kill 1-2 tanks in the first minute (or darned close) from this position.  Especially at lower/mid tiers.  Might be the best spot on any map for and E25…

    • speaking of E25, i tryed this spot with bia/camo crew, camo net and binos and 3 to 4 secs after sitting in the bush i get out spotted by tier 5 heavys trying to push middle like how

    • Try pulling back after you spot, just pull back far enough so the bush is no longer transparent.  Fire until the enemy is unspotted.  Then move forward, respot, and repeat.  Really helps if you can get tracking shots.

    • West flank is impossible for south spawn however so it evens out.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I usually play aggressive, probably way too much and I often refuse to fall back if I’m low on HP and it gets me killed then I hate myself for being stupid and not falling back. From now on I’ll focus on improving this.

    PS. Please stop staying “Low” for the Löwe. Check pronunciation:

    • Don’t believe the following message:… you learn to pronounce 1 German word correctly and you start calling people out on it? Dont be pathetic… Most people speak English rather than German and if it was spelt ‘Lerver’ then we would pronounce it correct… can’t expect everyone to know that Germans use a W to sound like a V…

    • Don't believe the following message:

      Mortonbmx I know more than 1 German word… I actually try to speak multiple languages (what’s pathetic about that?) Sorry, but if you are an American, this is so stereotypical… Thinks English is everything
      Also, that’s why i am suggesting to TRY and pronounce it right, nobody is perfect mate

    • Don’t believe the following message: I said it was pathetic to call people out on their inability to pronounce a German word when hardly anyone speaks it. And I’m English so I have no requirement to learn any other language although I can speak in German, French and some Spanish. Not entirely fluently but enough to get by. You make yourself sound like a dick so kindly fuck off and stop trying to belittle others because of word pronunciation in lesser spoken languages… saying “can’t pronounce 1 simple word correctly?” Is not trying to help, that’s condescending and pathetic.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Daniel Cadwell but it’s a name. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t butcher the pronunciation of names.

    • Hey Don’t believe: Lemming is Canadian. Not American. You are so “stereotypical”. If you are going “stereotype” anyone and everyone inside one of the most diverse countries on the planet, then at least “TRY” to get your facts right.

  10. Hi lemming I play on PC and console I really think you should get a Xbox or a ps because world of tanks on console in my opinion is more fun that me playing on PC

  11. The even 90 is such a sick little scout. Trash gun, but man its invisible. GG Lemming, glad to see you posting again.

  12. These are the kind of videos i really like to watch as its all helping me to improve and became a better player myself and so i thank you for bringing this awesome and very helpful content….. Its a shame that most players who lose almost all of their health suddenly feel the need to rage quit or just give up and deliberately get themselves killed because of it instead of stepping back from the front line, reassess the situation and come back in to it slowly as a second line support kind of tank because more often then not, you can actually do well and still help carry a team to victory and do amazing amount of damage because at the start and end of the battle, what counts is the gun as well as HP and so using that wisely can be a great advantage to you and the entire team come the start, mid or late game.

  13. Thanks lemming for the help. All 9f ur vids have rly helped me improve (much more than QB)

  14. Don’t trust edited comments.

  15. I started playing arty for the missions (which means having to play it a lot to complete at least 3 campaigns) and yeah… a spotted Skorpion/Borsig/WT are just something that arty mechanics teach you to prioritize. Sure, supporting heavy flank seems to be the most influential tactic, but being able to eliminate a dangerous TD that has no armor (therefore, takes most damage from arty with its nerfed pen) is prerefable. So… yeah. I used to think arty players are shooting TDs and lights because they are moronic, but to be honest, new mechanics force you to kill such targets when you can.
    Also, because arty deals 100-300 damage every long reload… the way to affect your wins in this class, to me, appears to be eliminating guns that threaten your team. So, finishing off low hp tanks. I’d rather do damage, but, loosing sucks so I try to create advantages.

  16. Ermagherd I saw this live on your stream. You didn’t sound as confident then lol. Good plays tho bro

  17. Nice use of the word ‘Catalyst’ – Some GCSE Chemistry FTW

  18. The only dislike is from QuickyBaby

  19. you’re so underrated, you deserve to be more popular than qb

  20. Sad seing a good player like you using manual firething…At least use automatic….if you are to low on credits to use food…

  21. Great video, thx!

  22. Lemming you help me to become a good tanker i watch every video u have..your my role model and your number 1 fan

  23. Another great video and commentary, love the insights – keep doing what you are doing as it is very much appreciated and amongst the very best Tanks content, cheers man!

  24. if only you also did these videos for world of warships lol

  25. I saw u ran binos on the skop how do u think using food on it? I prefer food cuz the viewrange but it seems not helping me too much and waste a lot of credits also

  26. Funny just after I watched this video I logged on entered a game on this map on the opposite team as Lemming, with a skorp on the other team, that just beat us after a close game……. coincidence?

  27. I realy like this kind of videos but everytime you pronounce Löwe it gets me triggered propably more than it should


  29. The reason arty focus you is we want you outta the game….we arent all stupid.

  30. Path to Purple, is that a rip of taugrim’s Road to Unicum Series xD

  31. I find it very very hard to have any decent games in the skorpion G, i die so fast when im spotted

  32. Not really, you “can” push it just like north spawn, it’s just that most don’t.  If you get a scout across to the northwest, you can pin and snipe the north team.  It’s a little more susceptible to arty, but otherwise works just at well.

  33. 1:48 Wrong! It is because they know you are likely to carry even as one shot so they focus you down. Arties like damage just as much as other classes too.

  34. When you lose all you hp early that’s the perfect occasion to blame you teammates ! Make use of ALL CAPS because that’s not annoying. If you are pro you’ll spam a map location ! If you are Unicum you spam location where your team mates are or just random ones. Trust me on this guys it works well.

  35. I just hit 1800 over all wn8 with a consistent recent of 2400-3200 (roughly). Mid last year i had a overall wn8 of 1350.

  36. Quite the come back

  37. well for me your first position was good maybe 6 month ago but now is over know really but your right i would really not take more than one shoot and run also prefer to be on the other side of the house of the elc first spot when your both close one to each other

  38. Hey Lemming, I feel like when people are carrying they rely to much on luck and not enough on they’re own skill and experience.

  39. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    No, arty carries enemy teams. Friendly arties just stun and TK teammates.

  40. “So im basicly a one shot for theyre every tier 10” in a full tier 8 match lol

  41. Since everyone in the comments is talking about their wn8 why shouldn’t i?

    I was playing at the level of 4.5k rWN8, from a week i cant do 3k. Randoms are unplayable, or its just me and i got bored of them. Playing SH, Advances now only.

    BTW What do you think of a reroll with 3.1k overall 4.5k from 1k battles? Note that i achieved 4.5k on T10/9’s. I’m not satisfied with my overall :(.

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