WoT – Coming back from Impossible Odds

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Hi lemming, love ur vids! Keep it up

  2. Well played Bro… ,Great situational awareness

  3. Beachthony Housetano

    25 gold rounds unsubscribed

  4. Lemming can I have some advise? I heard all unicums hack so installed warpack but now my computer lags and I can’t seem to increase my 46% win rate because of it. Can you make a guide on how to use warpack and get more than 15 fps at the same time?

  5. Why did you start playing on the EU server? NA population or stupidity get old for you?

    • Gundam Universe 3 reasons
      1. NA is pretty inactive and will eventually die, and wg is too stupid to allow people to transfer accounts to EU
      2. Better for YouTube channel if he is playing EU
      3. Got bored of his NA account, he already ‘achieved’ everything there and has all the tanks

    • Lfc Maniac Hopefully there will be a large increase in population when 1.0 drops.

    • Sure there will be, but it will dwindle again, i am sure EU will chain-crash for first few days because of the influx of players like it happened back in Swedish tech tree patch, but it will settle again. Pwetty, Pwetty graphics don’t really tend to be the thing that can lure people back in….at least not permanently.

    • Kronguard Well, us Americans like flashy things so hopefully it’ll shock people into playing the game more often.

    • LemmingRush never answers questions, I doubt he even looks at the comments.

  6. Dedicated to the SU-101 Driver for his motivational comments in the chat!

  7. I was there for this game, I tune into every stream I can, love to watch you play and hear your insight. Favorite YouTuber, thanks for the effort you put in

  8. Teamwork reported. Everyone knows teamwork isn’t allowed in WoT dude

  9. Why did he choose that gun on the t54?

    • he chose it because he wanted to try out the gun handling over the extra dpm, i think lemming said it was fun to use and he didnt regret it

    • 1 007 You also have to get that gun unlocked from the choice of two to be able to unlock the t62A instead of the 140. They are both like 60k which is kinda expensive. I also believe he has 3 marks on the t62a on NA so he obviously likes it a lot.

  10. LOL that su101 has 41k games and still bad in EVERY tank he ever played

    • Most likely running a bot on daily bases. Not sure about his stats, cba to look it up, but usually when you see players with high number of games (20k++) and completely screwed up stats, you will often enough find that they have ridiculous amounts of games played in the go-to money making premiums. They basically don’t really play them selves that often, they just want to get new tanks and fuck everything else.

  11. Cool to see you also bee successfull on eu id say the coonnection is actually pretty good even when 200k are playing, but when the lag hits its just horrible you cant focus and youre kind of scared to make moves because you think that you wont hit your shots.

  12. It's not what you think

    Heat spamming noob. Nice “Unicum” gameplay you fucking cunt.

  13. come back to NA, the more people leave, the more people will follow

  14. Lol that su is driving 1.5k wn8 recent??

  15. Bih u call that lag… I gotta play on the test server with 400 regular ping ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. Great Game.

  17. Is everyone in NA getting shafted by lag atm? Obviously you’re playing on EU, but OP and people on his discord were complaining that their lag/packet loss have been shit recently.

  18. waa that packet lose is nuts, suprised the kran didn’t bitch about his denied topgun =P

  19. Are you gonna feature yourself playing a heavy tank or non-turreted tank destroyer? That would be cool.

  20. From Australia dude, love ya language, ‘fuck off open area’ and ‘stat padding unicum’

  21. how can you play with such a high ping, when mine goes to 100 its frustrating

  22. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) hella lag (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  23. I need some advice guys

    Im planning to buy the t54 because its one of the beat for its tier but i cant afford to shoot gold rounds , how good is it with base 220 pen , i manged to work with t44 poor pen of 191 and enjoyed that tank

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