WoT: Chaffee Review, 2688 XP Carry in Tier 8 Malinovka [“Road to Unicum” Epi 26]

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Source: Taugrim

We review the Chaffee, a American light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a tier 8 Malinovka battle. We also discuss spotting on a weak flank with a replay of a tier 7 Live Oaks battle.

Stat line: Ace Tanker, 2688 XP (1792 base), 2.5k damage, 2.2k spotted, 8 spots, 4 kills

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb gun handling, even on-the-move
+ superb max gun depression (-10)
+ excellent speed and agility
+ excellent view range (390m) and camouflage provide strong vision control
+ good accuracy (0.36)
+ good DPM
– paper-thin hull armor of 25m is often triple-overmatched by the guns of tier 6-8 tanks, which means no chance for ricochet
– soft turret
– large profile for a light tank
– silver ammo penetration of 96 is lackluster

Similar to 25 (AMX 13 in Tier 10 Malinovka), I initially scout from the E7 location, as it provides hard and soft cover, and I’m able to spot tanks at C5, on the approach to the hill, on the hill, in the ditch under the hill, and across the water to the west. I flex south to counter-spot their Cromwell platoon which threatens our southern flank and arties.

In the Live Oaks replay, I discuss why there is little value in spotting a flank when you are isolated. You won’t be able to meaningfully delay the enemy tanks pushing that flank so that your arty can fire on them. A common mistake by light tank drivers is to over-extend and spot when isolated, and in both situations the light tank often gets wrecked. Spotting is most effective when you’re doing it in such a way that friendly tank(s) aside from arty can fire on what you light, and where you have cover and an escape route.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

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  1. LTTB is literally “Heavy Armored Light Tank” in russian. It was designed to
    be able to tank german 88-mm flaks.

  2. There is a scout “strat” on this map to rush to A8 just below where they
    drive up the hill, it is tremendously risky and only advisable in low
    profile tanks (chinese, russian, some german LTs *not* the american ones)
    which can win the game outright as it prevents any snipers form camping the
    C5 hill while also proxy spotting some hill advance and sniping.
    The only way to dig you out is to sacrifice a tank that can win a 1v1 and
    even than a single TD on your team can change that.
    Basically if you can make it there you can be a menace and I got my 4k
    spotting doing that move.

  3. It’s too bad light tanks are unplayable without 6th sense. By the time you
    manage to get a crew to 6th sense you’ll be done with this tank if you’re
    grinding up. Pretty interesting look though for those wanting to keep a
    lower tier.

  4. Awesome work. Thanks for this.

  5. Oh man, next vid is the lorraine? I’m about 50k into the grind towards the
    batchat. I’m actually enjoying the lorraine but it has its issues. That

  6. First and only tank so far with 3 marks on the barrel for me.

  7. best light ever

  8. I’d like to see you play the German lights some time. Love your videos;
    keep ’em coming!

  9. Light tanks are super fun. My favorite class to play in WoT hands down.

    The only problem is about half of the maps are massively rage inducing when
    running around in a light. Getting Malinovka is great fun, you can really
    dominate it with superior light tank view range, but when you get stuck on
    a map that’s all corridors like Himmelsdorf I just want to quit out to the

    That’s actually the main reason why I’m digging AW so far… less
    corridorish (I know that’s not a word and I don’t care) maps.

  10. Why do you go in sniper mode, and when you shoot, you fastly go to arcade

  11. New mic? You sounded different to me.. =P

  12. ShadowsDex - WoTB


  13. the thing about american light tanks, is that they are so good, you just
    want all of them

  14. Hejty Skočdopole

    oh the chafee.. my fovourite LT :3 almost 3 MoE

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